Finding my Angel (Intro)

Finding my angel (Intro)

Hi guys , I have finally decided to write a ff… It will have many twists and turns, so YuvAni won’t happen as quick as you think, so it is a bit like real life I guess… haha don’t get bored, if you find me boring, just tell me i will speed up or even stop 😀

So here is a basic plot:
Suhani is an uprising singer, she has many fans in all around India, but she is struggling to balance her singing life with her family, while Yuvraaj is a rich businessman enjoys having fun, doesn’t like music, but when he meets suhani- one glimpse in her eyes- changes his world. Meanwhile Soumya is finding it hard to find her special someone, until Bhavna introducing her to Krishna and she has found her soulmate but is she hers? All the couples would get together eventually, as love takes time, like everything else in the world, wounds take time, sadness takes time, anger takes time, but sometimes we don’t always have the time to thank everyone. So I am going to thank you all now! Thank you for looking at my fanfic!

So here are my Characters:
Suhani: Bubbly, very beautiful, caring, modernised, loves crafts and also has a passion for playing football/soccer
Yuvraj: Really rich, very handsome, very busy, loves his mother a lot
Bhavna: Suhani’s sister, Works as a teacher and very traditional and mysterious
Soumya: Suhani’s Bestfriend, Works with suhani as her make-up artist and designer, very intelligent and loves to dance
Krishna: Works in the same school as Bhavna, they are very close friends
Sharad: Yuvraj’s cousin, advertisers for the clothes company (Diamonds) with Saurab
Saurab: Yuv’s brother
Anuj: Yuv brother, Owns a gym
Menka: Soumya’s sister, works in a beautician with Rag’s
Ragni: Suhani’s, Souyma’s, Menka’s and Bhavna’s Childhood friend
Pankaj: Suhani’s dad, Lata passed away…. (You will find out why later) 😉
Dadi: Yuv’s and all’s Grandma, she is different in this, but still has her evil side
Pratima: Yuv, Sau, Anu’s mother

I will add more characters along the way.
So guys how do u find it I will post the first epi soon!
If you got any ideas, or characters you want me to add please share I would love to know your ideas!
Please comment 😀
(I will try to update as much as I can, but due to my exams this may take time…)
:* Thanksss x

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  1. Awesome 🙂

  2. Nyc continue

  3. Its somewhat like my ff DESTINED TO MEET, where there will be twists n turns..
    Anyways, all the best.. 🙂

    1. Yh I don’t want them to meet straight away, I want it to take time ? Thanks Napsha u always encourage me x

  4. Dont name suhani as bubbly

    1. Her name is not bubbly but her character is defined like that..

    2. Yh her name is not bubbly her character and nature is ?

  5. Nice pls continue

  6. It is really nice dr……..

  7. nice waiting for the upcoming episode

  8. waitng fr the episodes

    1. I uploaded it, it should be coming up soon…

  9. Can’t wait to read ur first epi….

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