Finding my Angel: Episode 24

Finding my angel: Episode 24

Hey guys, I’m actually really happy that I am not being lazy and updating yet again for you lovely people 😀

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Tumse Hi Tumse (Anjaana Anjaani)
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The sun shining brightly through the stray clouds- interrupting the sun’s spotlight, the weather foreshadowing the event that will change the Birla’s and Shrivasta’s family life forever- connecting two different polar opposites… Nobody could wish for bitterness that day, only pure joy and pleasure.

Rags busier than ever, with hair, make-up and beauty- however she is getting caked up, not her getting other people caked up… She laughed at the thought- knowing that she could’ve done her own make-up, but yet the stubbornness of Suhani made her give in…
“TODAY IS YOUR WEDDING, YOU NEED TO BE THE BRIDE, NOT THE PERSON MAKING THE BRIDE, YOU ARE THE BRIDEE! YOU ONLY GET ONE WEDDING MY FRIEND, MAKE THE MOST OF IT” Echoing through Rag’s head, making her spit out outbursts of giggles every once in a while… If only they all knew how much she was going to miss her family, if only they could stay together…Then it came to her, it was destiny, it was… Bhavna and Sharad, Anuj and Menka (she giggles at that thought as well) and last but not least Yuvraaj and- her mind wondered off remembering that suhani had an alliance with Rohan… One that she accepted… Rag’s mood changed- her mind lost, she didn’t even realise the make-up artists had gone…
Suhani: RAGSSS DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (she came running to hug her, but stopped in her tracks to see a female Goddess) Wow… Di… Have you seen yourself…
Rags: what why? Did they mess up… Suhani omg omg its my wedding and they-
She was hushed by suhani’s finger and Suhani put a mirror in front of her, Rag’s jaw dropped, astonished at the queen that she saw in the glass…
Rags: offo Suhani, get me a real mirror this one is broken
Suhani punches her lightly in the arm…

Suhani: Di you know you are beautiful stop kidding!
Rags: Suhani, aren’t you going to get ready….
Suhani: nope (she pops the P)
Suhani: Ragsss Im kidding yaar… I wanted to see the bride first, I need to compete against her beauty *she winks and they both laugh whole-heartedly*
Rag’s to herself: I just wish she stayed, and didn’t accept the alliance… I would miss her…
The girls carry on with their nok jok, waiting for the time they all longed for…

At the Birla house…
Yuv has just come out the shower and finally got over to Suhani’s box where the suit has been kept, he slowly opens it as he engulfs the warm arm being swept around him..


.Finally the time has finally come, Rags wanted an English style wedding all her life, and the wish had finally been granted…

Saurab waiting at the alter with his brothers, and the hall’s doors are burst open, an angel looking downwards her face covered by a thin lace veil, her dress full of embroidery, diamonds and lace, a long tail- being held by menka and Bhanva, standing to her left is Pankaj and to her right Suhani… In Rag’s hand there is a small bouquet of flowers- white roses to be precise, suhani smiling at her and whispering jokes in her ear to make her giggle, Suhani hasn’t lifted her eyes up yet- afraid to see the look on everyone’s faces when they see her, and she was also shy of seeing Yuvraaj, she didn’t know why.. Slowly Rag’s steps foward- not lifting her gaze, Pankaj and Suhani walking simultaneously with her Pankaj smiling profusely at Saurab who hasn’t taken his eyes off Rags and he also caught a glimpse of the other guys, sneakly making looks at the other three girls with him…

When Rag’s was a few steps closer to the alter she lifted her head to catch a quick eyelock with Saurab- seeing the white suit with black ribbon around it… He was handsome, ever so handsome- she was glad that he was going to be all his… Not only did Rags finally look up, Suhani also plucked up the courage to lift her head- but hers was with arrogance and pride- showing off, she wanted to entertain people, just to make herself content inside- because that event the night before has taken over…

Suhani’s PoV:

