Finding my Angel: Episode 22

Finding My Angel: Episode 22

This chapter is quite detailed 🙂 Happy reading

Recap: The fancy dress competition, Suhani is struggling to find an outfit…

Everyone is going to get changed, suhani is left staring mindlessly into the box filled to the brim with outfits upon outfits… She is struggling to think what Yuvraaj would wear, but it stuck her like a lightning bolt.

She scrimmages through the box of clothes to find a blue outfit, she runs to the changing station, rapidly grabbing a make-up set and finding the right accessories… She knew she
only had an hour and a half left to get her outfit to perfect, but she mustn’t regret over-doing it just incase she fails the competition…

suhani (to herself): Offo Yuvi… Use your brain like I did… I just picked my favourite colour, hopefully you thought of me first because everyone took yellow before i could…

With that suhani slips into her outfit, fitting her petite figure, complimenting her tight abs and large waist, hugging chest… The sleeves of light blue silk dropping over her shoulders laying just above her elbows… The silk kissed with silver glitter glistening in the dim light, used to stop the couples from cheating… After she had finished changing she decided to adorn herself with the jewellery that she picked up, the thick golden necklace, and the large triangular dangling earrings, she gently put them on embracing the coldness of the gold tickling her neck, realising tiny giggles as she picks up the make-up brush…
She applies all her foundation, and lightly contours her cheekbones, adding a rosy pink blush to the top of her cheeks, steadily applying eyeliner- sharper than a knife with a large flick. She then applies Kohl to the bottom corner of her eyes, swiftly brushing her fingers of the different shades of lipstick she chooses a deep red, nearing the colour maroon. She swipes the lipstick over her lips then puckers her lips making sure the lipstick is applies everywhere and smiles pleased with what she has achieved…
She gets the hairbrush and combs her hair very loosely applying two hair ribbons of blue near the bottom, to finish the princes she adds a blue headband with a bright blue sapphire in the middle… With half an hour to spare she is done, she walks out her changing station to see everyone laughing and talking with glowing smiles on their faces, their jaws dropped as suhani walked to them…

Somu just hugs suhani
Rags: Suhani! My beautiful di! How is this even possible! Your perfect!
Suh: girls shhhh! You all look like a dream…
Just then Dadi walks past and smiles at everyone…
Dadi: Are you lot ready then? All the boys are…
They all nod…
Dadi: Ok then.. Let me gather everyone… Pratima will help you and escort you to the lounge you will all be blindfolded and we will put you with your pairs…
They all nod and say Ok dadi thank you!

The time had come, their body filled with nervousness as they are all standing in the lounge facing each other…

Prat: It is time for you to all take your blindfolds off…

Carefully everyone unties their blindfolds, awestruck everyone is staring into their partners eyes…

Dadi: I guess Bhavna and Anuj are out! Anuj dressed up as a frog, while Bhavna was dressed as snow white…
Bhav: Why are you a frog for? Has mehnka rubbed off onto you?
anuj: Bhavna Di don’t reprimand me… I was using my creativity- while you stuck with the basic princesses.
They walk off annoyed…
Saurags, Krisomu and YuvAni are left… They all fell into into each others eyes, lost in a different dimension….
Everyone cheers….
Dadi: Wait… I’m curious how all the three got the same outfit… Why don’t we ask them before the next and final round… Let’s start with Krishna and Soumya…
Somu: Me and Krishna are huge huge huge Disney fans, and I remember him telling me that he would always love to see his love as Repunzel- as it is his favourite movie… I just wanted to do this for him…
Kris: l knew that Somu will always do something to help me achieve what I want. And this was always a dream, and she would take any opportunity to fulfil it and she did… I never expected her to be this beautiful…
(He intertwines his fingers into hers when they walk off the stage… Everyone clapping and wooing)
Pratima: Well now the soon to be couple- Rags and Saurab!
Rags: well Somu helped me a bit for deciding which princess I wanted to be… And She mentioned my red hair resembled Ariel so I decided to pick her… I just had hope that Sauarb would pick prince Eric
Saurab: I would may up some speech- but it would be lies… I just thought Rags would be a really Beautiful Ariel, becos of her red hai…
He does a sheepish smile towards Rags who playfully punches him in the arm, and he scoops her up bridal style and takes her off the stage, everyone laughing in enjoyment.

Finally it came to Suhani and Yuvraaj… They were still looking at each other admiring their partner, Yuvraaj bare chest, with a sleeveless purple waistcoat, his hair messy and a white turban matching his baggy white trousers secured with a glistening leather belt- topped off with Arabian shoes…
Suhani and Yuvraaj: ALADDIN!
They both giggled, suhani looks into his eyes, his eyes scanning her body, meeting with her tight six pack, her transparent scarf couldn’t hide it that well, his mouth dropped while staring. He looks back up at her eyes when he realised her gaze was burning through his skull, his cheek light up brighter than Christmas lights causing suhani to let out a sneaky giggle…
Dadi: Ahem… If we can carry on…
This time suhani went red and yuvraaj just winked at her…
Dadi: Why did you two pick Aladdin then?
Suh and yuv: I-
Yuv: You go first…
Suh nods: Well Princess Jasmine was the first different racial princess, so she was always an inspiration, and some of my old friends used to say I looked like her, so I wanted to see if I lived up to her name which I think i didn’t…
Yuv: Oh suhani stop being modest! You look exactly like Princess Jasmine.. Actually no EVEN BETTER!
Anyway Why did I pick Aladdin? Hmm good question… Aladdin was a thief, but a hidden prince, fell inlove with Jasmine at first sight, She transported him to a whole new world (He winks) He fell for every bit of her, from her smile to her personality… I felt that Suhani will go to someone like Jasmine as she always wished for the best, and she was unique… And duh! Suhani’s favourite colour is blue! And I also wanted to show off these bad boys.. (he punches his abs and smiles)
Pratima: Oh Yuvraaj, still your egotistical self… Come on then off… We will give you a break for an hour when we set up the next activity…
They all nod, Yuvraaj gives Suhani his hand out…
Yuv: Princess, would you want to explore this world on my magic carpet?
Suhani beams while lacing her fingers into his: Sure Aladdin….
Sharad was recording this as Yuvraaj gives Suhani a piggy back off the stage but drops her on the sofa.
Suh: EXCUSSEEE ME! If i was fat why would I have this! (she points at her six pack)
yuv: true true…
Suhani takes out her phone and tries to get the camera out…
Yuv: What are you doing suhani?
Suh: Oh I never thought that Mr. Yuvraaj Birla will agree to me! Say it again, I need to record it and save it!
Yuv: Oh you!
Suh: Oh your nose has gone really big!
With that suhani is off in a flash, leaving a gust of cool wind as she runs past yuv, the air slapping his face, with the scent of the morning kissing his nose… He realise wat she said and starts running after her…
They were chasing each other to outside in the front yard… Yuvraaj got close tp suhani who kept looking back to check if he was on her tail…
But she jerks to a sudden stop when she notices something infront of her…


Hope you guys enjoyed this really lengthy update, full of detail 😀 ty all for supporting me, but can you all imagine suhani as Jasmine, she would be sooo even more beautiful than she is! I didn’t think anyone guessed princess Jasmine, but well done to anyone who did!
Ty all again!

Ly Aqsaah x

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  1. dear ur just amazing. actually what a perfect selection and yuvani comb was perfect.i enjoyed every moment of ur ff.keep going like this and thank u sooooo muchwfor for detailed ff.we happily and eagerly wait for ur neyt upadate.

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