Do you find romantic tracks less in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the most rocking shows on Star Plus currently and by its increasing supportive cast, the lead is losing its romance and charm to woo the audience. Shagun and Adi’s track is getting more and more. Recently, some romance between Ishra was shown by their anniversary track. The Bhallas and Iyers plan for Raman and Ishita’s wedding anniversary. Ishita plans to surprise Raman by redecorating his office. Ishita misunderstands a belly dancer to be an interior decorator and hires her. Raman gets surprised on seeing the belly dancer in the suite. Ishita confronts Raman on seeing a belly dancer perform for him. Dr. Batra informs Ishita that he had given the card of a belly dancer by mistake. Ishita apologizes to Raman. Raman tells Ishita that he has consulted a senior gynac about her and that she can become a mother. Ruhi deletes Raman’s project from his laptop while taking printouts of her project. Mr. Bhalla informs Santosh that Dimple’s brother has returned from Canada.

Mr. Malhotra suspends Raman for neglecting his work. Raman is livid with Mr. Malhotra for his misbehaviour. Ruhi is upset with Raman for misbehaving with Ishita, making him apologize to Ishita. Mihir informs Raman and Ishita that Mr. Malhotra has asked him to handle the project. Later, Ishita convinces Rinki to meet Dimple’s brother. She asks Raman to resign from his job. Aditya is worried as Shagun asks him to get his school fees from Raman. The story is revolving more on Shagun, Adi, Romi, Rinki and supportive roles and showing less of the couple’s romance. Do you think the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein should focus on love track more as the show’s title? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. …..IshRa k romantic scences bahut kam dikha rahe hai. …….par jab bhi IshRa romantic mood main hote hai toh…… koi na koi unhe disturb kar deta hai. …………….family disturbance bahut hai……….ab toh IshRa ko Akeley kahin bhejo. ……….♡………..bahut hoa family drama. …..

  2. absolutely no romance. Raman hamesha Ishita k paas aata hai lekin se kiss nahi karta, not on cheeks nor on hr forehead. bulshit hai sab kuch.

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  4. Fed with SHGUN so fed up we just record and watch it later when shagun comes we fast forward she bring negative vibes for any woman character!,,,, Ranvir has already confessed his I love you to ishani. So raman is taking over a year to confess and ISHITA is getting boring also. Show has lost it fun,,, bring back mihika, Bandhu balls !!! Mihir cannot act to hyper when he opens his mouth like a lady who present. Zee tv show bollywood show like a fast train without breathing. all in all ishita should get pregnant kick Shagun out

  5. yhm is one of d bst shows airing in star plus…bt i expect mor nd mor frm ishra….family distrbnc is getting unbearable…..jab raman ne shagun aur adi ko ghar se out kiya, me ne socha ki ishra are getting closer… ishitas concern nd lv 4 adi nd ruhi is jst unbearable smtims…..jaldi ke jaldi ishra must confess deir lv and feelings 4 each other……

  6. god…..plz mke ishra to confess their love…without any disturbance…. ..kick shagun out……and end this raman job wala drama…….

  7. Really ab toh propose kardo ishra romance plzzz

  8. Yes of crse there is no romance between them its very sad that this drama is focusing on the problems of family drama and reduce wht we expect from ishra previously it was good but now lots of twists day by day around shaguan it seems to be rinkys marraige also brings a twist which helps to shaguan use against ishra so useless pathetic unrealistic twists always there and i am fed up of this story now i havnt been watch it for days just come here and watch updates as i loose interest to watch it its a tragedy what has happnd to this amazing serial

  9. Yeah ishra scenes r less … Though the short scenes of ishra are very cute … And cutie pie ruhi … She is shoo cute !

  10. Hamasha ishra problems solve karne mein lage rate hai apne bare mein kabhi nahin sochthey hai.isiliye fans ko hurt hona padtha hai

  11. mising ishras romantic scenes………

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