Finding my Angel (Episode 14)

Finding my Angel (Episode 14):
Recap: Tigers have saved Suhani and danced with her…
This girl called Radha claps and cheers from the door, rags goes running to her…
Radha: Your amazing cousin texted me about this wedding, so i had to come!
She looks over at suhani and all the other girls with her… and waves…
Radha: WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT GET THE NEXT GROUP ON THE STAGE! (she walks over to a spare seat on a table where the tigers were sitting…)
Sharad and Bhavna nod at each other: Well I am sorry viraj… I think we have to call Somu and Krishna up!

Everyone claps as suhani and the tigers walks off the stage all surrounding suhani making sure Viraj can’t reach her… Then Krishna and Somu go up on stage… Krishna and somu were dancing to chaho mein and Kris quickly whispers I love you in Somu’s ear, and somu looks down red… The song finishes and Somu bows quickly pecks Kris on the cheek and runs off stage…
Sharad: Offo, Look at You Krishnaaa (he winks at him and nudges his shoulder)
Kris walks off stage partly embarrassed but mostly in love…
Bhavna: We have a few people who haven’t danced but I think everyone is waiting for the couple to dance aren’t they! So boys and girls put urs hands together for the new hottest couple, SAURAB AND RAGNI!!! (she quickly gets off stage as the lights turn dim).

rang sharbaton ka starts to play, ragni starts with covering the dapatta over her face and Saurab comes and slowly takes it off, rags eyes glistened in the spotlight, while Saurab curls his arm protectively around rags slowly circling around her, rags slowly caressing his face then steps away, while Saurab grabs her hand and spins her. He pickes her up from her legs and waist and spins her around rose petals are being dropped by sharad and Bhavna who are giggling, suddenly Bhavna trips over her scarf when trying to get the next basket of petals and sharad catches her whispering…

“On this night, people will dance and sing together, people will meet their true friends, people will meet and find the ones they love!” and he smiles… They have an eyelock which is broken by the sound of clapping and cheering suggesting the performance was over, they quickly got up and went to the stage…
Shavna: Well that’s it guys… I guess the people who wanted to dance got to dance, now it is the volunteers who want to dance…
Radha: I HAVEN’T SEEN MY LITTLE YUVRAAJ BHAYAA DANCE! (she looks at the tigers and winks)
Roz: Yes, I want to see yuvraaj dance… I don’t think he can (she sticks her tongue out)
Yuv: Oh I will definitely dance, and that too better than anyone who has!
Nithu and ruby: No-one can dance better than suhani!

Yuv: I will dance with Suhani then! Dance battle on!
Suhani is shocked…
Suhani: But… But… I don’t want to… I can’t…
Sanaa comes up to Suhani and holds her hand…
The tigers walk up to her and all put their hands in the middle, signalling for suhani to put hers at the top…

They chant, by ourselves we may fall weak, but we are all unique, Together we will strive, for perfection and survive! We are the tigers! They all put their hands in the air and push suhani towards yuvraaj…

Yuvraaj lacing his fingers in between suhani and glances down at her when the lights dim down a little, a familiar piano riff starts to play, its tum hi ho… suhani takes some steps away as she sorts out her dupatta and lightly weaves them inbtween her fingers… The words start to emotionally come out while the lights start to change colour, suhani slowly walks over to yuv with the dupatta over her head… when she reaches yuv she slowly takes the dupatta off and uses it as a hook to bring yuv closer by the waist, she puts the dupatta around his waist and drags him towards her, placing her forehead on his chest while slowly singing, she runs her finger down his chest and spins away from him as the chorus starts, yuv walks to her and places his arm around her stomach, placing his lips on her neck as he slowly sways whispering the words of the song in her ear, he holds her hands and lifts her up from behind and slowly spins her… when the chorus ends he gently places her down and she starts doing hand movements to the song and she feels yuv place a rose in her hair she gentley caresses his face and spins away. She knees on the floor and covers her face with her arms and hand and she feels yuv place the dapatta over her head and hug her from behind…
The lights slowly turn on, everyone is quiet, staring at them… Suhani gets up and everyone starts clapping, yuvraaj comes next to suhani looks at her and bows… Suhani looks around and sees viraj’s eyes full of anger, firy and jealousy, tears start filling up her eyes and streaming down her face like the never ending flow of a river, she runs of not revealing her face to anyone…

Yuvraaj is shocked, hurt and upset… He slowly walks down to his seat looking down, he feels many sets of eyes just staring at him, cursing him…
Bhav: Umm guys… I think we should start to wrap up everything, by letting you all socialise… there are refreshments in the kitchen and there is more entertainment in the garden, thank you everyone for coming…
Everyone’s voices start to raise after that and some people are starting to leave till the place was almost deserted leaving the tigers, Shrivastas and the birlas…
Pankaj: Meri Beti? Wht happened to her… She hasn’t been herself…
Yuv: It’s all my fault… She has told me her past, and I feel that has had a huge impact on her..
Bhav puts her hand on his shoulder: Yuv, she is always smiling whenever I mentioned your name… Something must’ve happened yesterday night, she was happy, actally elated when she came back from the concert…

After hearing this the tigers run off to see Viraj trying to get into the room, they all hide behind the wall…
Viraj: Offo, you innocent fool. Look what you now got yourself into… come out, you little flower… I won’t hurt you… Not know anyway…
suh (her voice keeps breaking up bcos of her tears): you.. you. Monster.. Leave… lll…. I don’t want to know you… Yuv..Yuv.. Yuvraaj with kill you-
Viraj: YUVRAAJ YUVRAAJ YUVRAAJ! DEAR YOU ARE GOING TO BE ALL MINE! Forget about that idiot. You have me… Most importantly I have you, you, your body and your money (he laughs evilly)
Roz was going to go up there and hit him, ruby stops her, and shows her the phone recording she has got…Nithu: Shhh… Now… I got a plan guys, listen very very carefully…

Precap: they put their plan into action…

Hi guys ty sooo much for reading this chapter, this devil of a guy has been formed, you don’t want know what he had done to suhani, but it will come out somehow… 😉
Guys please comment your ideas! I don’t want to rush YuvAni yet! I will make all the other relationships happen first, because YuvAni is a piece of art, and art can’t be rushed 😀
But I need some help with some romantic/funny moments that I can possibly add!

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  8. And i ‘m eagerly waiting for the next epi to know their plan

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