Find me (Mahi and Shivaay) Episode 5, Samm

Heyyo guys! I know I’m terribly late, but this update is part-gift, part-story. First of all, HBD Surbhi 🙂 I didn’t know what else to do for your special day, so I let my imagination do it for me 😉 So read it and enjoy 🙂
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The Oberoi Mansion was glittering in all its glory. The eldest sons of the house were in their rooms, getting ready to welcome and entertain the guests invited for a particularly rare event. And the reason for this wasn’t their ‘happily married’ status, but because of the occasion. The twenty-first birthday of their cute little sister and Priyanka’s best friend, Surbhi Tiwari! (She was already introduced to you guys in Distances do not matter in friendships OS by Shivika22kapoor. Link in description below.)
Everyone who mattered in her world knew her as a particularly talented commerce student and she was extremely special for her group of crazy friends! Among her super famous brothers, she liked O the most, although Shivaay Bhaiya and Anika Bhabhi were running a close second. The Oberois treasured her like family and it was on our insistence that she was going to celebrate another year of achievements, experiences and happiness of her life with us at our place.

She was younger than everyone else, including me, which was rare! And that was probably why I was the most excited about this party. I would obviously get to meet lots of pretty girls tonight and Dad would probably get to meet a lot of prospective business associates, but all of that couldn’t override the undercurrent of tension running throughout. Apparently, Khanna had seen someone like Shivaay Bhaiya just outside the Oberoi grounds, and that could only mean one thing- the threat from all those months ago could return into our lives in the form of Bhaiya’s duplicate, Mahi. Will he be a party crasher this time as well? I couldn’t help the sweat beads popping out on my forehead. Figuring I would look dehydrated and dull, I went off in the kitchen to get some fluids in!
Turns out, all my fears were ill-founded as the birthday girl arrived in all her glamour and beauty and the guests crowded together to meet her. It was easy to see right now how easily she made friends with everyone and won everyone over by her charming manners. The party was in full swing with the oldies standing in circles around the center stage and the youngsters swaying to the DJ’s beats. It was sometime around then that I noticed Shivaay Bhaiya talking to Surbhi and walked up to join them. Surprisingly, he was shocked to see me there. I cocked an eyebrow and demanded to know their top secret conversation, but he only smiled faintly at me and turned back to her.

“Surbhi, happy birthday once more. I might not see you later, so I’m wishing you right now without the rest of the family. May all the successes in the world come your way and all the joys of the heaven keep you company always.” Saying thus, he patted her head lovingly, and turned to leave, but I stopped him in time. “Bhaiya! Where are you going? And on my birthday, all day you were chanting ‘I have work to do’, and now you’re suddenly showering love on her!” I complained!
That moment was special. Something changed in his face as if he was in pain and yet happy. Holding my shoulders, he stared into my eyes. “Never doubt that you guys are very important to me. And everything that you love, how can I not love it? Every person you like, how can I not like them?” And then turning to our little fairy, he said, “You may not know many of them here, but you still are dear to them and you hold a very important place in their lives. Please remember always that there are lots of people around you who draw inspiration from you, some will become inspiration for you, but mostly you’ll find friends who stand by you in every happy and sad situation. Even if they are not near, they always wish only good things for you. And trust me; it’s a huge blessing to have such friends in life.”

He gave her a half hug and with glistening eyes left, while I was staring at his back, trying to figure out what happened to Bhaiya all of a sudden! It wasn’t until much later that I spotted him talking to O and directly asked him, “Bhaiya, you were leaving right? Is everything ok?”
More than his shocked silence and worried queries, I was thinking of the words I had heard before. Could it be that we were blind enough to misunderstand the good while it was living with us?! I evaded Bhaiya’s questions and concentrated on doing what I do best- keeping everything light! Surbhi’s birthday party was a blast! We totally hit it out of the park with quirky games and puzzles and gifts hunting! I have never seen her so happy and I guess a few genuine words have the power to change your mood, your thinking, and your life too. And who would know it better than the birthday girl herself? 🙂

Guys, this episode was my gift to Surbhi. Shivika22kapoor had already posted an OS and this is kind of based on that, as in it has some elements from that. Please do read it too. Link :
Happy Birthday, Surbhi. I’ve already wished you up there ^ so no more long wishes. Just stay happy always 🙂

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