Finding my Angel (Episode 15)

Finding my Angel (Episode 15)
Warning: This Chapter is full of action!

Recap: The tigers are getting their plan into action…
Nithu starts texting someone on the phone, within minutes there is a knock at the door, Bhavna is starting to walk over to open it, but roz overtakes her and opens it….
A stunning girl in a studded lengha her eyes is not shown is standing by the door…
Bhav: No… Way… I thought…. I thought.. You were in the US!
Roz smirks: So Jenny, sooo glad you came, Suhani is very eager to meet you! (she grabs her hand and drags her to the place where the tigers were observing..)
Nithu: Ok so Jenny you have to do everything we tell you to… Ok…

They all whisper their plan which is inaudible to everyone else… Jenny looks up and smiles…
Jenny: This might be risky but I will do this… For suhani…
Jenny walks up and knocks on the door: Suhani baby, guess who it is… (she nitices Viraj staring at her almost drooling) Offo Suhani, I see you making the guys all after you! (she winks at Viraj)
Suhani in tears: J…Jenny… Tumm… (suhani sniffles and comes to unlock the door, she sees viraj and quickly runs inside the room and hides behind the pillows)
suh (her voices quivering): G—get—get away… please— i-i-i am sorry… I-i-did’t- mean-to… (tears rolling down her cheeks, uncontrollable, jenny was going to walk up to her but viraj grabs her by the hip and swings her towards the floor).
Viraj: This is a situation between me and my girlfriend! I suggest you better stay out… you don’t know what I can do to girls like you (he smirks and slowly walks to suhani menacingly he slowly puts his arm around her removing the pillow from her face, nothing but terror was in her eyes, he slides his thumb over her lips and one hand running up her thigh)
Virraj: We had some unfinished business, since you disobeyed me… Now I suggest you do everything I say (he laughs evilly before he starts to loom over her)
Jenny smirks: HELP HELP HELP! SUHANI! HELP! RAPE! (she pretends to cry and rips her sleeve)

Everyone comes running, Viraj in shock, still looming over suhani, Somu and Bhav go over to jenny, her mascara down her face her hair ruffled and her sleeved ripped… Quivering Jenny slowly points to bed and everyone looks, Yuvraaj fuming he runs and drags Viraj off the bed and grabs him by the collar…
Yuv: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! (He flings a punch into Viraj’s face his nose starts to bleed)
Viraj slowly takes something out of his pocket and shoves it into Yuv’s chest, he falls clutching his chest in pain and agony
Suhani: YUVRAAJ!
The tigers call the police quickly and discretly as everyone is too scared…
Viraj: I suggest you all apologise, before I kill your beloved Suhani! (He runs and grabs suhani by the head nd puts the knife over her throat) one move… and she dies… Only one move… I am not scared.. Even though I wanted her for all my life… She has always called me ehr brother… Do you know how much that hurts! Seeing her with other guys, sharing her success, her money , her beauty (he nuzzles his face into her hair, tears running down suhani’s face)
Yuv was going to get up, but falls tears rolls down his face: YOUR SICK VIRAJ! YOUR DISGUSTING!
Viraj evilly laughs: I suggest you shut your mouth (he puts the knife closer to suhani causing a slight cut in her neck)
Jenny slowly gets up with the tigers and sneaks behind everyone, who are attending Yuv… Sanaa goes to help yuvraaj since she is a paramedic…
Roz slowly comes behind viraj and Sharad notices her She signals them to shut up but Viraj turns around…
Viraj: You think you are clever (he points the knife in Roz’s direction without noticing the rest of them behind)
Nithu knocks the knife out of Viraj’s hand and Jenny punches him in the face… Radha grabs suhani and makes her run to the floor with Yuv, still losing lots of blood… Napsha hears the sound of sirens and runs to the door, Viraj scared he tries to run, Farhat grabs his arm and slaps him…
Komal: Don’t think we are stupid! (he pulls out the tape recorder) We knew criminal physcos like you, I have been learning law for sometime…

Ruby and Napsha come there with the police
Ruby: Over there sir! Him! (she point at viraj who is struggling to free himself)
The police quickly hand cuff him and take him into the van, he growls looking at everyone…
Viraj: this is not over yet…
Police: Chup! Anything you say now will be used against you during court! (he is quickly rushed to the van)
The doctors also quickly come with Mercy and rush Yuv over to the ambulance… Suhani breaking down in her puddle of tears and Yuv’s blood… She places her hand in the blood remember all the times she cut and when Yuv helped her in the park…
Suhani: ITS ALL MY FAULT! I DON’T WANT TO LIVE! (she runs to the balcony)
Everyone tries to chase after her and Yuv whispers No Suhani and puts his arm out, before closing his eyes, due to the lack of blood…

Precap: Suhani is rushed into the ICU… Yuv is also fighting for his life…

SO hope you guys liked this intense episode! Sorry Jenny for not adding you…. but hoped you liked today’s epi 😉 Ty for your support please comment!
Ly All Aqsaah…
“Ourselves we may fall weak, but we are all unique, Together we will strive, for perfection and survive! We are the tigers!”

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  1. Nithu

    Its awsm…aqsxxh…loved it …n thanx again for including me…today tho i loved it to the heights….wat an amazing epi

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      Thank you Nithu! for all your amazing support, I didnt know what I would do without you lots of love Aqsaah x

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        You really deserve it….

  2. its simply superb.u r really so sweet dear. we want some new twists which make yuvani love story more beautiful .

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Radha and surely! I definately will! By twists do you have any ideas x

  3. komal sontani

    Amazing Aqsxxh and u know what its my dream to do law and became lawyer and its too emotional

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      really Komal! Ty x I didn’t know… Yaayyy x I am glad i made u happy x

  4. Jenny_moon

    Its really awsome dr and i wasnt angry to u….

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      Ty Jenny, Its amazing to have ur support..I didn’t mean angry, i meant upset… But I hopefully made it up to you!

  5. Todays episode was super dear..

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  9. Wow…… it was amazing Aqsxxh. It’s a super se bhi upar epi? . Continue the good work…..

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  10. 🙁 aqsxxh today episode so rude and hard .. bl***y viraj he hurting yuvani more i hate him :-\ …
    tmrw yuvi was fighting fr life OMG ..he ill cure as soon as possible

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes… I needed it to happen… I really did, it will bring Yuvani close together Now Viraj is in jail, Yuv will get a donor… 😉 U will be surprised who, Sorry if I hurt you…

  11. Shilpa-Saraj

    Aqsaah.. Dr iy was awesome.. And did u forget me…

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