Find me (Mahi and Shivaay) Episode 2, Samm

HEYYO PEOPLE! 🙂 I’m so sorry for the late update, but I’ve been busy lately. Also, I don’t know when I’ll be able to post next. I’m so mad at the Show for not giving us more of Mahi, but at least they are finally talking about Anika’s past. There are absolutely no leads yet, but I’m kinda satisfied seeing Shivaay coming to terms with his love for Anika and finally breaking up with his stupid beliefs. I’m gonna go with no comments on everything else and begin with this episode right away. But before that, I wanna tell all Shivika fans that I might add their points of view in later chapters too. Would you guys like that or should I stick with Mahi’s perspective or write it as a third person narrative? Please let me know in the comments. 🙂 Also, please send me the links of ffs that I’ve missed. Please 🙂
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It’s been a month since I had any contact with the Oberois. I was so shocked and scared when Question Kumari turned up at my door, but nothing of consequence had happened since then. I had been afraid that knowing my name might be enough for her to find out everything about my past life, but that didn’t seem to be the case. The surprising and yet absolutely natural thing was, I missed them. Lying awake on the cot and staring at the slow fan, I only thought of that happy family. Had Mrs. Kanji Aankh’s bullet wound healed properly? Was Pahalwan doing well in his exams? When I was there, he had told me he wanted to get his final exams and college life over with ASAP because it was getting difficult to handle all of his girlfriends! Was Dadi taking her medicine on time? Duplicate’s Mom and Dad had arranged for a family Puja this week or something. Was it going smoothly?
Saving Shivaay from the goons and then saving myself from his Lady Love, or rather Lady Thug- that was the last I had seen of the Oberois. But now I suddenly wished to go back to that palace and live the life of my luckier doppelganger, if only for a few hours.
It would be ridiculously easy for me, I realized. In my mind, the plan started sketching itself as I visualized each detail. All I needed to do was call Shivaay’s office and request a meeting as some businessman’s secretary. While he would be working at his office, I could don a suit and get his car, making up some excuse. In the palace, I could just lie that I wasn’t feeling well and down a few meds. That’s all it would take to have each and every member of that family run to my side and fuss at me and feed me nice things and care for me…
The image brought a smile to my face as I contemplated putting my plan into action, before I realized that Anika would still be there beside Shivaay or the one that looks and acts like him. Why did Shivaay have to be married?! It would be a piece of cake for me to steal a few minutes of love from that family if not for Mrs. Kanji Aankh’s super Shivaay senses!
For a long time, I wondered about everyone in that palace; even Khanna, who pretended to die just to get me out of their home. But there was no trace of my own Mother in my thoughts. It suddenly occurred to me that it had also been one month since I had any contact with Mother or Ranveer. In accordance with their scary warnings, only once did I have to go into hiding, and only for an hour or so. The police aren’t all that diligent around here, after all. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m human enough to deserve some space in someone’s mind or just anyone’s heart. In those times of gloom, she usually appeared like the answer to an unknown question.

“Oh Dhoni!” she called out. I had to rub my eyes to confirm it was really her. She had come looking for me herself! I had kicked out the other kids who had come looking for me, but today they seemed really persistent on playing! Now I know on whose orders they were getting bashed up by me!
She never played cricket with us guys unless there was an emergency shortage of players but she wasn’t very good at it either. Anyways, even though she was busy, she tried to never miss a match when I was playing. Unless some work came up, she even used to watch India’s match with us, but that was nowhere as entertaining to her as our chawl’s cricket. That is one thing about her which hasn’t changed with time for as long as I have known her. So when she came up to my door on her own and all but commanded me to come and play, I couldn’t refuse. After all, according to my current status, I was indebted to her for life.
I tied a piece of cloth around my head and she tied her dupatta sideways over her shoulder simultaneously, getting ready to do her celebrated commentary. But then, before the game was about to begin, she came to my side and in a soft voice, she shared a secret, “You shouldn’t have, but I liked the gift. I’ll keep it safe until you need it back.” Without even caring about the watching eyes, she came closer to my ear and wagging one slim finger in front of me, she whispered, “Also, your passwords aren’t difficult to guess. You should’ve changed it.”
She found out already?! Well, given her job description, it wasn’t surprising that it only took a day to figure it out, but I was amazed all the same. Her cool way of letting me know that she knew stuff about me but that I could trust her to not hand me over to hell, it always blew me over. I was convinced that she was a single piece in the universe and I pulled her backwards by her tied up dupatta to tell her that.
“I know that! And so are my bangles. That’s why your team must win this match. I have a bet with Chanda, on my bangles!” she looked up at me pleadingly and held up her hand for me to see. That’s when I realized this was why she had called me. How much does she like those golden bangles to put her dinosaur sized ego aside and come to my house, or rather Mother’s house, on her own? She must have known Mother had left, I concluded. But still, I couldn’t let her down as I knew what will happen if we lost today. I saw a vision of her swollen red eyes and non-stop tears running down her cheeks while I crouched on the ground in front of her and tried to console her. Her younger sister came holding the same bat I was playing with and broke it on my back for making her sister cry! I shuddered at the nightmare and quickly nodded at her to shake off the ominous fear.
She smiled at me cheerily and tossed her hair back in farewell before taking up her place and the game began.
And of course, we won.

