My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 4)

Hey Meethi is back once again to bore u all?….Thank u so much…to everyone..thoses who comment as well to the silent readers..u all liking the story the greatest achievement for me..Keep showering all ur support..and love..❤..

3rd shot..

shot 3

So now i will start with the 4th shot..

The scene starts where it has stopped..

Raj-Ragini pls wait..
Ragini-Yes sir..
Raj-Ragini I dnt mind u calling me Raj..jst Raj ..he smiles!…
Ragini-okay sir..oops..i meant Raj…wat u wanted to tell..
Raj-Actually wat happened btwn u and lakh huh?he winks..
Ragini (Shocked)..Nthng..
Raj-Acha!okay…so wats laksh and ragu n all ha!..i think u both have become frnds?..

Ragini-Arrr no no..its jst that we have decide not 2 fight and she smiles and leaves..
Raj-Pagal hai dono..kuch toh karna padega…and he smiles…

In the [email protected] Mansion..
Ragini is shown cooking..wen d door bell rings..
Ragini goes and opens d door..
She gets shocked seeing Swara on d door step..
Ragini-Di aap yaha..!..
Swara-Apni behen ko andar nhi bulayegi!..
Swara-Ragu..ek baar baat toh karle apne di se..
Ragini nods and asks swara to come inside..
Swara comes inside…
Swara-Ragu Ma ki special sabzi banayi haina?..
Ragini smiles and says-That u taught me..

Swara-Ragu..pls forgive me na!.. i m so sorry (she starts crying)..Pls…i knw i did wrng..i shd have not ran away..i shd have not..
Ragini smiles -Arre di…i forgave u that day itslef wen i saw u happy with jiju..and she winks..
Swara-Matlab u forgave me?..
Ragini-Forgave?nahi toh..
Swara gives a confused look..matlab..
Ragini-Arre di..i was never angry wid u..i was hurt..but i forgave u long long back..actually di..somewhere u were also right…
Swara smiles..and will u not hug ur di..
They hug..
Ragini-Chalo di..we will have dinner..swara agrees..
And they spend their night talking..abt the incidents..their memories and their life..

7 days pass…
Ragini more often visited MM..and her equation with everyone..ap..sanskaar..amd most specially wid laksh enhanced..
Ap started liking Ragini very much..and wanted her to make Ragu her daughter in law…
One day!..

Ragini came to have dinner at MM as Ap invited her..after food..ragini.. laksh..Sanskaar were seated in d hall..
Ap comes Ragini..Swara..I want to talk to u all..
Everyone stands..
Ragini-Ji aunty..
Swara-ha ma boliye..
Ap-Swara..Ragini is ur sister. ..and i trust and love u very much ..and therefore i m asking u directly..i want ur sisters hand for my son..

Ragini and laksh are numb!..They are hell shocked…Whereas Swara and Sanskaar are very happy..
Swara smiles and hugs ap..
Ap-Laksh ur dad wants d same thing..Ragini is perfect…for u..
Ap-Ragini do tell me abt ur decision tomorrow..u take ur time and decide saying this ap leaves 4 her room..

At night..
Swara and Ragini are staying in Gadodia Mansion..
Ragini is sitting on d bed thinking abt this..
Swara comes and sits besides her..
Swara-Ragu..I knw wat u r thnkng..
Ragini-Di how can i?..
Swara-Ragu..laksh is a very good..he will keep u happy always..and abt me..ragu i really want to u 2 get merried to laksh unless u like sme1 else..
Ragini nods in a no..
Swara-Toh bus..see by this marriage there r so many advantages..
Ragini gives a confused look…
Swara-Arrey seee 1st u will get a loving husband like Laksh 2nd..U will get a caring mom and dad..and 3rd u will always stay close to me..Nd i will try to shower all my love on u which i was not able to in d past 5 years…See Ragu i will never force u…its ur decision saying this she leaves..
Now ragini is alone in the room..
Ragini POV…
Di is right..but how can i marry laksh i dont love him..and i dont knw whether i will or not in d future…but for di..

The scene changes To MM..
Laksh is thinking wen Sanskaar comes..
Sanskaar-So wat are u thinking to say yes or no huh?..

Laksh-Ragu is best frnd..but i dont love her..and i m not sure whether i will or not i future..
Sanskaar-See laksh..Ragu is a very nice girl and actually perfect for u..she was d only one who could calm ur rudeness..frm a p.a she became ur friend..The bond which u both share is special..See if u say yes she will be getting a new family..her family…And i think it would be d best happiness for stay wid her share probs with her…pls think..

