Finding my Angel (Episode 8)

Finding my Angel: Episode 8

Hi guys I would love to thank you for support… can you all please comment more… I would like to see what you lot think! I have changed it a bit.. I will let Yuv and Suhani know each other more before Sambhav entry!

Yuv PoV:
That football practice was amazing! Suhani plays like professional! But pfffft I can totally play better… I hear the door open and Sharad come running to my room and shout:
Yuv: Hurry Sharad I don’t have all day
Sharad: But Yuv Its night time… Anyway, we met the shrivastas in the shops and I met this girl! Remember Bhavna my high school crush… I SAW HER AGAIN!
Yuv (Excited): Kyaa really! So… you can try to get her to love u again (I punch his shoulder and slide on my white football boots)
Sharad: Off-ffoo she is too pretty for me… I bet you she already has a boyfriend, but we talked for ages!
Yuv: Ah Sharad gotta run! I got into the team and i need to practice!
Sharad: Congrats! Bu—
I already ran off, I couldn’t allow her to wait… I wanted to spend the most time I can learning and talking to her… I need to see if she is the one.. Maybe I can move on from Safiya…

In the park:

Yuvraaj just reached there and saw a girl with her hair opened and in a tight belly top and black jogging bottoms, he was surprised to see her dressed like this but mesmerised…
Yuv: SUHANIIII! React Fast! (he kicks the ball)
Suhani turns around and kicks the ball over her head, and comes running to me and hugs yuv.
Suhani: Ah you came! Thought a little posh boy and sadu like you won’t come!
Yuv: Pffft! Never! I wanted to know u more and beat you in a one v one! (He smirks)
Suh: Game on Mr. Yuvraaj (She pokes his nose)
They play football, they score a lot and laugh a lot until suhani decided to play at her hardest and thrashed Yuv 11-5. Both were tired, both were sweating and suhani was screaming
suh: Ha! Your such an amateur (she sticks her tongue out)
A cold winds starts to blow and suhani starts to shiver, yuv slowly walks to her and puts his jacket over her shoulders and brings her closer to him by holding her waist
Suh: ummm.. yuv can you let go?
Yuv: Pfft no! This is what you get for being too big headed
Suh: I will show u big headed (she bites his arm and runs off)
He runs after her and suhani stops and Yuv hugs her from the back
Suhani: Ah you win for the first time! I want somosa….
Yuv: Chiii, soo oily! A healthy girl like you eats Samosa!
Suh: Oi you mind your language! Samosa’s have always been my second love!
Yuv: Only second? Who is your first….
Yuv steps away.. And turns around…
Suh: Yuv… Why do you not like music…. I can help you…
She starts to sing to him… Yuv turns around and starts crying…
Yuv: Suhani… Your voice.. It’s beautiful.. But I just hate music… becos of Safiya… (he falls on his knees)
Suhani goes on the floor to his level and puts his head in her lap and strokes his hair, slowly singing that all will be good…
Yuv: Suhani… The day I was going to propse to Safiya after being 2 years with her, I saw her in bed with another man… She started to sing all these songs about how she didn’t really love me and just used me for money… I was mad for her suhani… MAD! She just stole my heart and ripped it infront of my eyes.. Suhani… It hurts…

Yuv PoV:
I don’t know what I am saying, I felt as if I have known her for ages, as her smile was the smile that I always see… I hear her voice soothing me… Maybe music is good? I felt a tear fall onto my face and she quickly wipes it off, I quickly get up and grab her face..
Me: Suhani! Dont cry… I didn’t mean to hurt you…
Suhani: But Yuvraaj… How can someone be soo rude! It’s just not right! Let me find her and show her the evil side of me (She giggles a bit and wipes my tears) Cmon Sadu! I will make you forget all your thoughts about her and music! I want Samosa!
Me: Pagal ladki, Come lets go! (I pinch her cheeks and we go)
We had another race to the samosa stand and brought two samosas, one for and and one for me!
Me: Suhani, I don’t know why I have brought one for myself!
Suh: Chupppp (She shoves the samosa in my mouth, so I shove mine in hers)
We both laughed at each others faces and quickly got my phone out and took a picture
Suh (mumbled as her mouth is full of samosa): Oiii you mr.sadu! delete itttttt (she hits a little)
Me: Nope, its cute! Now hurry up eat… I have to ask you something…
Suh: Ok then (she eats her samosa, treasuring every bite, I laugh at every face she makes! I wish she could look at me the way se looks at that samosa! As soon as she finishes, I give her hand santizer and a tissue.)
Suh: Ahhh whats the fun in that! (She puts her oily hands on my face and laughs)
Yuv: Ah chi suhani, how can you be soo unhygienic! ( grab her hands and clean them myself, she tries pulling them out and frowning)
I put my hand on her lips… shhh Suhani…. Can you answer something for me…
Suh: Sure Sadu…
I pull her sleeve um and point at her self harm cut…
Me: How can you do this suhani?
Suhani looks down, almost like she was going to cry, I pull her towards me…
Me: Don’t cry… Im here…

Precap: Suh tells Yuv why she cut herself, suhani gets a call from Someone and gets scared…

Hope you enjoyed it guys, like I said please do comment! It may not be as good as the other ff’s but I do enjoy writing it!
Question time:
Who is your favourite child in the SSEL track and why…
Yuvaan, Yuvani, Krishna, Golu, Babbu?

Love you all! 😀

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  1. My fav . Yuvan.. and this epi was really really awesome..

    1. Ty Saraj!

  2. Ofcourse yuvaan…nli

    1. Haha true ^^ Yuvaan is the cutest him and golu are the best bro duo! 😀

  3. Awsome dr my fav is yuvan

    1. Ty Jenny! I really enjoy ur comments, since u r one of my fave ff riters! 😀

  4. I too would go with yuvan as he is YUVaNI’S son and on top of that he is too cute… ??
    BTW nice epi dr

    1. Awwh ty for commenting! Your suppost means everything

      1. Support* x

  5. It was nice and i think yuvaan is the best

    1. Ty 😀 And sme x

  6. I like Krishna she is very good hearted and plz don’t bring child track in it plz it will be too boring

    1. No don’t worry! That would b toooo many episodes ^^ I like this track how it is and Krishna is also very cute!

  7. I loved the fact that you took a different angle to the story. Superb fantastic ff. Keep up the gif work ????

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