I haven’t recovered, I still haven’t, I just wanted to show the world I am fine, I can’t coward down- that is not Suhani… So I look up, I look up prouder than a lion over his land, then my eyes fell to the man, the man who fought for me through thick and thin, the man who always wanted to be a part of me, the man who didn’t like music at all- in fact he used to hate it… He changed… He changed because of me… I saw him in the fitted silk suit- carefully threaded in white with a dash of blue in the ribbon along the hem and the pocket- topped off with the silky blue tie… the writing on his pocket ~”Yuvraaj <3” made me smile a goofy smile not a fake one this time… I never knew he was actually going to wear it… after my selfishness last night… I notice the rose isn’t in his pocket… makes me wonder if he liked it… my eyes look back up to his face, the egotistic smile smacked across his face, he winked at me making me stick my tongue out- Ugh his arrogance!

Yuvraaj’s PoV:

The moment she stepped into the room, I felt the air sweeter, the temperature hotter, the mood happier…I knew she finally arrived- Suhani… She wore the dress I picked- the dress she chose over Viraj or Vijay orwhatever that shameless man’s name was… All I know is that- SHE CHOSE MINE. The torso hugged her, the diamonds made her shine, the blue calmed the heat tthat she was giving off, the arms sleevless- but filled with adornments of silver, I notice a small tattoo on the top of her arm that I have never noticed before- her scars of the cuts yet visible- shows how much of a warrior she is… I adore her, I admire her, I look up to her… I notice her legs through the gap in her dress as the front was up to her knees and the back was a tail… I never knew her legs were that toned. Oh yh how could I forget she is Mrs. Ronaldo… Stop Yuv. Don’t get jealous, a giggle left my mouth… I wanted her body near mine, not on it- near it, I just feel her comfort when she is close… I knew she was thinking how arrogant I was when I smirked, but I couldn’t help it… She was checking me out- Whoop for self-esteem boost… when her eyes met mine, i felt a spark, it was comforting, her eyes were meant to be seen through mine and mine only- oh no im not obsessive- just a bit possessive…


Preist: You may now kiss!
Them words echoed through the church a few times, Rags and Saurab looked at each other awkwardly, they have never kissed each other before, they didn’t expect everyone to witness their first one… everyone at the edge of their seats waiting for their lips to interlock, and they finally did after a few minutes of pondering thoughts. The crowd went wild, tears in people’s eyes- well by people I mean the sisters, the guys were just making fun at how emotional they were when Suhani choking on silent tears went up to them)
Suhani: so. You think this is funny eh! Wait till I show you funny!
The guys together: oh noooo Suhani has become hulk!
this infuriated her even more- like adding kerosene to a fire- she raises her arm up to hit them all but they all run off… leaving suhani giggle and walk back to spend the final few minutes with the bride before the activities and refreshments…

Precap: Still at the wedding 😀

See guys I update for you! Today’s epi wasn’t as good, it was a bit rushed, but I felt that writing makes me happy so I wanted to write for you! 🙂 Ty all for you support! Don’t forget to comment Song suggestionsss also write the genre and the speed and what FF do u think iy would suit the most 😀 byyyeeeee x

Ly All Aqsaah x

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awwwe…. I loved it sis… It was yet another wonderful epi… The way you described yuvi, suhani and rags .. Aww it was awessomeee..

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    Awesome epi and the song was superb as I am a big fan of Ranbir ?

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    how dare you say this wasn’t as good! It was fantastic… Keep on posting amazing epi’s Aqsaah di, because I love them so much! xxx

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  6. Aqsaah how can you say that your FF isn’t good? I was a silent reader and decided to comment because it was good x

    Anyway i have found my angel and their name is Aqsaah!

    Ly Aqsaah di and keep showing your true potential/talent!!

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  7. awesome i like this epi …its really very nyc pl z update nxt epi soon

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  8. My sweet sis rocked again with another wonderful was very nicetry to update nxt part asap.

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  9. A reallly beautiful epi,,,,,,,I was able to imagine the scene…the wedding….perfect <3

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