Finding my Angel (Episode 18)


Finding my Angel: Episode 18…
Recap: “Yuv: who are you…”
Suh: Yuv… Yuvraaj… It’s me Suhani… Your Suhani.. Your best friend…
The tigers start reminding him… He still doesn’t know whats happening…
Suh: I can’t lose you Yuvraaj.. I will make sure you become like your old self… Please don’t do this… I won’t be able to handle a new person… –she starts to tear up and sings finding my angel-
“Your eyes they shine soo bright, your smile is better than night, your touch sends me to paradise, I am finding my angel, finding my angel, finding my angel…
Im laying here in the darkness, in the middle of nowhere, there is no one in sight… Caught up in madness, I don’t want to be like this im losing my mind, I see you inside my head, I want yo see you right here, my angel, my angel ,my angel… Please tell me where you are, so I can stop and take a breath… Nothing is making sense, I don’t want this to end, Come and get me out of this mess. I want you to stay (oh) Stay (oh) Stay with me a little longer, I want you to stay (oh) Stay (oh) stay and be my angel…”
She claps his hand and puts her head on it, Yuv then turns around and slowly gets up… Suhani lifts her head up, but before she can see anything she is pulled into Yuv’s chest…
Yuv: Suhani… I would never forget you… I can’t forget you.. You have changed me… I cant leave you… You can’t leave me…
Yuv notices the cut mark on her waist and run his finger on it… HE notices it is in a Y
Yuv: Suhani.. Why?

Suh: Bcos I couldn’t lose my friend… It was all my fault… I wanted to die because you weren’t with me… My Sadu.. My angry man, I can’t believe u risked your life for me…
Yuv: I had to… I can’t see anyone misbehave with you… You are My strong suhani.. He was tearing you dwn. I wanted you to fight, but he paralysed you so I had to do something… Call me your hero, I only done it to help a friend…
Suh: Why did you act as if you lost your memory, you got me scared….
Yuv: Exactly what I wanted to see! (he laughs and suhani hits him) OUCH!
Suh: Oh sorry.. Thats what I wanted to see as well… Your nose flare up!
The Birlas and Shrivastas come in and see Yuvraaj with suhani smiling…
Sharad and Bhavna coughs and they move away from each other…
dadi runs up to Yuvraaj…
Dadi: If anything happened to you, I wouldn’t forgive Suhani… (she looks back at suhani who looks down) I recommend you stay away from her for a while Yuv.. God knows what problems she can get you into… Ummm Suhani it would be nice if you leave…
Yuv: But Dadi-

Dadi: Yuv I always listen to you… Why don’t you listen to me?
Suh: Yes Dadi I understand… Thank you, I guess I will leave, bye then everyone, see you all at the mehndi ceremony…
Dadi smiles at her: You are a very mature girl,thank you for understanding, and yes see you there… Now please leave so Yuvraaj can spend time with his family…
The Shrivastas and tigers walk out quietly obeying every word of Dadi’s… When they get out they tigers are infuriated…
Roz: Suhani! How could tolerate that old woman’s words?
Suh: I’m helpless, everything she said is true… I do ruin people’s lives… (she smiles a bitt) But I am fine by It I spend too much time with Sadu anyway… (suhani walks away)
In the hospital room…
Everyone is asking Yuv how he is and he is not responding…
Dadi: Beta… What’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating?
Yuv: I don’t want to, I’m tired… Can I go sleep please?
Sharad: Dadi, I think guru needs his rest, we got a big day tomorrow, we don’t want it cancelled becos Yuv can’t get out of hospital…
Dadi agrees and leaves after giving Yuv a kiss on the forehead…

Yuv PoV:
Finally quiet… I deserve this after all the chaos. I can’t believe dadi said that to suhani… I can’t stay away from my friend, I can’t! I need to thank sharad after this, he knows the actual reason why I am not responding to dadi, he has always understood me… But I don’t even understand myself… *yawn* I really am tired… where is she… did she actually go….
I slowly drift off to sleep…

Suhani PoV;
Finally Dadi has gone, now I can check on my Sadu… As I slowly open the door, the stream on light peaked through as well landing on his eyes, with closed tightly, so I quickly come in and close the door, I go to the light switch near by and find a little night light that I turn on… The room is dimly lit, now I can see Yuv’s face, his jawline and cheekbones… HE looks cute when he sleeps, I tip toe and stroke his face, I slowly go to kiss his cheek, but he turns around his lips brush against mine, when he turns to face the other way. His lips were warm and soft, and I felt the air he was breathing warm across mt face as he turned.. I was shocked, I have never been kissed on my lips before, I didn’t know what to do, but i leant in and kissed him on the cheek and just before I was going to walk away, I realise he gripped onto my hand…
Yuv (whispered): hhmmmm don’t go…
I smile and blush a little when I walk back and sit on the chair… I gently stroke his hair till i slowly drift off to sleep my head on his masculine chest….

Precap: Yuv can’t attend Mehndi…

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