Finding my Angel (Episode 21)


Finding my Angel: Episode 21

Precap: Yuv being discharged, Hide-and-seek and a quick YuvAni moment…

(Author’s Note: Sorry for the late update, Telly Updates have been going through a lot of maintenance so I have been finding it very hard to update, and sorry for all the spelling mistakes in all of my episodes… now back to the episode)

Everyone has got changed into suitable clothes for the sports events.. The girls all wearing a white t-shirt with red stripes on the arms and, red shorts with white stripes reaching above their knees, the guys wearing blue t-shirts and blue jogging bottoms…
Dadi: So the first event is the three lagged race! The top 4 will be qualified for the next round!
there are cheers being hear from everywhere
All the pairs are tied with a rope around their legs and are starting to walk to the starting line…
Dadi walks over to the starting line, and puts her hand in the air…
Dadi: Ready… Set … GO (she puts her arm down)

The pairs struggle to walk, YuvAni trips and falls… while Bhavna and Anuj are zooming forward, Mehnka quickly grabs Anuj’s trousers and makes him trip along with Bhavna and she quickly goes past them but Sharad feels bad and slowly puts arm out to help Bhavna up but mehnka is going too fast and makes sharad falls over Bhavna and they have an Eye lock, while mehnka trips and anuj catches her… Pankaj and Pratima slowly walk past everyone slowly making sure they don’t trip, and YuvAni gets up and starts walking they jump over the fallen group, they don’t realise that Rags and Saurab have already reached the goal and are then followed by Pratima and Pankaj…
Yuv stumbles almost going to fall down, but suhani grabs his hand and puts his arm over her shoulder…
Suh: Come on hero! LEFT FOOT RIGHT FOOT!

Yuv nods and follows wat she said, eventually they start speeding up and reach past the goal post
They high five each other and look back to see the group still on the floor…
Dadi: If no one gets past the goal in 2 minutes both the team will be disqualified!
On Dadi’s words the two pairs quickly get up, they all stumble but quickly rush to the goal, Mehnka was going to trip Bhavna over to win so she quickly got her foot out but she ends up tripping herself and Bhavna puts her arm on the finishing line…

they high-five each other.
Sharad: Told you Mehnka. I told you didn’t I! (He walks off)
Mehnka: Sorry Sharad Bhayya come back! (she chases him)
Dadi: Well now we have 4 teams for the next event… Fancy dress competition! The theme is Prince and Princesses…
Everyone cheers, and the door knocks… Prat goes to open it, and its Somu and Kris with their wedding attire… Everyone is shocked… Somu goes crying to Suhani…
Somu: Me.. Me… And Krishna eloped… he was going to get married to some other woman… But I couldn’t allow it…. (he words where broken up by her bitter tears)
Kris: I’m sorry to have interrupted your ceremony, its just that I can’t be forced into a marriage that I don’t agre with… I am in love with someone.. So I took this decision as it was better than marrying a stranger…

Somu: I agreed to this.. I can’t see someone close to me hurt (she puts her head on Somu’s shoulder)
Pankaj comes up to somu and lifts her head up: You know I am your papa now… You didn’t care to ask me… we were worried about where u were, but suhani just said U were with Krishna… We didn’t know about this beta… what about his family!
Suh: Papa… consider this… Your daughter wanted to help someone who was dear to her from ruining their lives so she did just that… Isn’t that what you want…
Pankj thinks: hmmm. Beta… true, I would accept Krishna whole-heartedly… But what about his parents…
Kris: I don’t want to call them my parents.. They don’t care about my happiness!
Pankaj walks up to Krishna and pulls him into a hug…

Pankaj: All parents love their children, they take decisions based on experience and what they think is best for the world… Like my wife Lata… She gave birth to a beautiful daughter by the name of Suhani knowing that she would lose her life… This is because she only wanted the best and serve wat God wants….Krishna.. You can’t hide from your parents forever… I suggest you stay at mine tonight, and I will help you confront them…
Krishna gets teary eyes and goes to seek his blessing and Pankaj blesses him…
Kris: You’re the best papa in law ever!

They all laugh…
Dadi: Ok now all the problem is sorted can we get back to the mehndi, Kris, Somu the newly wed couple, you can join too!
They all laugh and dadi explains the rules..
1. They have to make sure they pick the right matching prince and princess from the right Disney movies….
2. They are not allowed to see their partners before the judging, but the girls can help each other
3. They have 2 hours to get ready!

With that they were off… the men and female were separated,
Over with the women…
Somu: Rags I think you should be princess ariel bcos ur hair is red like her.. I think Saurab should be thinking the same…
Rags nods and agrees and finds a mermaid tail and the dress that ariel wore in the movie….
Bhavna to herself…. Shall I be Cinderella or snow white… She decides Anuj would pick snow white and gets clothes for snow white…
Somu thinks really carefully and laughs knowing that Krishna’s fave movie is Repunzel and goes finds the clothes…
Pratima is struggling to find a clothes and gives up bcos she doesn’t know any Disney movie…

Pankaj shouts from the other side of the room: YES!
So it’s only suhani left to think of an outfit for the competition and she is left there struggling….

Precap: The competition Judging… (Sorry I know I really am dragging this mehndi, I really can’t think of what to do next lol)

Hope you guys enjoyed this epi! Can you guess which Princess Suhani will choose?
I can’t believe I have made it soo far!

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