My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 3)


Hello..Friends Meethi is back….with the 3rd shot i am so overwhelmed by ur response ❤
..Thank u everyone….❤..

So I will start…

The scene starts where it stopped..
Ragini-What happened ji?..
Laksh-Bhabhi…Wat happened..
Ap-Ha swara..this is d first tym i saw u shouting..that to on  a girl u never met before…

Tears starts coming in Swara's eyes!..
Swara-Ragu…pls dont do this 2 me…
Ragini-(acting 2 be confused)..Ji..mein samjhi nahi..
Swara-(shouting)..God damn it..pls speak!..dont act as if u dnt knw me..wen we both knw tat we r..
Ragini-Excuse me!..see i think u have misunderstood me..i dnt knw u..
Sir I think i must leave..thank u aunty for the dinner…
She starts leaving wen!..
Swara-Ragu!u cannot run frm d situation!…
Ragini-Jst they way u ran!(shouting)..
Laksh-Ragini..keep ur volume low dont forget u r talking to my bhabhi…and that 2 in our house..
Swara-Ragu! Plz forgive me..
Ap,Sanskaar and Laksh are so sad they are not able to understand wats going onn..
Ragini-Can I pls leave!..
Swara-No u cannot..why?..r u behaving as if u dnt knw me..
Swara-is standing in frnt of u!…
Tears are continuously rolling down their cheeks..
Everyone is shocked by the revelation!
Sanskaar-Swara!is she ur …
Swara nods..
Laksh is shocked he is continuously staring at Ragini..
Swara-Ragu..kuch toh bol!..she goes near ragini and cups her cheeks..
Ragini-I have no relation wid u!..
Swara-Acha!say this while looking in my eyes..
Ragini looks and says..I broke all my ties with u..wen u left me alone!..all alone!…
Ragini-do u still care!..
Swara-Ragu papa?..
Ragu-He left me..he went to mumma…!He left me…us….(she Murmurs amd leaves d house while running out of the house)..

Maheshwari Mansion…
Swara sits on d floor crying..
Sanksaar goes to her and hugs her..
Swara  (while crying)..-Laksh pls go behind her..she will not be able 2 handle herself..i can't go..she hates me…she hates me for leaving her…
She cries..
Laksh-But where will she be?..
Swara-I knw where she will go..she tells him a place name which is muted…
Laksh leaves…
Ap-Swara beta..chup hojau..dont blame urself..what happened..batao mujhe..
Sanskaar-Ha shona tell!.. Ragu is my sister..whom i love more than my life…she was 15 years old(swara was 5 years older 2 ragu)..wen i ran away from my house!..
Sanskaar-But swara..u u told tat  u are an orphan..i meant i saw u in the orphanage..
Swara-I had to live my dad wanted me 2 marry..but i wanted to work..he became admant…i knw..he wanted me 2 marry so that i can settle..because being a single father was dufficult..he wanted his daughters 2 be settled..but i didnt want to..thats y i ran away…I knw he will be angry but atleast he will not worry abt tat tym i felt that was the only ri8 choice..but…i didnt think abt ragu..and papa..amd now i lost my father because of my mistake..she cries..
Sanskaar consoles her…
Ap-Swara beta dont worry everything will be fine!and she smiles..

Scene changes 2…

A girl is seen weeping on the beach..she is sitting on d sand in frnt of d sea..
Laksh enters..and sees her..he goes towards her..
Ragini turns and sees laksh..
She wipes her tears..and laksh sits besides..
Laksh-So here u r!..
Ragini-How did u find me..because only di..di send u here..
Laksh blinks his eyes..
Laksh-So u are bhabhi's sister..Ragini Gadodia…
Laksh-What happened that u are so angry with ur di..huh?..
Ragini-Me!that 2 angry with di impossible..
Laksh -So what was that..
Ragini-Arre it was that i sad…i broke down wen i came 2 knw she left me all alone..i knw she had a reason..i couldnt hate her…i love her..and will was jst the sadness i held within me..the frustration but it cannot be termed as was my love that i did that wid her..

Laksh-so fighting reflected ur love for her..
Ragini-It indeed did..she smiles..
Laksh- Vaise Ragu sounds kiddish!?..
Ragini-It doesnt..
Laksh-it does..
Ragini-no one has asked u 2 call me tat..
Laksh-But i will!..
Laksh-can frnds not call their frnds wth their pet names huh?..
Ragini-And wen did we become frnds?..
Laksh-? Aren't we?..
Ragini cutely nods in a no!
Laksh-Can we become now?..
Ragini-Why..jst because now u knw i m ur bhabhi's sister and belong 2 a reputed as well as  *rich* family..huh?..
Laksh understood tht Ragini heard his statement..
He says..
Ragu..i knw u think tat i became frnds with u bcoz u r rich etc etc..but its wrong..See i dnt trust ppl easily…yes i do rate them on their richness but not more than their nature..ragu..u r a very kind and the only person obviously after bhabhi/Ragini chuckles/ who are so kind and so efficient hardworking..pls dont mistake my frndship for any ratings or contract or a mere out of sympathy..
Ragini smiles and shakes her hand with his..which he had forwarded for frndship..laksh smiles!
Ragini-So wat shd i call u mr frnd?!..she giggles..
Laksh-Laksh and sir both!wen we r alone then laksh is fine and wen u r in office sir! come lets go..i ll drop u..amd remind u miss Ragini..i dnt like my employees to be late on work..
Ragini-Neither do i like to come late to work he winks..
A d they leave laughing…

Next morning in office…

Laksh is working in his cabin and ragini in hers…

Wen raj comes to ragini..
Raj-Ragini..laksh sir called u to his cabin alonv with rhea ..priya..and neha..
Ragini engrossed in work.."Raj sir..pls tell laksh na to wait..i have to complete this file be4 lunchbreak"..
Ragini gets sense and stands up md stammers and says..Vvoohh i meant laksh sir..arree u r still here go and tell na pls..and makes him leave the cabin..ragini sighs..and hits her head (backside) with her hand and says…ragu he is sir in office dnt forget..

After sometime raj calls ragini and tells her that laksh wants 2 discuss smthng imp..Ragini agreed and went..

@Laksh's cabin..
Rhea priya and neha along wid raj are present except ragini..
Ragini enters d cabin and sees every1 present there already and laksh staring at her with anger..
Laksh-Ragu haven't i called u 20 min back..!amd if i called u..u have to be here..leaving all ur work aside!
Wen laksh finishes his statement he sees every1 staring at her with their jaws dropped!.and ragini trying to signal him smthng through her eyes..wen he realises that he said ragu instead of ragini..
Laksh-Why r u staring me..come sit every1..i need to discuss abt….(its muted) order to drag their mind away frm his statement…

After 1 hr everyone leaves his cabin..
Ragini is gng to her cabin wen raj stops her..
So how was it?..Did u all like it..

Do tell me abt ur views..

Loads of love

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