My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 2)

Hello!Meethi is back with the shot 2 of My Filmy Love Story ❤!…I am overwhelmed by every1's comments..So in case u missed the previous shot u can get the previous shot here..

So now I will start..

The Scene opens where it stopped…

Ragini goes 2 cafeteria to bring the coffee..
Ragini-Bhaiya..1 coffee!..or infact 2!…😅
 He gives her the glasses…
And she takes them 2 Laksh's cabin…
Ragini-May I come in Sir!..
Laksh (a bit rudely)..-Yes..
Ragini-Sir ur coffee!..and sir now wat work shd i start with?..
Laksh raises his head to see her and gets angry seeing her drinking her coffee!.
Laksh-How dare u!..How can u drink coffee in my cabin that 2 without my permission..
Ragini-Voh..sir I thought that i can also drink coffee..sorry..
Laksh-And miss Ragini who the hell told u this or i shd say gave u this permission!Who the hell are u..the owner..or the daughter of a rich person…Get out!…
Ragini starts leaving..(very sasly somewhat crying)..
Laksh-(Angrily) Wait!..U wanted to work na…he smirks….take these files and complete..
Ragini-But sir..i need to study the projects first then only..
He cuts her and says it is an ORDER!NOW LEAVE…
Ragini leaves…
Laksh-Bl**dy small girl…

Though Ragini is outside she heard his last statement!..
Ragini leaves crying and goes to her cabin and starts working ver efficiently…

During Lunch Break..
Ragini is still doing her work very seriously..she skips her lunch..and all this is noticed by Laksh..
Though he feels guilty..but his rudeness overpowers his guilt..

Laksh's POV..
Yes i knw..I was very rude but she deserves can she think to drink coffee with me..the great business man Laksh Maheshwari! A small hometown girl..but this is the first time i am feeling sad…or the better word would be guilt…but y!chuck it..

Its 10pm!…
Ragini is still working..whereas all the employess have left except Laksh..
He comes out of the cabin and sees her…
He goes 2 her amd says..leave..
Ragini raises he head and says…excuse me!.
Laksh-I said Leave!go…working hours our over and i dont like ppl working after their shift!..
Ragini-(Attitude)Sir i also dont like gng be4 i finish my work! i will finish my work first then leave..
Laksh-Shouts I said leave!..
Ragini-Sir only 1 page is left after that i m leaving only…
Laksh-U can do that tom also..Ur family members might be waiting 4 u!..
Ragini-Bows her head…(almost like crying)
Only my dog will be waiting no on else..and she sits down 2 work!..
Laksh-feels bad hearing jer statement and allows her to work..but stands there only!..
Soon Ragini finalises the work..
Laksh -Come I will drop… need sir i will go..
Laksh-I said na!..
Ragini-Actually sir i bought my car…so i will go by that only..
Laksh-Okh..but atleast i ll drop u to ur car..
Ragini smiles and they leave…

The scene fades…

The scene opens a girl opening d door of a big bunglow..but as she opens the doors..everything is black..lights are off..
The girl switches the lights onn..

The girl's face is revealed to be Ragini..
She goes and sits on the sofa…and starts crying…

"U all left me!..First mom…then u!..and then dad…my happy family got shattered.!..I miss u ma and papa….why did u leave me alone!..
And u!..u were my life…my heart…we were SWARAGINI…but u left me!or i shd say u left me and papa…u were not there wen i needed u the most..u went..u forgot me?..why di why di!…i still think u could have discussed it papa!..he would have agreed but u eloped..leaving me…how could u think that ur ragu can live without u..her di..but u did….u didnot even tell me…after papa passed away..i was alone …alll alone in this world!..wen ma passed away u became my 2nd ma…but…!..
 She cries vigorously…di i willl never talk to u…cutti!…
While crying she sleeps without her knowledge…

The scene changes 2…
Maheshwari Mansion!..

A man is shown entering the house dubbepaauv (silently)..
He reaches a distance wen lights get switched onn…
"Laksh "
Laksh-Ji bhabhi!..
The woman's face is revealed…2 be swara…

Swara-I told u!2 comeback early but u!..
Laksh holds his ears…sorry bhabhi actually my new p.a was doing her work and u knw i cannot ..
Swara-Yaya i knw..abt my devar's habit but!again a new p.a..this is the
A voice frm back!..
10th time in a month!..
Swara-yes ..perfect mr hubby!..
Lakah-but bhai..wats my fault u knw not even 1 p.a has been upto d i want!..
Sanskaar-So how many days this p.a will stay!..
Laksh-lets see he smirks and leaves!..

Its been a week!frm ragini working in laksh's company
And laksh and Ragini are still at logger heads with each other..though they both feel that KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI WALI feeling but ziddi they are!…
Ragini is shown working on her cabin wen laksh enters..
Ragini stands up yes sir..u could have called me as u always call…(Murmurs)again and again..
Laksh raises his eyebrows…i have no interest of meeting u!😬
Ragini-Ya ya i knw!😬What happened  (rudely)..
Laksh-U need 2 come to my house!
Ragini (shocked)why!..
Laksh-I m not calling u to my house for marriage my bhabhi and mom wants u to join us for dinner tonight!
Ragini-(with attitude)..raises her 1 eyebrow! And why it is so!..
Laksh-(understanding d situation).voh…actually u are the only p.a who is able to survive in my office 4 1 week! they want 2 meet u!..
Ragini-Oh I seee!but does it mean that the previous p.a ran away frm pshyco !…
And she starts laughing loudly! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laigh stares at her angrily!..
Ragini notices and says!ohk ohk..i meant from ur so damn heavy load of work haina?😉..
Laksh-So Ms Ragini sorry 2 crush ur expectations…but u r wrong the previous p.a were lazy!kaamchor!and were never able 2 impress me!

