Finding my Angel (Episode 11)


Finding my angel: Episode 11

Sorry for my late update… I got one last exam now so I will update as much as I can after that! 😀 I will make this one lengthy for everyone 😉

Suhani’s PoV:
Today is my big concert… Not any type of concert but infront of my best friend who used to hate music… I need to do something special, I need to dress up nicely I need to make sure I do perfect, I start to worry a bit and somu shakes me…
Somu: EARTH TO SUHANI! 1.. 2.. 3… COME BACK!
Suh: huh, did I fail…
somu: What are you talking about! You got 3 hours left suhani… why are you soo early!
Suh: I don’t know I want to make this a special performance before the wedding and all…
I don’t want to tell her I invited yuv or she will get the wrong idea…
somu: Ok princess, what will my beautiful girl wear today, dress, shorts, jeans, asian?
Suh to herself: I don’t want to wear shorts, I can’t show my legs off to the world Yuv will get the wrong idea, i don’t want to wear asian bcos I also have a surprise, so I guess it’s the english dress.
I stand up and walk to the closet and find a white dress, a bit higher then my knees, and it had something special… Angel wings… In gold glistening in the light, it had a golden belt and a little golden ribbon draping from the back a bit longer than the dress…
Somu: haha I knew you would choose that my beautiful angel (somu givesme a kiss on my forehead)
Suh: You’re very happy… Why?
Somu: Oh… umm… Well… I finally get to hear you sing!
Suh: haha awwwh Soo glad ur my bestie x
somu: Oh cmon what am I here for, now we got your hair and make-up to do after you get changed…

Two hours later the concert venue slowly started filling up and suhani is ready her face is not show, it is covered with her opened curled hair in a puff and braids along the back… Somu told suhani that she might not be able to stay for the concert and suhani begged her to stay but she said she couldn’t and left….
Suhani: I am sooo worried
She paces up and down the dressing room and recites the 5 songs she will be singing…
she begins to calm down and starts to sing them slowler with emotion, she closes her eyes and she sees Yuvraaj…
Suhani: I will make you proud today Sadu… I will make you fall in love with music from today, that is my promise and I never break them…

The time had come and somu sneaked in the back with everyone, and suhani is getting ready backstage, the crowd shouting and chanting Suhani repeatedly, suhani’s heart beating faster, butterflies in her stomach and, the lights dim down… Suhani steps up and smoke from the machines go into the air, everyone goes quiet…
The Crowd: YESSSSS
The gang slowly creep behind stage and see suhani
Yuv to Somu: she is soo full of energy…
Bhav: that is my sister.
Viraj to himself: She is gorgeous… I need her…
Kris: I can’t wait for her to start

Suh: Today guys… I am going to be singing a variety of songs… One in Spanish for all Enrique lovers, few in hindi and a few in English! Hope you all enjoy..
Music starts, it is main hoon hero tera, she starts very slowly and the crowd put one hand up and start swaying it from left to right…
Aankhon ke panno pe
Maine likha tha sau dafaa
Lafzon mein jo ishq tha
Hua naa hothon se bayaan
Khud se naraaz hoon
Kyun be-aawaaz hoon
Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bataa
Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera (x4)
(Main hoon hero hero tera)
Raahon mein bhi, har kadam
Main tere saath chala
Haathon mein thhe ye haath magar
Phir bhi rahaa faasla
Seene mein hain chhupe
Ehsaas pyaar ke
Bin kahe tu sun le zaraa
The song carries on… Yuv is mesmarised and suhani twirls and smiles very cutely, she sways slightly when she is singing and she fiddles with her hair… The song slowly finishes and she says, “that was for my hero and all my amazing fans, now song two!”
Yuv to himself: Was that meant for me…
The music then starts upbeat, its an old song but really lively its Anjaana Anjaani, suhani starts smiling widely and shouts into the mic
Everyone starts singing
“Halka Halka Sa, Gumaan Hai
Jaane Kya Mujhe, Hua Hai
Har Nazar, Dar Badar, Ajnabi..
Humko Bhi Yehi, Gila Hai
Jo Bhi Aaj Kal, Mila Hai
Har Kadam, Dum Badam, Ajnabi..”
Everyone was enjoying themselves then this song finished… Suhani then swiftly turned around and the lights turned off, she starts hopping up and down as the song starts playing her hand in a fist punching the air, Duele El Corazon was playing (by Enrique Iglesias) her Spanish was very fluent and very calming, she sang all the lyrics perfectly she turns around and winks at the crowd when she say “Si te Vas yo tambien me voy, sit e das yo tambian my doy, Mi Amor” (If you go I’m also going, if you give to me I’ll also give to you, my love) She turns to look at the back of the stage when the song slowly comes to a stop and she smiles seeing the gang looking at her dancing and happy, she smiles and puts her arms out to the sides of her like a bird spreading her wings she bows her head when the music slowly changes to a calm song of ariana grande one last time… she dances a bit in this one and hits the high notes and waves at everyone:
“One Last time, I need to be the one who takes you home”
Finally she runs her hand through her hair and looks at the crowd…
Suh: Guys you know what song comes now!
Suhani and the gang smile, Yuv is lost but couldn’t take his eyes off suhani, Viraj also was mesmerised but he had other thoughts in mind…
streamers come from the top of the stage balloons also, the background changes to clouds and the spotlight is shining at suhani…
Suhani: Your eyes they shine soo bright, your smile is better than night, your touch sends me to paradise, I am finding my angel, finding my angel, finding my angel…
Im laying here in the darkness, in the middle of nowhere, there is no one in sight… Caught up in madness, I don’t want to be like this im losing my mind, I see you inside my head, I want yo see you right here, my angel, my angel ,my angel… Please tell me where you are, so I can stop and take a breath… Nothing is making sense, I don’t want this to end, Come and get me out of this mess. I want you to stay (oh) Stay (oh) Stay with me a little longer, I want you to stay (oh) Stay (oh) stay and be my angel…
The song comes to an end and a tear drips from suhani’s eyes Yuv notices this…
Suh: Guys, this performance was aimed to someone dear to me… I want that person to know that I am always there for them no matter what and that I will never leave… Please be my angel… Thank you everyone!
(she claps and leaves the stage the crowd shouts and scream I love you! )
All the gang run and hug her and Bhavna looks at Suhani..
Bhav: My little sister… I am sorry I haven’t been to any of your performances, this was perfect I am proud of you and mum is too…
We all smile and hug each other!

Precap: After the performance Suhani and Yuv talk and preparations for Sangeet!

Guys I hoped you enjoyed! I made the lyrics up for the song finding my angel, all the other songs are online x Hope you really really enjoyed! And sorry again for the lateness in update…
Question: Will you be my angel 😀 🙂 <3 Love you all x

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