My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 7)

Hey..Guys..Meethi is back with the 7th shot of My Filmy Love Story❤..

So now I will begin..

At Raj's House..

Raj's POV..
So wat I saw..was it true..i mean wen i dropped Ragini at her place and was cmg back i saw that she left her stole in my car..I returned to give her d stole back but then..I saw smthng..I saw Laksh's Car on d gate and Ragini sitting inside d car..I was shocked..i decided that if i want 2 help them..then i shd knw wats going i followed them..i saw them cmg to Laksh's house amd both of them gng inside..and yeah d time was around 11 pm..i was shocked..actually i was surprised i was not able to judge that wats going wrong..and then here i m thinking abt this..
If i join all the clues..that is
1)Ragu…and laksh!
2)at night show me d presentation..
3)Ragini has mehendi on her hand..and today's incident..
That means ARE THEY MARRIED?!..
Oh tat means my bro got married but..he did not inform me..nor did ragini..
Abh dekhna bachu!..Raj kya karta hai..par..are they bth in love?..or have dey not realised it..koi na..y fear wen raj is here…?

In the morning..
Ragini wake up and is surprised to see herself on d bed
Ragini's Pov..
How come i m on d bed? far as i remember i slept on d table..and then she notices laksh sleeping on d couch very peacefully…he looks so cute..anh girl can drool over him..he is a perfect husband..a perfect friend..and so caring….she smiles..and

 goes to get freshen up..wen she comes she keeps her laptop in d laptop bad and leaves..whereas laksh is still sleeping..

At 7 am..
Laksh gets up..and doesnt find ragini on d bed..he goes down..
Laksh-Ma..where is Ragu?..
Ap-Beta she left 4 office she said tat she had a meeting and told me to tell u to come fast..she smiless..
Laksh leaves..he gets fresh and leaves for the office..

When he reaches d office..he finds Ragini and Raj..drinking coffe..and raj helping Ragini to complete the end part of d presentation..
Laksh feels damn jealous seeing them together..

He goes towards them and says..(firmly)
Ragini is the presentation ready?..
Ragini in mind-war happened to him?..
Raj-Yes Laksh..voh only..
Laksh stops him..raj i asked Ragini..
Ragini is shocked seeing his this roop..
Ragini-Yes sir..Raj helped me to finish d last part..
Laksh-Okay good..and he leaves..
Whereas Ragini keeps on thinking the reason behind laksh's anger..

Laksh's Cabin..
Yes sir Raj helped me to finish d last part…
He he checked her presnetation in d night and made corrections to d errors..
I helped her..but she is thanking raj..this raj na! ?

Ragini enters..
And sees around..and closes the door..

Laksh raises his head..
Ragini-Laksh..wat happened..why did u behave so strange..
Laksh-Wat..i never behaved (rudely)
Ragini-Arrey..(Innocently) u did not say anythng outside also and directly came inside..wat happened..
Ragini-She goes near him..and removes d pen…using which he was writing..
Laksh stands up angrily!..
Laksh-Wat r u dng..ragini..
Ragini was shocked..seeing laksh so angry on her..and was also surprised that he called her ragini instead ragu..
Ragini (trying 2 calm him)..Laksh listen na..why r u angry..did i do smthng wrong?..
Laksh-(Sarcastically)no no..Ragini can not do anythng na..haina?
Ragini-Laksh atleast tell na what happened..

Laksh-Why are u behaving so frndly with raj..(jealousy)..ufff??
Ragini was shocked..she was infact happy..


Arrey mere dost…She was happy tat laksh was jealous for her??

Ragini-Laksh he is toh ur friend na?..
Laksh-Yes he is my frnd..but u shd stop him na wen he asks u to drop u..yesterday u could have refused na..then also u went with him..and tday..u came early..but u did not inform me na!u shd have told u came and were sitting with him..
Ragini (teasingly)- Arrey..this much thng why r u feeling angry….
Laksh (angrily)..-U are telling me why am i feeling angry..if MY WIFE is taking lift frm my frnd inspite of i being there..then will i not get angry..(angrily)..See Ragini i dnt like u talking to raj or any of the men..
Ragini (teasingly)..Why..
Laksh-Because U ARE MINE AND ONLY MINE (angrily)..
And he storms out of the room!..
Ragini's pov..
I smiled on his statement..His words"U are mine and only mine" were continuously echoching in my ears and on my mind..

So my husband is getting possessive abt me huh?..but I like it..actually i love no..i love him..
Now u all will be thinking how?when?kaha?kaise..
I fell in love with him..a long ago wen were friends..actually best friends..his care..his support..everythng became so much important for me..but i did not want to loose his friendship..coz i knw..he will never love me..the day wen ap aunty told me to marry him i refused thinking tat our relation will only have 1 sided love will which be of no use but..di..blackmailed me…so i had to my shock he also agreed..i was shocked at firts coz! U knw na!..and yesterday..wat he thinks i dont he woke till late do rectify all my mistakes in the presentation so tat tday i dnt have to face any humiliation ri8?..wat do u think mr maheshwari ragini knws nthng..frm ur today's reaction i realized u atleast smewhere in ur heart love me..?? i will make u realize this love…

She thinks of a plan..

The scene changes to laksh who is in d parking lot of d one is present there..
Laksh-Wat does she think of herslef..huh..she shd also knw though we dnt shw tat we r husband and wife..she shd atleats spend time with me..but nhi..kabhi kaam toh kabh aaram toh kabhi raaj ke saath mazak masti uske liye hai aam!

Laksh turns back and sees Raj..
Laksh  (thodha sa gusse se)..-Raj..u here..
Raj-This is not d ans 2 my question..
Laksh-i dnt knw wat u r talking abt..
Raj-Acha!u dnrt knw..tell me..y were u telling ragini to stay away frm me?..
Laksh-Wat..u heard our convo..
Raj-Bhai galti se..vaise till yesterday i had doubt..but tday it got confirmed tat u and ragini are married..
Raj-U did nt even tell me..huh dekh ki teri dosti..
Laksh  (surrending).-Ragu did not want me to tell any1..sorry..
Raj-He laughs..Ragu..merko pehle se hi shakh tha kuch toh khichdi pak rahi hai..
Vaise..i again repeat my question u are jealous right..
Raj-Do u love her?..
Laksh was shocked..-..aa..i never thought abt it…i mean..
Raj-okay so u dnt love her right..
Laksh (shouts)no..(calmly)i mean i like her..i like her very much..but i never thought abt love..i mean she is d most imp to me..after ma n bhabhi..i mean yes she is very very imp..but..
Raj-So u are u knw abt ragini's feeling..i mean does she love u..
Laksh-I dnt knw..thats wat i fear i mean if i start loving her and she doesnt love me then..wat will i do..i cannot afford to loose her frmdship.. tat means ur not scared..ur afraid of loosing her..haina..
Raj smiles..Nd thinks this is wat is called as love mere love u cannot afford to loose ur soulmate..u avoid dng thngs tat makes her sad..or cry..u always try dng this to make her happy..aaj toh mein..tujhe ehsaas dila karrahunga ki u love her❤..

The scene ends..

How was it! tell me via ur comments..

P.S..-Friends who are waiting for my RagSan and Swalak FF (The Secret Reopens)..I will be uploading 2 episodes together and this will mark d end of the 1st season..the second Season i will start in feb end  (as i have my exams d nxt month)..Hope u all understand❤❤

Loads of Love
Meethi ❤❤

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