Finding my Angel (Episode 3)

Finding my angel: Episode 3

Anuj, Saurab, Rags and Mehnka are in the car driving to the Shrivasta’s place…

Mehnka: EEEEEE Anuj you smell of sweat.. Chee. Don’t you ever shower?
Anuj: EEEEEE Mehnka do you ever shut your mouth your breath stinks
Mehnka: Ahh DI how can he say that, that… that… Monkey!
Rags Laughs.. Oh Gosh you two shut up…
Saurab: Oh Rags let them carry on…
Mehnka: No Saurab… Put the radio on… I don’t want to her that monkey.
Anuj :Oi you, (he turns around and pushes her forehead.)
Saurab quickly turns the radio on…
Suarab: oh her! Yes I remember she used to go school with me she used to win all the talent shows! Why don’t we invite her to sing at out wedding?
Anuj: No Bhayya.. Yuv…
Saurab: Oh yes… Ummm rags there wont be a sangeet for a wedding… My other brother doesn’t like music…
Saurab: Rags please understand…
Mehkna: but whyyyyyyyy Bhayaa…
Anuj: Chuup Karr! Justt SHHHHHH it’s none of ur business… Its all becos of Safiya…
Rags and Mehnka look at each other: You mean Safiya Jolly… The class player? Oh gosh… (They both stay quiet)

After 20 minutes of quiet thinking and the radio they reach the house..
Rags: Mehnka you go first Di…
Mehnka: Oi that’s not fair… It’s your problem now… XD
Rags: … Ok then… (She goes to the door and knocks…)
Pankaj: My beautiful Daughters (He kisses them on the forehead and they both take his blessing, Pankaj then sees two boys in the back)
Pankaj: Rags… Mehkna… Who are they…?
Rags: (Looks down can we come in and I will tell you everything)

At Sunshine school…

Bhavna: Ok children that’s it for today, You’re homework is to write about something special to you!
The bell goes and classes are dismissed

Bhavna’s PoV:
That’s it for today then.. I love children, they are a joy, a burst of happiness… I want to have a child one day and name him/ her Anant or Nisha
I hear a knock at me door
Krishna: Ah Bhavna day dreaming again…
Me: Oh it’s you, I though t it was an angry parent! (I giggle)
Kris: OhhFoo, you can never make anyone angry, your toooo sweet! (He smiles)
Me: Ah you, Is there anything you want?
Kris: Yes, do you want to go out for some tea, or coffee and discuss about the new assembly for class?
Krishna’s PoV:
I think I love her… I am not sure… Maybe… But I know she doesn’t love me.. Im just a fellow teacher to her… It’s just sad…

They both reach a nearby cafe, happily talking and laughing, and someone shouts “BHAVNAAAAAA”… It was Soumya, she ran out the tour bus and hugged her!

Soumya: Who is this Bhavna? You Boyfriend? (Soumya winks)
Bhavna: Oh no Soumya (She hold her cheeks) You know I don’t want to get married…. Too much hastle
Kris: Oh no, so you’re the cheeky Soumya that Bhavna has been telling me about! Don’t worry Soumya im just a teacher at your friend’s school, Bhavna I have to go, So tomorrow the children are going to learn Romeo and Juliet?
Bhavna: Yes, Bye Kris Take Care Yaar!

They all leave, and Bhavna meets suhani in the tour bus they all hug and go home.

When they reach the house, Suhani runs to her room, without realising the guests, while Bhavna and Somu ask Papa? Who are they?

Pankaj: You wont believe it… Bhavna is getting married!
Somu and Bhanva look at each other and scream: WHAT PAPA NO WAY! (They both run to her and hug her)
Somu: But to who, ,why are they two guys here is one for Mehnka too? (She laughs)
Mehnka: Chee to that monkey never!
Anuj: You Crazy? To this cow!
They all laugh… But where is Suhani?
Suhani walks out her room her eyes a bit red, but she is now in a jeans and top.
Rags: Suhani are u ok? Why are your eyes red
Suhani: Ah di I got soap in them (and laughs)
Rags: Im getting married Di…
Suhani: NO WAY ALREADY! YOU JUST TOLD ME NOW! You never even told me when you started loving the guy!
Rags: (Holds her ears) Sorry Di, can you also do me a favour?
Suhani: What?

The screen freezes

Precap: BH Saurab tells his family about wedding! Suhani sees something on Somu’s phone..

Sorry guys I couldn’t fit Sharad and Bhavna in for this Epi! Decided to upload this one quickly to make up for my lateness of the other one!
Please comment I love you all!

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