How do you find the kidnapping track of Ishqbaaaz?


Huh!!!! So excited! The segments killed me! OMG! Surbhi mam is so brave! She had fever 2 days before the shooting of the water tank scene! Still she remained there for 2 and half hours or maybe more… and she even risked her life. If things didn’t work properly then her life would have been at risk. The dedication of actors and actresses always are great. Still there are few haters who couldn’t just take this. Haters will get hate only! The idiots!

Ok saying too much but how do you find the kidnapping drama? After kidnapping drama there is a surprise, which many already know???… that is… Shivika are gonna wear the same dress which they wore in 1st epi! Yeah! It means the cloths and attitude of Shivika (especially Annika) is gonna come back??? yeah!!! Isn’t it exciting enough.
You all must have read the spoilers and also watched the segments. If by any chance you didn’t watched segment or spoilers, you can check my wall. I shared segment vid link and also spoiler image link. According to them, Daksh is gonna put Annika in a water tank. He will operate it with remote and will be increasing the water level. He will call Shivaay and tell him that he kidnapped Annika. Shivaay will reach there and try hard to break the tank. He will also beat Daksh. {manme laddu futa?}

We all know he will be succeed at last. After that he will bring Annika back home and when Annika will be conscious she will ignore Shivaay. {another laddu futa?}
Arre why won’t she ignore him? She was in water for so many hours and then if he offers her water then does he expect that she is gonna kiss him?!??? At least have some sense na???… ok jokes apart but if any husband accuses his wife for
sleeping with another man just for money then why would she behave normally? In a segment, I saw Shivaay asking Annika why is she ignoring him, what’s the issue? Really! what’s the issue!!! First you didn’t belive her.

Then you accused her. Then you insulted her, now do you expect her to do you worship!? Hahaha even Surbhi mam said in a segment… “Daksh! Like really!!!” ????? even Surbhi mam don’t like him???… nd Nakuul, in every segment he always defends Shivaay, “meri koi galti nahi, Daksh ne mujhe kaha tha” ??? he has become possessive about Shivaay???… he also blamed Daksh???

Ok I am getting too emotional. I am a girl na so I couldn’t see any girl like this?… accha now tell me how do you find the track

How do you find the kidnapping track of Ishqbaaz?
☆excellent (love it too much)
☆ perfect (very good)
☆ interesting (excited)
☆ fine (it’s good)
☆ bad (dragging)

There is 5 options, the first one means 5 stars and last one means 1 star. Guys it’s your wish what to vote or not but keep one thing in mind. There was a lot of effort by the actors, especially Surbhi mam. She risked her life just to entertain us. I know many before had done it also. Like in “Balveer”, in “CID” but in Ishqbaaz, the water level even crossed Surbhi mam’s head (it’s true, don’t know if the will show it or not)… consider her efforts, dedication, hard work. Before commenting or voting keep this in mind. Not only Surbhi mam, the production house also took risk. If you still don’t like vote but please, no bad comments.

Ishqbaaaz casts Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh, Leenesh Mattoo as male leads. Surbhi Chandna, Nehalaxmi Iyer are opposite Nakuul and Leenesh respectively. According to few leading reports Sana Ameen Shaikh has been approached for lead opposite Kunal, she will be playing Annika’s sis’ role also.
Comment to share your views.

Last thing, I won the Shraman os contest!!! I was first! So I thought to give treat to you all and Shramanians by giving a os, should I? It will be musical, till the end, songs will continue to play, so should I write?

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  1. Priyali

    arrey… I loved the current track… I totally think ki Anika ko bahv khana chahiye. ?

    1. Neeti

      Even I think ki usse bohot bav khana chahiye, wo entertainment thori hai jo bav na khaye? thanks for voting- Neeti

  2. Yaa its just fine but the upcoming track shud be interesting

    1. Neeti

      Don’t worry, makers have planned a very interesting track, enjoy it now… every show have some boring track so this will also. Thanks for voting- Neeti

  3. Its excellently awsum

    1. Neeti

      Thanks for voting- Neeti

  4. i m loving the current track
    neeti i want a musical os plz write it soon

    1. Neeti

      I will surely write it soon, on both Shraman nd Shivika… thanks for voting- Neeti

  5. but on shivika

  6. Foreverfanoftwinj

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐five stars
    For surbhi mam
    As well as
    For u neeti
    U wrote it very well
    Sahi mein Mann mein ladoo phuta

    1. Neeti

      Hehehe, thank you. Mere maan me hazaro laddu fut rahe hai, nayi news dkh kar? pata nhi telecast kab hoga.
      Thanks for voting- Neeti

  7. ☆☆☆☆☆ very good ???????????

    1. Neeti

      Thanks for voting- Neeti

  8. ???????????

    1. Neeti

      Thanks for voting- Neeti

  9. SidMin

    I am sure I am gonna Love it
    The actors are doing just too well 🙂
    So from my side 5 stars 🙂

    1. Neeti

      Awww so sweet.
      Thanks for voting – Neeti

  10. Salo

    If I could give more stars…I would have given for sure……N get well soon Surbhi ma’am

    1. Neeti

      She is fine now
      Thanks for voting- Neeti

  11. interesting but the drama of tia is not good

  12. ????????????????

  13. I would rate 5 stars because ishqbaaz is the only serial I love to watch days together…. But there’s a new news about tia’s pregnancy drama… I feel its a bit -ve… It’s more becoming like kumkum bhagya serial… I want ishqbaaz to be it’s original… Till now the story is unique… And I’m now worried only about this tia’s pregnancy drama

    1. Barbieannie

      That’s not a news that was just fun video posted by gul mam

      1. Neeti

        No di. There was a fun vid and a real promo, the one which Gul mam posted was fun vid but there is also a real promo vid which contains the pregnancy drama… I wish it was just a fun vid. Anyways bye di- Neeti

  14. Safa


  15. Kiki

    It’s excellent. … loving it..

  16. Ruksy

    I think all actors should be given awards for their dedication and hard work just to give us entertainment. For the kidnapping track I would give ☆☆☆☆☆. Amazing and spectacular track.

  17. 5 stars.
    Ishqbaaz is an excellent serial.
    I want the upcoming track to maintain the interest.

  18. IshaJain3006

    ☆☆☆☆☆ its just excellent

  19. Superb serial I just love it

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