Finding my Angel (Episode 4)

Finding my angel: Episode 4

Suhani PoV:
Finally the house is quiet, Suarab seems like a nice guy he also owns something is the beauty and fashion brand so Rag’s future is all set 😀 She did ask me to sing for her.. But Saurub said no, becoase someone didn’t like music… I was surprised.. It’s now my mission to make that person like music!
But… Confession… I didn’t really get soap in my eyes…
When Somu left the bus, I see something on her phone.. I checked it was a little Diary…
Dear Diary… I cry myself to sleep every night… I can’t cope anymore… I really can’t I am missing something in life… I know God has helped me from my mum and dad’s abuse… But now I feel like i am missing something.. That something is love… I got an amazing Family. I know I tell Bhavna this but I can’t tell Suhani. I know Suhani has always made me feel like her long lost sister.I just don’t want to hurt her.. I miss the love I had with Ranveer. He was a nice guy but had to move to London and I lost him forever… I really want someone…
FB ends…
I never knew she felt like that… She was always smiling, happy… Why didn’t she tell me? Am I that work driven that I have drifted away from my family? Is this what my maa wanted… No i don’t think so.. I know she wanted me Succeed but this isn’t what she wanted.. I feel tears running down my eyes… while i close them I see that same smile again…. I stop crying and smile.. Is he my angel?
I turn of the lights and go to sleep…

Dadi: Saurab, you have become such a big boy! You have already got a beautiful wife! Ragni, what a wonderful name!
(Saurab blushes a bit)
Saurab: Thank you Dadi, So when will I get married then
Pratima: Cheeky boy, when do we see the girl!
Saurab: Does tomorrow sound good?
Pratima: Perfect the earlier the better!
Anuj: Maa Guess what you know Suhani the singer that Shard likes… THAT’S HER COUSIN!
Dadi and Pratima: What really! Then… We cant invite her… You know because of Yuvraaj…
Sharad walks in…
Sharad: What because of yuvraaj? why are Anuj and Saurab soo late! And why soo loud Yuvraaj is sleeping!
Anuj: ok Bhayya… Saurub is getting married, You know Suhani… She is Saurab’s Wife’s Cousin… And becos Yuv doesn’t like Music we cant invite her 
Sharad: WHAT WHAT AND WHAAATTT!!! Saurab Congrats BRO! And No Way SUHANI! I’m such a huge fan and she is going to be my sister-in-law NO WAY! She had a concert today…. I couldn’t go… But i think Yuv got stuck in the concert traffic and that is why he is a bit mood…hmmmmmm… But you can still invite her she doesn’t have to sing…
Dadi: True… Is the ladki pretty…
Sharad takes his phone out and shows Dadi… Dadi looks really happy at the picture,
Dadi: She is very pretty! Shall we get you married to her Sharad?
Sharad: NOOOOOOOOOO NOT MARRIAGE! I would like to make friends with her thats all 😀
Pratima: Maa Ji, don’t get them all married at once!
Dadi: Alright then…
They all laugh

It was next morning
Yuv: Why is everyone soo happy and dressed up?
Yuv: What!?! No wayyyy! Congrats Bro (he punches him on the shoulder) But Bro is he good enough? You can’t always trust girls you know…
Saurab: I have been with her for 2 months, known her for 2 years… Yh I think we are fine 
Yuv: Ok that’s good… So when is the wedding… there better be no music…
Sharad: don’t worry… There wont (makes a sad face)
Yuv: Ok that’s good… I have to go for a jog
Everyone: Bye Yuvraaj…

Yuv PoV:
I don’t know why I went to sleep early… I maybe wanted to see the smile in my dreams… I also go for a jog to remember my past and think of all the mistakes I have made…

While on a jog Suhani is playing football in the park, she is wearing grey jogging bottoms and a grey hoodie. She is playing with Somu and they are talking while playing…

Suhani: Finally a day with my best friend… So how have you been doing Somu.. Is everything good?
Somu: (Puts a fake smile) haha yes all fine 
Suhani kicks the ball hard and it goes on the path and hits Yuv’s head and bounces near Krishna’s feet, who was sitting on a bench reading a newspaper.

Yuv turns around and looks at who kicked the ball..
Somu and Suhani starts laughing
Somu: Oh shhhh he has gone red!
Suhani: Is it me or has his nose become bigger!
Somu and Suhani starts laughing louder…
Krishna picks up the ball and throws is back at them and it hits Somu’s head
Yuv and Krishna start laughing
Suhani looks at Yuv and Kris, picks up the ball and walks to them..
Suhani: Oi you (she looks at kris) can’t you throw a ball… (She realises its Krishna) Ohhhh You work with mah di Bhavna you are fine…
Somu comes walking there..
Somu: Say sorry to me. You can’t throw!
Yuv: Oi you two shut up! You can’t kick a ball, I hit my head!
Suhani: Shut up, we can play football, I kicked it at your head on purpose (she sticks her tongue out)
Yuv: why is that?
Suh: ummm… Becos… you looked funny…
Somu, kris, and Suh starts laughing
Yuv fumes off
Yuvraaj: Crazy people…
Yuv turns around and stares at suhani…
Yuv: I HATE MUSIC! I also hate girls like YOU!

Suhani’s smile dropped…
Suhani’s PoV:
Wait… He hates music… I will change that… I will change that Sadu… If I find you again…

Precap: Rags meets Yuv, Somu and Kris get to know eachother and Suhani can’t stop thinking of Sadu

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