Thinking about her always makes me smile. I wish I could think about her more often. But nowadays, my mind keeps going to my mobile that was with her. There was not only the fact that she could keep it safe, but also that she would be safer with it. I didn’t know who my enemies and allies were or how far would they go to keep me under their thumb, but I had to keep her safe from all of this mess. And what would be a better way than handing her the master card? Given her past connection with the Oberois, I shouldn’t ignore the possibility that she could be another pawn on the board as well. I don’t mind being a pawn myself, if that meant it will keep the knights away from the ones I love. Because those knights don’t know that I’m the king they’re up against.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb Sam and hi I’m Sam

    1. Samm

      thanks crazygirlS.P 🙂 and may i know your real name or some other pen name please, it’s disconcerting to have same names 😀 just kidding though 😛

      1. AMkideewani

        Hahhaha?You can call me Samy or Crazy, if you want to

  2. Kriti249

    Di please let it be from Mahi’s perspective and don’t add anyone else POV because that will break the flow of the story and other than that it was awesome. Beautifully written

    1. Samm

      thanks for your appreciation and suggestion kriti 🙂
      but i was hoping more people would like to read other povs too. the reason why i prefer to write in pov is because that way i can explore a character’s thoughts and thus determine how he/she would react in any given situation or their chemistry with other characters. but their is also a disadvantage as one person cannot know everything about everyone else, and that might hold back info that readers might need to understand and appreciate the story and the protagonist’s actions. also as it is shivika, they are also going to be important in this ff. as of now, mahi still doesn’t know much, but shivaay and anika being the khidkitod, and sometimes dumb 😉 , detectives, it will help with the story moving forward, rather than inhibiting the flow of the story. i get it it can be a bit jarring to move back and forth two people’s thoughts (in essence), so i’ll try to add it as a separate episode. in my previous ffs too, i had tried to overcome this problem with sudden breaks in the story, but as no one else complained, i think it’s safe to say that i got better with it. if there’s something that you don’t like or understand or something, please let me know so i can improve. 🙂 thanks again 🙂

      1. Samm

        sorry for the typo

      2. Kriti249

        Di I have heard many people say that writers should not switch the point of view. If it is a point of view story then let it be Mahi’s perspective cuz it was from Mahi’s perspective from the beginning. You should also not switch from first POV to third person point of view. If you do so it creates confusion for the reader. It also breaks the flow of the story. That’s just my suggestion. Rest is your choice.

  3. Awesome

    1. Samm

      thanks charitha 🙂

  4. Awesome. POV of Mahi was heart touching. He still cares so much for Mrs. Kanji Aankhe and Pehelwan. ( Maybe Om was on 2nd floor during his stay at Oberoi Mansion 😉 )

    1. Samm

      haha! no, i can’t think of mahi not thinking about om 😀 that will also come later with the intense stuff, but i shouldn’t spoil anything for you guys, so i’ll stop here 🙂
      i’m glad you liked it nitika 🙂 thanks for the comment

  5. Diyaa

    Nice update Samm. I loved all the little details in Mahi’s POV. They sketched his craving for a loving family as well as his affectionate instincts. I am thinking about the mystery girl in the flash back, who has a past connection with the Oberois. I wouldn’t mind a third person narrative. But you are the best judge of what would be most effective. ?

  6. JanviSingh

    Hi di …..
    Sorry for not commenting on the previous updates…. Actually i wasn’t able to read the updates ….
    Bt now I’m back…
    N abt the question I think u can go for the third person’s POV…
    Actually it shows the story from someone’s else POV too….
    So u can go with it…
    N story is going pretty well….
    So go with the flow di….?

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear….

  8. Renimarenju

    Ok…..finally i got a break now and i read it….I loved mahi’s way of thought which u presented so beautiful….The flash back and the present , i could say u have well connected both of them, as it’s really hard 2 show both in a single episode….and u have managed it very well….That bangles’ ….it was simply catchy and i liked it a lot…..And abt ur question ….I think u can write it based on maahi’s perspective which will be different as no one has tried some thing like that for maahi, i guess so….And abt others view….u can certainly add, depends on the story’s ongoing process only….But high light will be on maahi’s character as ur title is about maahi only….I hope u will be able 2 balance it very well….And u are doing well…so i don’t want u should write it as third person’s narrative as u started it with maahi’s perspective and i wish u could do in the same way only….And this episode was short, but thank god it was short as i was able 2 read it fully ……and it brought a relief 2 me…..Very well written and i could rate this episode like certain flashes which comes from the life camera and it has captured the best features of maahi’s character….Absolutely a worth reading chapter and i just loved it….
    Bye….love u dear

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Wonderful Samm… Heart touching part… Still cares for Anika n Rudra but not Om? Why?
    Who is that girl?
    And I don’t have any problem with third person’s P.O.V. Waiting for next part…

  10. Superb

  11. Mrunal

    well at last this comment box turned up at the end of comments…
    in last two updates i didn’t find it on it’s place…
    anyways just leave it…

    this was amazing dear… i really wonder how do u portray someone so well.. and with perfection also…
    u know what i just loved the character of mahi… and expected the story going with his pov also… but as usual ib writers left it in middle and started anni’s past… and gave a glimpse of mahi but not his POV… so basically I’m so happy that u r up with this ff…
    I’m hell excited to see how u unfold the story of mahi…
    waiting for next one dear…

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