My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 5)

Happie New Year Guys!..belated. yes i knw i am very late ..Meethi is back❤…

With the 5th shot..

Previous shot..

Shot 4

So I will start:..

Ragini's Pov…
Ya..So…par..okay..Ragu take a deep breath inn and out..ohkay so i got married..a few hours my "Sir" urf Laksh who is bow my husband..strange na..We entered the was decorated all and rose i entered the room i wanted to sit..why?Because di and aunty oops ma..sje warned me tat she will bot talk to me if i call her yes they bot forced this pyaari si choti si jaan to wear such a heavy i repeat heavy lehenga along with jewellery..abh batao bhala kaun court marriage mein itna tayaar hokar haata hai..but they used their weapon against me..which?arey of Emotional blackmail..u dont love us..u dont care for us etc..and i was alone in this drama..laksh was also forced to wear a sherwani!??..His reactions wen they informed him that he has 2 wear a sherwani.. were outstanding..and now wen we married..its kinda so awkward..i mean he was my best friend 2 hours ago..but now are relation changed completely…my thoughts were broken..

Pov ends..

Laksh-Ragu u can sleep on d bed and i will sleep on d couch..
Ragini-Smiled and went to change..

After sometime she came back..and saw laksh already changed and  sleeping on the couch..
Ragini smiled and went to sleep..

Next Morning?..
Laksh woke up…he was directly gng to d washroom wen he saw that ragini was not there on d bed..he went to washroom to check whether Ragini was there or not…
Laksh-Ragu…are u inn..
But no ans he opened d door and realised tat ragini was not there..

He became worried..and went down..
He was gng out wen his eyes fell on..

Laksh pov..
I was gng outside to check whether she was there or not wen..i saw her..the angelic face of hers..working this the kitchen…her wet hair were adorning her face and her smile..i went to d kitchen to see wat exactly was she cooking..
Pov ends..
Laksh-Ragini u here?..
Ragini-Yeas voh actually ma came yesterday night she told tat today is my first rasoi and i have to make breakfast for every 1 as the ritual she smiled..
Laksh-So wats cooking..with 1 eyebrow up…
Ragini-I made…Kheer!..and parathas along with poha and pakode..
Laksh-Ragu..its not a hotel nor do ppl here live to eat..why so much huh?..
Ragini-Arrey laksh see i did not knw wat ma jiju..papa aur u will like so i made different dishes..she smiles victoriously..
Laksh-Okay. Okay..btw wheres everyone..
Ragini-They went to mandir..they will be coming anytime sooner..u go n get fresh we have a very imp meething today..
Laksh-Gives are u serious wala look..
Laksh-I am confused..whether i m d boss or u!…
Ragini-Simple in office u and in d house me..

But then Ragini realises wat she said and gets embarrassed..
Laksh smiles at her..and leaves..

After some time..

All are seated having breakfast and praising Ragini..
Ap -Ragu u have made excellent food..especially the kheer..
Dp-Ha beta..bahut hi badiya tha..
Sanskaar-u knw ragu frm now onwards u only make d food..these 3 years..i only knw i ate food..made by ur di..
Swara glares at him..
Ragini chuckles amd says jiju…do was d one who taught me to she will always be better coook than me..always..and she smiles at swara..
Sanskaar also smiles..whereas Laksh feels happy seeing there bond..
After breakfast..
Ragini and Laksh are leaving for office..
Laksh-Ragu come..we r getting late..
Ragini-yes..but i ll go by auto..
Laksh-Why!..wen we have to go to d same place i drop u ri8..
Ragini-Yes but remember our deal..
Laksh remembers amd says but i can atleast drp u there..
Ragini-Laksh pls..
Laksh-Okay..yaar..u completely ziddi..
Ragini smiles and leaves…whereas lakah also leaves..

At d office..
Laksh is shown in his cabin whereas Ragini enters d office..she greets her colleagues and proceeds towards her cabin.. *Ragini hiding her mangalsutra using her duppata amd her sindoor by her thatno one comes 2 knw tat she is married..

She was going to sit on her chair wen..
Raj came and told..
Ragini..laksh is calling u..4 d meeting..
Ragini smiles amd says..u go i ll come i ahve to bring d file as well?..
Raj-ohkay but come fast..otherwise laksh's anger toh u knw na..
Ragini-Smiles and thinks their morning incidents..
Raj-Ragini..where r u lost..
Ragini-No where..i ll come fast..
Raj leaves..

After 5 min Ragini also reaches meeting room..and goes and sits next to Raj..
Slowly slowly everyone reaches d room and d meeting starts..
Laksh is giving the presentation whereas Ragini is helping him..amd Raj is making a note of it..

After 1 hr the meeting ends…

Laksh,Ragini amd Raj are still in the room..while others leave..
Laksh-Raj amd Ragini..this client is very important for us and we have to get this deal anyhow..
Raj-Ha laksh..we will definately get this deal..
Laksh-Ragini i want 2 u to make d remaining presentation and show me by night..
Ragini-Ohkay sir..
Raj-Laksh..but how can she do the presentation..for tat she will need the files and info abt d project which only u and i have..and how can she show u d presentation at night wen she leaves d office by 6:30 huh?.
Both laksh and Ragini are shocked and thinking wat 2 say..
Laksh-Voh..voh actually i have already mailed her all d info..and by night i meant was that she can mail me d presentation by night..
Raj-okay (but he still suspects laksh)..
Ragini leaves followed by raj..

Laksh pov..
I have to be carefull..if i would have by mistake told him tat ragu is my wife..then toh only god could have saved me frm ragu's god how khatarnaak amd khoonkhaar she is…


Ragini and Laksh were going to get a gift for Swara and Sanskaar on their anniversary wen a  theif stole ragini's purse amd was running..
For the frst time ever laksh got to see a the * ussain bolt*in ragini..she started running behind d theif and also caught him!…
And started hitting him back and blue!..
Baapre..ragini not only ahd ussain bolt..but also jacky chan roop in her ??..

Flash back ends…

After d lunch break Ragini goes to Laksh's cabin to give a file to him..
Ragini-Sir this d file of Chaddha industries..
Laksh-Okay ragini keep it here..(mind u all Raj was there in d cabin)..
Laksh-Ragini pls help me search  this xyz file frm d shelf…ragini came and was helping..wen she found d file and was gng to give d file to him wen her she slipped beacuse of file on d floor..which laksh had dropped while searching..but alas..she fell on d right place..nahi samjhe..obvio laksh's arms..
Both Laksh and Ragini were lost in eachothers eyes..and shared a  deep passionate eyelock which was broken by raj's sacrastic wali cough..
Both came into senses..and moved apart..
Ragini left d avoid any further embarrassment!..
Laksh also leaves giving an excuse of phone call..

Leaving Raj confused!..

Hope u all liked it❤✌..
Do tell me ur views..

Loads of love..

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