finally ragini’s getting importance


i don’t know my guesses are right or wrong but there’s a new negative entry in swaragini named karthik the man who was selling paanipuri and icecream the other day. sources say that karthik will be shown removing ragini’s pics while doing pooja at the temple. Ragini gets concious and doubts him for being the same man she saw at the ice cream stall as his hand too was burned . Karthik will bring mystery to the show as he will follow ragini . ragini would be curious about him and will follow him to the secret place. And now my guesses i truly wish karthik be handsome and another lead for our ragu who’s done a lot and suffered for it just as our sanky boy entered the show as negative first but swara’s love changed hope same happens with karthik if not hope cvs have a good reason why laksh betrayed ragini at the mandaap and insulted her to the extents that he slapped her father shekhar.
what do you guy’ choose
a) karthik falls in love with ragini and changes just the way happened with our swasan
b) laksh be innocent and kavya’s blackmailing him to do all that he did
Do comment if you guys are really excited for the new villain entry finally a male villain after sanky
just being curious hope it’s not another boring dragging villain drama just like kavita and uvrashi :p

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. I like both 2 possible.It totally seem that kavaya and that man kartik are work together to destroy maheswari family.

  2. I want option B bcoz I really like raglak…I want to see them together& I want laksh innocent..

  3. Really if so I will watch that.ant to see new love story.really happy to hear that atlast ragini is getting importance. Thanks for ur help. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. it was my pleasure anything related to our swaragini makes me happy to know and share 🙂

  4. Any one option would till its about ragini…i don’t want to see her crying face anymore…

    1. Can anybody please tell ma who is playing Mr.Kartik’s role??

  5. i think kavya is blackmailing lakshya…

  6. The news is probably rite.. That A new male villain is coming in the show and the description nidhi has given .. The rest info has not been given .. But guys what to do u think how did laksh forget everything after going with night .. The mg cross road matter puchkes and icecream one.. I felt that there was something mix in the food but then I’ll be wrong because laksh fed icecream from his bowl to Kavya .. So any guesses

    1. you know it can be the face mask trick too may be it’s not laksh and someone else in his face mask as the mask trick is popular now and sns and even swaragini have used it once so..

  7. hope that he falls in love for ragini and regert what he did and i don’t think so laksh is innocent as during marriage he only called kavya may kavya cheating laksh but is not innocent…………
    The show is one of most loved by all as if u see maximum ffs r written about it this only shows how eveyone love the show, actors and their role they play
    i think laksh only in ego betrayed ragini he is know somewhere may be regerting and the cvs may soon show that but in recent episode laksh was trying to make ragini jealously if he want to make her jealaous it is clear tgat he is unable to forget her he may realasise his feelings after new entry…….

  8. hey….no karthik is not that handsome…he is just ok….he even doesnt look good with ragini…i m not raglak fan but still i m saying this….and as for laksh sth is mysterious….as for kavya she has a past related to maheshwaris……..

    1. i thought if he were handsome because cvs yet didn’t show his face right?? hey could you tell his real name so i could search him maybe

      1. his name is not yet known as he is a completely new face but i saw him on insta

  9. Excited to see who is karthik

  10. chiii karthik is very bad looking …..i dont like him with my teju imean ragu …he plyed lead negtive role in this show

    1. i really don’t know how karthik looks i just assumed is he were handsome where did you saw him because not yet in cvs only his burnt hand is shown

      1.… U can see the new villan in this video… He is not even looking gud… Not a match for Ragini…

  11. I want a karthick to b lead for ragini & cvs never shown the imp of ragini infornt of laksh so if now they show in future the positive karthick with ragini closeness which want laksh to become jealous & regret for his deed & betrayal from kavya to laksh..

  12. I want raglak….I love both together…don’t want karthik…to be pair with ragini…laksh is handsome…definitely he will regret his mistakes…

  13. I would choose option on Two…laksh aso deserves some imp…dey r showing bad frm so many episodes….dats so sad…

  14. Who is karthik what is his real name

  15. No not at all kart hik is really bad looking. ……don’t want him to paired to rags ……instead they can introduce a new lead 4 rags

  16. Yipeee ragini is getting some importance
    I want ragini to pairup with Karthik( hope he is handsome)
    Lakshko jealous hona chahiye….
    Thanks for news

  17. No karthik isse achha toh laksh hi tha

  18. I would like option 2… I just love Raglak and they won my heart in just one month… Want them back together… Laksh falling in love with Ragini …

  19. i want ragini to pair up with karthik. karthik fall in love with ragini and changes just the way sankar changes

  20. Finally a gud news… I think the twits of raglak n ragini fan in twitter done the work… Anyways im happy… In past days i stopped watching Swaragini as thr r not at all importance for ragini.. But now i guess i can see the show as she got some importance… N for the options i will go wt the 2nd one bcos i always want raglak only but i want that the new entry make laksh jealous…

  21. .I wnt sme one fo theju…I lke hr nd sanky….I also wnt tht she shld be lved by sme one…I hpe wrtr wll brng sme one mst handsome nd mre capable..who falls fo hr

  22. In youtube a video is there …karthik and Ragini together,..I think its interview..
    He doesnt suit her…I want someone else for ragini…pls bring one more new entry.

  23. No I prefer only raglak…no matter what…They are so cute

  24. I don’t know about laksh being innocent or not but I want a new lead for ragini.

  25. I prefer raglak only..2 reasons…
    1. Kartik doesn’t look handsome at all…he doesn’t suit ragini..
    2. I have read that he will be villian only..he wont change like sanky..after all no one is like sanky.
    Also, plz tell me the full form of CVC

  26. I like raglak together….

  27. may be kartik is kavyas bf…but first option can also happen n if that happens then make him handsome but not more than Sanskar…he or anyone can never take his place..

  28. I m only accept raglak please unit him pls….

  29. Even I want to see raglak together!!!!! As now ragini changed to positive after realising her mistakes….. The same should happen with laksh…..even he should realise his mistake of leaving ragini and supporting that stupid kavya….plz CVS no more changes in couples… should be raglakk only…..

  30. Off course it has to be RagLak!! B option seems way too better..!

  31. Both are nice

  32. I heard that this karthik is kavya’s bro

  33. Guys, if you people noticed yesterday’s episode, Laksh behaved wierdly. Looks like he is hypnotized. He did not give any reaction when swara and kavya fainted and when the police came and asks about the poison. he just said yes what kavya said. Have you guys noticed his face reactions? He is not looking normal. i hope Kavya is doing some hypnotism to him and that’s y he is misbehaving with everyone.


    glad that they r bringing male villain bcoz now days all tv shows show as though women can only be mahan n be villies……….. no importance for males at all………. rarely we get a chance of men being mahan n villain (especially mahan) character……………….

  35. laksh has been hypnotyzed

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