He leaves..

Laksh POV..
Bhai is ri8..but will ragu will seriously be happy!..Will she be happy wid me!..I think..

The scene ends..

In d morning at MM.

Raglak are sitting on d sofa whereas others are standing circling them..
Ap-So wats ur boths decision..
RagLak -Yes!
They both share a small eyelock..
Ap-Very good i expected this ans only..i m very happy for u both she is going to leave wen..
Raglak-But on 1 condition!(again together).
RagLak-I want a court marriage!
They again share a eyelock..
Swara-Ma..saare rasm wali shaadi baad mein karleange!..
Ap-Smikes ok..anything else huh!..
Ragini-Actually aunty I want to work after marriage..
Ap-smiles..i will be more than happy allowing u for this..she smiles and leaves..

SwaSan also leaves..
RagLak are alone!..

RagLak (2gether)-So…

They stop..
Raglak-First u say (2gether)..
They look at each other
They start laughing..wen laksh says.
Ragu..i knw this marriage will have…. support but not love…i wanted to say..that we will always remain best frmds throughout our marriage deal..he forwards his hand..
Ragini-Deal!and shakes hand with him…
Laksh-U want 2 say smthng ri8!..
Ragini smiles and nods..
Ragini-Actually i was thinking ki no one in d office shd come to knw tat we r..
Laksh-Gng to marry ri8..
Ragini smiles..
Laksh-Okay done..

Wen Swara calls Ragini..
And ragini leaves..


@Next day..
In d morning around 4am..

A doorbell is heard..
And a girl is shown sleeping in her bedroom..ya  ya thats ragini..
The person on d door is continuously ringing the door bell..
Ragini wakes up with a jerk..
"Hey bhagwan..ek akeli abla nari ko subj 4 buje sonne bhi nhi dete.."..ting tong????..

"Arrey bhai aarahi hu"..

She goes and opens door..and is shocked to see swara along with ap and a woman on d door step..
Ragini-app log..

Swara ap and woman enters d house wid out giving d reply and sit on d couch kept in the dinning table..Ragini is still on d gate confused..
Swara-Ragu come her fastam fast..
Ragini goes and there and swara pulls her and makes her sit on d sofa..and d woman comes amd sits next to ragu..
Ragini-Can any 1 pls tell me whats gng onn..and who is this lady?..
Ap-She is the best mehendi designer of our city..she is here to apply mehendi..amd swara will take u shpping at by tat tym come home frm ur office..and tom toh u r cmg to me d daughter in law..
Ragini shocked!Ap rocked!..
Ragini-But..why mehendi i ment we said na ji want court marriage and it not so early …
Ap-Nope it is not..i want u in my house as soon as possible..she smiles..and raha sawal mehendi ka..who said in court marriages girls dnt apply we will talk late..
Sushmita ji..u apply mehendi..
Swara-Ha ragu so 6pm pukka and sushmita aunty pls apply d best design..i want my ragu to look absolutely stunning tom..

The scene fades out… d office..
Ragini is shown sleeping on her desk in her cabin…she is sleeping very peacefully..and she is lookng extremely cute..

Jst then Laksh enters d cabin.."Ragu this file…
And he sees her sleeping..He smiles at her..and thinks..she is lookng so cute yaar..jst like an angel..but then he realises wat he thought.."oh god wats happening..control laksh control"..and he goes near her and sees a strand of hair disturbing her…he pushes back d strand behing her ears..but ragini wakes by his touch..she stands up…
Ragini-U here?wat happened..
Laksh -Nthng i jst came to ask u abt the file of Sharma industries…

Ragini opens d drawer and takes out d file and gives it to him..
Laksh notices d mehendi on her hand..
And asks-Wen did u apply mehendi..
Ragini-4 am..
Laksh-Starts laughing Ragini seriously u girls na..u gets up at 4 am for mehendi literally..
Ragini glares at him amd says..di and aunty came in d morning wid a mehendi my house at 4 am okay!..
Laksh-Stops laughing..but smiles ohk bhabhi and ma came..isliye u were sleeping in d office hours..bery good continue..
Ragini-Dont need to be extremely sarcastic mr…i will not sleep now…and vaise bhi i have 2 to leave early…ok..
Laksh-Who said u r leaving early..
Ragini-Smiles 4 ur kind information di i mena ur bhabhi will be waiting for take me shpping okay..sir now u can leave..she smiles..
Laksh ??-he fakes a smile and leaves..


So how was d shot hope u all liked it..

Loads of love

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