Did you find Colors’ Kawach interesting?


Colors’ recent release Kawach-Kaali Shaktiyon Se replaced the hit weekend show Naagin at the 8pm slot. Naagin was a finite show and wrapped the Season 1 as expected. Its Season 2 will start in October, and till then the slot is occupied by another finite show Kawach by Balaji Telefilms. Naagin maintained a good TRP throughout its run, and same is expected from Kawach. Kawach is a supernatural thriller romance drama. There is a spirit Manjulika who is after Rajbeer Bundela. Paridhi witness a spirit in the temple, and gets scared seeing her driver dead. Manjulika tries hard that no girl marries in Bundela house. She does not want Rajbeer to get married. Paridhi is Rajbeer’s love interest and they decide to get married.

Rajbeer and Paridhi’s scenes are sweet and romantic. When they get married, Manjulika becomes a part of their marriage by getting in between every ritual between a husband and wife. Manjulika too married Rajbeer, after getting a formal wedding invitation from Paridhi. Manjulika breaks out to Paridhi that she is the evil spirit and will romance Rajbeer by making Paridhi’s body a medium. There is good supernatural Tadka in the show. Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh’s chemistry looks good, with both looking mature enough to handle the spirit tensions. Manjulika is played by actress Mahek Chahal. She is pretty, scary and fit for the Daayan’s role. Did you find Colors’ Kawach interesting? Let us know what you think about this love story with a supernatural touch. You may leave a comment along with your vote.

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  1. Narendran

    superh show!!but naagin is the best..waiting to see naagin season-2..but kawach also nice

  2. I don’t like it missing nagin

  3. Dibya

    Superb amazing fantabulous serial…

  4. I dont like the acter mona she looks like a 70 year old burya.

    1. I mean actress

      1. Mona146

        yes She is an eyesore. And her voice is too harsh and coarse as well. Moreover it resembles Arundhati a lot.

  5. I too dont like this serial nagin was best nd interesting

  6. Really wonderful show……but dont drag and spoil its goodness…But Naagin is my favourite???

  7. no yaar! i dont feel its a new concept and by the the way
    1.mona singh looks soooo aged than vivek dahiya.
    2. no sizzling chemistry like RitVanya
    3.copied scenes from other serials
    4.it is the same concept as the serial ANAMIKA which aired in 2013 (if anybody knows)
    5.the grave set of evil spirit i.e monjulika’s mom is same to same asin ARUNDHATI movie in telugu

    1. yah….. shradha. ur ryt…
      u said same my thinks….
      iknw anamika… serial.. @sOny entertiment…
      manjulkka moms seen same copy @ arudhathi film…!!!

  8. It is a copy of old serial Mano ya na mano, each scene is copied from that serial.

    1. Yes you’re right. I remember that episode. It called Kabzaa. Besides Mano ya na mano, it took concept from Anamika, Jodha Akbar and telgu movie Arundhati

  9. naaagin is best show…

  10. Siddhi

    Kawach is a little boring but naagin is best waiting for naagin Season 2 but sad that arjun bijlani will not be there in season 2

  11. Kawach is a super show i just love it.

  12. Love it
    Rap are best.

  13. Female lead role not suitable for this show..

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