FINALLY!!!! NEW PROMO!!!! Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

FINALLY A NEW PROMO!!!!Shuddi.(means ‘really’ in Bengali.learnt it from this show dood.)

I am so so so happy our show will complete its 100 episodes today.yipeeee…Congrats to all the actors,producers,directors,viewers etc. and especially to me.I am already in love with Dev.Sorry for making me by me ‘special’.

I think this is the first whose single episode I don’t want to miss.So guys me ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here again to torture you guys with my “too” much detailed update of the promos.This is the brand NEW PROMO of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi released on 17th july night during THE KAPIL SHRMA SHOW.It is available on youtube too.

Haayo rabba mhari ESME LUNA GREENWOOD ki aankhein to thak gayi thi ik naaye wadi promo ka wait karte ji.Ab jaake ik naya wada promo release hue chu.mhada toh dimag kharab ho gaya chu.

Hi hi I was just trying to speak some gujarati Bengali and Punjabi.Sorry I m not good at all.I was just trying to make you guys smile.Without wasting much time.Let’s go through the promo update.WHERE???Here only guys.


Dev is shown sitting on his bed in his bedroom.He is in deep thought.

A male background voice-Dev jisne zindagi mein maa ki har baat maani par maa ke kehne par bhi kabhi bhagwaan ko maana nahi.(Dev who has listened to mother his whole life but never believed in god even on mother’s sauing.)

Scene changes.
Some pooja is going on.Ishwari gives pooja plate to panditji.Ria and Nikki both look at each other.

A male backgroung voice-jis baat ka tha maa ko saalon se intezar….(the thing which mother waited for years….)

Dev comes there.He is in sherwani.

Ishwari gets up.

A male backgroung voice-…ho raha hai pura aaj pehli baar.(….is happening today first time.)

Dev-….mai havan mein baithoonga.(….i will sit in havan[(ESME-havan is actually a ritual in which ghee and other things are put in a square type is actually done when some pooja is going on.]
Ishwari gets happy.

A male backgroung voice-maa ka chehra khushi se khilne laga….(mother’s face glows with happiness…..)
Sona appears behind Dev.She is in traditional Bengali saree.

A male backgroung voice-…..toh phir aisa kya hua ki ud gaya ishwari ke chehre ka rang.(…then what happened that Ishwari’s face’s color got vanished.)

Camera focuses on Ishwari.She fumes.

A male backgroung voice-……dekhiye ekkis july raat sadhe nau baje sirf sony par.(…watch 21st july night at 9:30 pm only on sony.

On urgent request of the fans.I have given the English version too.

Now some good and bad news.


1.KRPKAB’s imdb rating was 9.8 then turned 9.4 now it is 9.3. (me-crying.)

2.A poll by telly express tells that ek duje ke vaaste is the most loved and watched show.2nd position is of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. (me-crying.)

3.Sony tv has stopped repeat telecast of all the episodes on Saturdays and Sundays. (me-crying.)

4.Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes are not replying to me on Twitter.Actually I asked some questions to them.(I am getting selfish. ) (me-crying.)


1.The show will complete 100 episodes today.

2.The show will complete 5 months of its release.

3.3 months of sonakshi’s love feeling.

4.Many episodes of this show has been viewed more than 1 million times on youtube.

5.The main story is loading in the show slowly slowly.

At last I am ready to face all the joota chappal of you guys.You can throw any amount of joota chappals on me.
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  1. 4nshika


    |Registered Member

    ahhaan ! the first bad news is also observed by me….before this it was competing wid epics of indian serials like malgudi days, ramayan of that time….and its on 4th as per ratings but don’t worry it will gear up more than expected 🙂
    Thumb Up..!!

    • Esme



      How???sony tv has stopped d repeat telecast on Saturdays n Sundays. Me d die hard fan of krpkab hasn’t watched some episodes. Doesn’t go wid my image.

  2. Aarti

    Hey, do 1 thing..u write all d important dates of krpkab n post it as an’s seriously a request..plzz do it if possible, coz I want 2 mark all those dates.plzz😘😞

    • Esme



      Hi hi i hv already prepared d notes some days before to watch on YouTube n as planned i did it n watched all d important moments.yeah i still hv d notes.i will try posting it tomorrow only on ur request but will telly updates accept it???

  3. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    awaited promo…
    bad news in no. 3rd is really very very very bad news…me too crying last 2 saturday…
    why sony tv stopped….plz start again…

    • Esme



      Thanks for telling dear.actually in main show’s written updates shuddi is written. So I thought this was the spelling. Sorry if I hurted anyone’s feeling unknowingly.

  4. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    hi i m new on ur page……
    excited fr upcmng epi of krpkab….
    i m fan of both edkw n krpkab…. so i m equally jappy n sad fr the news ……

  5. Chari

    Hi i mean i want complete conversation of dev and sona with out any cuts in telly updates some conversation is missing so can u give complete story in English .thank u

    • Esme



      Its hard bcoz I have my studies can watch whole episode on YouTube. Due to my studies I m not able to watch even d repeat telecast.main telecast toh bahot door ki baat hai.

      But I will try.but yes only conversation of dev n sona.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.