Do you find Suhani’s makeover interesting?


Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki is bringing a new change, the much awaited makeover of the female lead. This is happening after a long time. This would have happened before, but makers chose a late timing for Suhani’s makeover. One would feel Suhani’s makeover is not at all required, as Suhani is loved for what she is. She has pleasantly substantial qualities which make her special. Even then the girl is losing out to Yuvraaj’s Dadi.

Suhani will be seen back in her bold avatar. Suhani has fought with her death and till then its shown Yuvraaj got married to Barbie, without proper sindoor rituals. With some flaws in storyline, Suhani got back without much dragging. It is good that show did not spend numerous episodes on this track. Suhani returned with lots of questions and with determination to expose Barbie. Barbie’s positive pregnancy report still has a secret. Birla family gets shocked seeing Suhani alive and in new avatar. Yuvraaj finds Suhani’s behavior changed along with her looks. Suhani confronts Dadi and is much angry. Hope this time Suhani does not let anyone win, who comes in the way of her love. Do you find Suhani’s makeover interesting? Let us know in this poll. You may also comment on SSEL’s track and Suhani’s makeover.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    But this time i hope suhani aasani se sbko maaf na kre balki ussko sbko apni importance ka ehsaas dilana chiye or dadi ko and barbie ko jail bej dena chiye…

  2. It is really interesting

  3. mmm but Suhani looked beautiful before this makeover.

  4. Yes its interesting

  5. wo
    ow I love that makeover

  6. yes it is she is looking preety also and very innocent

  7. Yes why not we hav wait for it since many days..

  8. yes but i dont want her to be weak , she should stand for herself and shouldnt forgive her family specially yuvraj and bhavna , and this time i really want her to join hands with rags and stand against barbie for her rights but shouldnt behave polite with her family except rags and pratima , because they were the only members who were thinking practically at the time of barbie and yuvraj’s marriage , this time she shouldnt forgive yuvraj , bhavna and all others who supported dadi for yuvi and barbie’s marriage

  9. Agree with all.she shouldn’t easily maaf everyone.

  10. Agree with this all. Suhani needs more respect and love in that house.

  11. Suhani is beautiful but I like her new look.

  12. Sandra s thannickal

    Suhani is awesome…?

  13. S, Suhani looks elegant in this makeover, it’s like giving a tight slap fr the people who made fun of her. As a viewer it hardly matters to me, as I know she is really good at heart & luved fr whatever she is.
    This time v expect her to be really strong &determined &she shouldn’t give up to the fake emotions of Dadi & barbie.

  14. I just loved her change…it’s not about the makeup&’s about her attitude…superb…!!!Just waiting for more twists

  15. Yes I loved the change even though I have always liked her simplicity. With regard to Yuvraj what kind of a husband doesn’t mourn his wife when she dies,even for the sake of the baby? He could have shown respect to his wife at least by mourning her.

  16. Yes of course! ? is that even a question to ask? 😉

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