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“Ma’am now we must go and visit the hospital” Khanna spoke as Anika completed her work in the office.

“Yeah” she left a deep sigh. She went down and got up on the car. “Khanna ji may I drive?” Anika asked.

“But ma’am…” he tried to resist but Anika cut him in middle “please” Khanna ji could not deny her plead and allowed her to drive.

Anika started driving. After going some distance she stopped the car suddenly and tears went down her eyes.


“Anika learn it properly” Shivay sounded irritated while putting Anika’s hand over the steering. On the other hand Anika was busy checking Shivay out.

“Stop checking me out and learn what I am teaching you” Shivay pressed Anika’s hand. But no effect was caused and she broke laughing.

After controlling her laughter she spoke with difficulty “Shivay… stop yelling at me…” she broke down again. After sometime she continued “… I am your wife… not your student and… and… what will you do when you have to control your child haan??” Anika started laughing again.

“Someone is eagerly waiting to become mother” Shivay teased Anika.

“No… nothing like that” Anika defended with stammer in her voice as the blood ran to her cheeks making her cheeks to turn shades of red.

“We can have a baby” Shivay said while staring her lips in his extra husky voice.

“Stop it Shivay… we are out on the road” Anika said turning Shivay’s face to other side.

“Hmm… you come to passengers seat” Anika followed as she was ordered. Shivay took the driver seat and drove back to Oberoi Mansion. They soon reached their room.

“Now we are not on road” Shivay said trapping Anika between walls and him.

“You can never change” Anika said as a smile formed on her lips.

“What I am romancing my wife” Shivay said again in his special husky voice.

Anika closed her eyes as he started dropping kisses on her face. He slowly took her lips in his mouth. They had a slow liplock.

“I love you” Shivay said kissing the spot below her ear.

“I love you too” Anika said and initiated another kiss.

He soon took her to the bed and made love. Every passing day they make love… their desires for each other increases as the spark rises more.


“Ma’am what happened?” Khanna asked.

“Nothing” Anika answered and wiped her tears starting the engine.

They soon reached to the hospital. Everyone greeted Anika as she passed through many cabins and sections of the hospital.

“I won’t take the injection” came a very familiar voice to Anika’s ears. But that stern voice which she knew was not there rather an afraid voice echoed. She soon ran towards the cabin to check. She could not believe her eyes what she saw.

She remained stopped at the door step as the tears went down her eyes. Inside a doctor was struggling to push an injection to the man whom she loves.

“Please don’t… ahh… ahh” he winced in pain then when Anika’s trance broke and she ran inside to stop the doctor.

“What injection is this?” Anika asked throwing away the injection from doctor’s hand.

The doctor looked horrified. He was in search of words to explain but soon a slap landed on his face.

“Anika…” the man softly spoke and became unconscious in Anika’s hold.

“Shivay… Shivay get up Shivay” Anika said while hitting Shivay’s cheek but no response came.

The doctor answered at last “it was a sleeping drug” he looked down and continued “I did as I was instructed ma’am”

“What the hell do you mean?” Anika asked rising her voice. But doctor kept mum. Looking this Anika again shouted “will you speak up??”

Khanna ran inside and so was some other staff.

“Shivay sir” Khanna spoke as his eyes bulged out his socket.

“Khanna ji khanna ji… Shivay… I got my Shivay…” Anika said with a wet voice. “Shivay get up Shivay… please get up” Anika jerked Shivay but no response came.

The doctor tried to slip away from the spot but Khanna caught him and slapped him hard making the mark of his five fingers on his face.

Some other doctors went to Anika and Shivay. “Ma’am he is being injected sleeping drugs from past two and half years. This is a high dose drug and he will regain his consciousness maybe tomorrow.” Another doctor answered leaving everyone in shock.

“You were asking na who asked me to do this… it was OmRu… Shivay’s OmRu.” The doctor answered as again another slap landed on his cheek.

PRECAP- WHO ARE YOU ALL… I DON’T KNOW YOU… Is it true… OmRu is behind all these? Where was Shivay? Why is he being injected sleeping drugs? Stay tuned to know more friends.

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