Finding my Angel: Episode 26


Finding my Angel: Episode 26

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The single girls gathered in a tight crowd around the stage, gossiping, and praying they would be the one to catch the fate-ridden bouquet of the bride, Suhani was forced to do this by the tiger’s persuading, some of Yuv’s input as well, but sulkily she gave in and waddled over the place swarmed by desperate girls…
Rag’s heels clicked on the stage with every step she took, making he girls gasp at the sound, making them all silence- Saurab tied a blindfold across her eyes and span her around a few times, stopped her after the third spin- which was her cue to toss the bouquet. After a bit of fumbling and adjusting she threw the bouquet with all her might and it flew over to the far end of the crowd- leading the front to become hopeless making them disperse slowly as the bouquet was still flying throw the sky, it dipped slowly, falling now, arms flying up in the sky instead- reaching for their dream, but an arm taller than the rest grips it first, the crowd turns around to see Suhani- awestricken, staring down and what her hands got a hold of… Some people muttered curses, others congratulation her- but envy still underlying in their voices, the only true people who came to her straight after were the tigers.

Sri gives a light nudge to Suhani, making her whisp around to the group all shining their pleased faces at her.
Rusky is the first to speak “ Suhani! I can’t believe it! Well actually I can! It was destiny!”
Nithu chipped in “now I will just need to get Yuvraaj to propose to you ASAP!”
Shilpy then adds how she is going to plan the wedding and how the group should all be bridemaid, making Suhani’s smile drop already knowing her fate…
“Guys… Stop… I’m getting married yes… but to someone else… I’m sorry” With that Suhani steps away hiding her glassy eyes- threatening to release the bitter liquid…
Yuv was behind them all that time- waiting to tease Suhani, until he felt a zephr past him- but it was not a gentle cold breeze- there was a tinge of pain and bitterness intertwined- he was left knowing already sensing the event that had just taken place.


Yuv’s PoV:

After such a jovial captivated moment- the dance, everything just has to turn, like make a 180 degrees flip, it’s fine- no one would get hurt in the process. Hint the DAMN SARCASM! It’s not fair this toll life is taking on Suhani, she has always suffered, she was never herself, she always found happiness in others not realising that she needs to find herself to make herself elated… She has lost her true self, now she can never find it, the amount of times she has changed her face to please others damaged her and made her capitulate her true identity… It’s unfair… My life has been tough, just a few hurdles- but when I met Suhani I was shown how privileged I was, not even realising the tests of life… Seeing everything change before me has made me realise is life a cruel game and we have to keep trying till we lose all our lives and its game over? Will there ever be a master to this game called “life?”… After seeing Suhani’s scars of the amount of times life threw her under the bridge, and got her to harm herself to free her soorow and the troubled soul indie- the fact that she has to make herself suffer to make her forget the troubles of life frightens me… Not even the sweetest sugar, nor the perfumes of Arabia can lift my mood now…

Until i felt a few fingers on my shoulder and turn to see her, smiling in my face. Heh, I looked close enough to realise when she smiles that one eye closes more than the other- her imperfections make her more beautiful- a masterpiece….
But poof, no one was there the moment I move my hand to stroke the face…. The face of my dream, the face of my world, my universe- was just a hallucination… A hallucination of my obsessed mind…

I vividly remember the four minutes of heaven- when she was in my arms- the four minutes that was equivalent to eternity… It was like time stopped allowing us to relish each other’s grasp and words… I knew she loved Enrique and the sound of his raspy voice makes her stop in her tracks- thanks to the tigers this dream became a reality, I finally hypnotised the one and only Suhani Shrivasta… I had her in my grasp, I had her swaying and breathing down my neck- I was thrown back when she began to sing, my heart raced, my hairs stuck on end- leaving goose bumps as I was satiated with her harmonious voice… Te second when our noses brushed, my heart accelerated, my breathing became heavier, blood flushed to my cheeks… Am I in love? But what is love… Love is deep passion. An uncontrollable obsession for another person and a feeling the partner shares equally. It is always knowing the right words as if possessed by the word itself. Love is an extreme need for another, without the ability to quench that need even in the presence of this person. Love creates opportunity in the form of a relationship and love has made me think these words. Love is everything and is most prominently found in another person. When you discover love you are fortunate and when exposed to love you cannot live without it. Love is absolute, supreme and overwhelming and love guides us in all things in our life. When I find love I will change as if I have become another person… So am i in love….
I felt the spark through our bodies everytime we touch, I feel the pain she goes through when she feels mine- it is like we are one, but not joined… And by this relation joining her life in the near future… We will never be joint…


Yuvraaj falls on his knees, unknowingly, his eyes turn misty as he feels his hands trembling,a lump forming in his throat, he bleeds the salt of his soul and as it pours from his eyes where his clenched fists press blocking all of the light, he sees the darkness that he knows will soon swallow him and he fears it, longs for it. The salty residue still trickling down his face- before he realises the atmosphere he is in and quickly whips out a hankicheeif and dabs the stray tears away, before turning on his heel leaving the building, his eyes puffy and red…

Precap: Wedding is over and Sharad confronts Yuvi…

Hope you enjoyed this episode 😀 x Two FF’s in a day im on a roll, well pray guy that you will get more XD I am a very busy person :p

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ?

    1. Aqsxxh

      thanks Ayushi dear x

  2. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for the plethora of grammatical mistakes ;-; Sorryyyy Like really, it’s really bad today x

  3. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for the plethora of grammatical mistakes ;-; Sorryyyy Like really, it’s really bad today x Ty for reading

  4. Nithu

    superb aqsaah…i loved todays epi…..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty soo much Nithu dear ly x


    Wow. To put my feelings in to words would take years and years. This was such a beautiful episode. And Yuvraj’s monolouge… JUST WOW. Everything about it, the feeling of his immense undying love, his perfect understanding of Suhani innocent angelic persona and his deep nausating pain. I felt every word as a pang in my heart. I am amazed. This was fantastic Aqsaah di ? x

    1. Aqsxxh

      Shreya Ty soo much, my heart fluttered at the intricate word in ur comment x YESSS THE NOODLES! AHHHHHHHHHH U REMEMBER <3

  6. Ruksy

    amazing episode loved it. good luck with ur GCSEs.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Rusky means millions x

  7. Good one..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Farhat x

  8. Aww it was such a beautiful episode and yuvis proverb was just amazing.i like it a loooooooooooot♥♥♥ .every word of Yuvi tells how much he loves suhani.u explained it in an amazing way.we want more yuvani moments.u r really an amazing writter??.pls pls try to update next update asap.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Radha <3 Yuv loves Suhani LOTS but this marriage is inevitable….

  9. woww it is very nice epi ,i liked it so much ……………….

    1. Aqsxxh

      sri x Thankssss x

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