And u are efficient! Hard working!…
Ragini with 1 eyebrow up!-And i impressed u?!(Sarcastically)..
Laksh😅😅-I meant impress me with their work and u did that…so The bottom line is u are coming to ny house at exact family is a bit punctual specially my bhabhi…my dad and mom are blood pressure and diabetes patient hence their food has 2 be ON TIME!..
Ragini-Ya ya dont worry…i m very punctual my di!..she stops and says i ll be ready!
Laksh finds it strange but doesn't pays attention to it…. u can leave..
Ragini-Sir do u have short time memory loss wali problem!
Ragini-I mean u r in mu logically u will leave!..
Laksh-I remember but i told u to leave for ur home..
Ragini bits her tongue and says..but sir its only 6pm..
Laksh-Isliye..i want u to be on leave for ur house
Ragini-Agrees and leaves….

At 7:55pm…
Ragini enters Maheshwari Mansion…
She is wearing a patiala (pants)/ivory colour/…and a long kurti /dark black with white borders and little embroidery of golden..//without dupatta modern//..long earings of dark silver..accompanied..with kajal n eyeliner with pink gloss on her lips..and her hair left open…some strands of hair adorning her lookng extremely  beautiful…
Ap welcomes her inside and says..
Ap-so u r Ragini right..laksh's p.a
Ragini-Yes aunty..and smiles..

Ap thinks..
She is so pretty and respects elders…isliye toh my son did not want her 2 remover her frm job and she smiles..
Ap-Ragini beta u come and sit..
And ragini sits on the sofa..
Suddenly she hears a voice…

"Badi Maa..did that girl arrive?.."..
Ragini feels something but doesnt turn back..(the sofa is back  facing d stairs so ragini cannot see swara)..
Ap smiles-Yes..see here she is..
Swara-Moves head towards d sofa and says punctual i must say!…
And she turns towards the ragini..!… my small daughter in law..Swara Maheshwari…
Swara is hell shocked as well as on cloud nine on seeing her sister….she moves forwards 2 hug her  wen..
Ragini-Namaste!…Mein Ragini..aap se milkar kushi hui SWARA JI..
The word *swara ji*pierces swara's heart!….the ears who used to hear di…from her ragu's nouth now heard Swara ji..she is shocked to see her she refused to acknowledge her as a sister..though at Maheshwari Mansion noone knew abt them….

Swara also smiles…awkwardly…
Laksh and sanskaar comes frm back

Laksh-Bhai..bhabhi she is current p.a
Ap-Who will be permanent for always..
Ragini Smiles..
Ap-Come lets have dinner..
Swara pls bring the food..
Swara-Ji Maa..
And she goes…

She brings the food and serves to every1…

After dinner Swara serves kheer 2 everyone except Ragini..
Sanskaar-Swara serve her also..
Ap-Ha beta..serve..
Swara-Voh actually ma..
Ap-Arre ifs and buts..let her also taste how brilliant kheer u cook…
Ragini smiles..
Both swara and ragini remembers something…
Di mujhe bhook lagi hai…i want to have tge kheer u made..
Swara-No!Ragu..u knw na..that na ki after eating kheer u cannot sleep and then u spoil ur health so the morning u can have..
Ragini-But di..(she makes a cute innocent face)..
Swara galres at her and ragini forcefully agrees…
The flashback ends!☄…

Swara has tears in her eyes so does ragini…
Ap-Arre wat happened swara..
Swara-Nthng badi ma i think dust went inside my eyes.. serve her…
Ragini-(thodha sa angrily..thoda gussa toh banta hai na..)..Ji swara ji..dijiye na..
Now it was enough for swara!..

Swara-Ragu why r u doing this?..
Ragini-What swara*ji*…
All r shocked by swara's reaction…

So how was d shot…Actually i decided smthng..actually i got more and more content for the os!which now i have turned a ts…or maybe of 15 shots(not sure)..i cannot make it a ff as i m currently writing a i wont be able to balance 2 ffs..but yes..i m gonna make this a ts…4 sure…*and will also update my ff simultaneously…

Do tell me abt ur views!…

Loads of love
Meethi ❤❤


  1. nikky

    nice amazing love raglak moment plzzzz give more raglak naughty moment n nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing no words to describe plzz give more raglak ff os ss ts bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plZzzzzzzz raglak fan missing them badly so plzz give more and more thanks to all raglak ff writer bcoz they give us such a lovely gift

  2. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous update. I love how Ragini was the only p.a that managed to last for more than one week. She sure is special 😉. And this Swaragini twist is really interesting. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

  3. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    By god!!!meethi baccha
    ….superrrrr amaznggggggggg update tha yaaar….strtng from raglak…dere tashan ws damnnn fab. ….den swalak devar bhabhi bondng is sooo swe3t….den swaragini ka thora gussa thora pyaaar thora emotional vala scene ws teriffic…all in alll..u nailed it yaaaar…waitng impatiently for nxt part…keeeep rockng n stay blessssed sweeetheart 😉 😀

  4. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Fabulous
    Loved it to the core
    Ragini suffering alot
    Raglak attitude towards each other is Amazing
    Waiting for the next one……………..

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