My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 9)

Hey..So Meethi is back?…with the 9th shot..

I ll start now..

Next Morning in the office..

Laksh's Cabin..
Josh mein aakar..i said ki i will confess my feelings to ragu..but how will i?..i mean..i have never..said or proposed any1..and this..tym i have 2 propose my wife..wat will be her reaction..does she feels the same for me?…i mean..

His thoughts are disturbed by Raj!..

Raj-Mr Mehta has come…and told to call u as well as all the employees..

Laksh -Yup I am cmg..tell him to sit in d meeting room..

Saying this Laksh and Raj leaves for the Meeting room..
Laksh sees all the employees (15-20)..and ragini sitting there..all greet him..and sits down..
Laksh-Yes Mr Mehta..
Mehta-Laksh i came here to sign the deal..
Laksh-Sure Raj..bring d papers..
Raj leaves..
Laksh-Mr Mehta dnt worry..i will personally handle our deal..
Mehta Actually Laksh..i want this project to be handled by 1 of ur tat i can see how efficient ur employees are..

All employees become happy thinking tat they will get this task..

Laksh-smiles problem sir..
Mehta-well enough then..i will sign the deal..

And he signs d papers..
They shook their hands..
Mehta-Vaise laksh be4 gng to would love 2 knw who is gonna handle this project..
Laksh-Smiles..sir this project will be handled by  Ragini..
Mehta-smiles..Laksh i am happy wid ur choice..ragini is very efficient..she will easily be able to handle the project..
He smiles and leaves..

(Mr mehta left)..
Laksh-Ragini..come 2 my cabin i will give u the details..
Ragini-ok sir..
Laksh is jst going to leave wen..
A voice..Wait sir..
Laksh turns and sees PRIYA..
Laksh-Yes priya wat happened..
Priya-(Sarcastically)Sir why cannt any of us..other than *Ragini*(she glares at ragini) this project..

Laksh-Priya..its my decision and u cannt question me..
Priya-But i want an ans sir..why can i or any of the other employee do this work..
Laksh (little angrily)-Coz she is much more efficient than u all..happy..did u get ur ans..and turns around to go wen..
Priya-smirks..sir efficient?..she jst came a few months back and she became she efficient for work or to keep u happy!!..

This was enough for Laksh he turned around with full Rage..

Laksh-Wat d the hell do u mean..
Priya-Sir I saw u both yesterday..near d ice cream stall..together!.//.(A pair of eyes…)..was of Priya's..//
Laksh does Ragini..
Priya continues- Sir wats there in Ragini which any of us dont have..yes sir..she just came..and she became ur favourite..before she came u used to scold ever of ur employees but now..never have i ever seen u scolding RAGINI.!..
Sir Am i lying?..(Sarcastically)..

All d other employees start gossiping..((2 eachother))
Person1-Ragini made sir fall in her trap..
2-Obvio yaar..she is so beautiful any1 will fall in her trap..
3-So bad na..
4-She wanted all d money..she is a gold digger..

Though they were talking or i shd say gossiping 2 eachother…this all was heard by laksh and ragini..
Ragini already had tears whereas laksh was full of rage..
Priya-Huh sir..wat will u say now..we k w tat this ragini has made u fall in her trap..

This was jst enough…
Laksh angrily shouted-Shut up…Jst shut up..U r no one 2 comment abt her..
Priya-why sir..we all knw her real face now..that she is ….

All were shocked by this revelations including priya..she had nthng to say now..his 1 statement took away all her questions..its answered them all..

Laksh-Yes!She is my wife..and the 50%owner of this company!
Priya-But then why are u hiding it..huh?..
Laksh-Jst because she did not want to..
Angrily..Are all ur doubts cleared now..


Ragini who could nt control her self left from her cabin..and laksh follows her..

Ragini's cabin..

Ragini is shown crying..
Ragini ????????…

Laksh he goes near her..

Laksh-Ragu..dont cry na…u knw i cant see u crying..pls dont cry..
Ragu continues crying..
Laksh-holds her face..

Laksh-Ragu..y are u feeling bad of that Priya's words..wen we both knw it is not true.. the truth only na….
Ragini-Nhi laksh its truth only na..u were forced into the marriage..we both knw..that..Love is missing …wat does all these thngs mean..but trust me laksh i never had this intention…i am not a trapper…laksh..and she cries..

Laksh angrily-Shut up Ragini..not even a single word now!Wat do u mean i was forced..i did this marriage on my will…and love!.damnit…there is love between us!do u get tat!u have never trapped me! Beacuse I LOVE U! I LOVE U VERY MUCH RAGU!remember tat….

Ragini is stunned hearing is words!
Laksh -Shhshh…Ragini I knw that u dont love me..but i couldnt control myself to tell u..and sorry..
Ragini makes a confused look..
Laksh-Beacuse i disclosed our secret..after that Priya's word i couldnt control myself sorry ❤..
Ragini smiles…laksh wipes her tears…
But before he completes…Ragini hugs him..
Laksh gets confused but..then..

Ragini-I love u too Laksh!….
Laksh gets overwhelmed and picks her up and swirls her??..

Outside the cabin…

Raj-Alas!Inki yeh Filmy story…filmy love story bangayi..??…



So guys how was d shot?and the confession!…hope u all liked tell me ur views..via comments..

Loads of Love
Meethi ❤❤

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