My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 10) LAST EPISODE

So Guys…I am back for the last time..bringing the last episode of MY FILMY LOVE STORY ❤

Previous shot…

Shot 9

So without wasting any further time….


Ragini's POV continues..

So this is how it all started..That day…turned to be the most important day of my life..Our confession happened!..But most importantly…love happened…So true it is said tat wen u love someone truely…u will surely get back the person's love…and that day I got Laksh!❤..U knw..i actually laugh sometimes thinking..tat wat would have happened if priya didn't point my character..which ultimately resulted to Laksh's confession..i would had to wait..much more longer…but everything happens on the correct it is said..i actually enjoyed..yearning for his love..that wait had its own was today…

Wat is today!..

Arrey..its mine and Laksh's 2 wedding  anniversary…yup as I said before…how time spent…??..his love…affection…care…❤..increased day by day..he is the most understanding husband..but yes..he is so strict?..


Arrey wen i got to knw..that i am pregnant *blush blush*…he stopped me frm cmg to office..i had to get bored everyday..sitting …and dng no work as he had appointed 2 servants to look after me..and check that i dnt do any work..

But alas i loved his strictness also..
Now that Raksh has gone out  with di and jiju..i am free..

Who Raksh?..

Arrey My son…oops means mine and Laksh's son..he is jst 1 year old and see..he is the apple of everyone's eyes..especially laksh's..

Their bonding is so adorable…

Sometimes..i feel wat did i actually do to deserve laksh ……

My thoughts were broken..
By the pair of hands on my waist…

Amd i knew whom they belonged to..

Pov ends..

Laksh-Did i not stop u from dng these kitchen chores..
Ragini-Voh..sorry..making a cute puppy face..??..
Laksh pulled her back with force..and she hit laksh's front..

Ragini-Laksh…koi aajayega..
Laksh kissing her shoulders..aane do..u r legally my wife ragu..
Ragini-but laksh..

And turns her..
He eyes her lips..and moves closer to her..
Ragini understanding..closes her eyes..
And they shared a long..passionte..full of love..

But they were disturbed by a sound frm the hall..

"Ragu..laksh..we came…"..
Laksh groaned-Not again yaar..

Ragini chuckles..better luck next time mr maheshwari and she leaves…

Laksh also follows her..

@the hall..

Swara ..sanskaar..ap..raksh and preeti (Swasan daughter)..came..

Laksh went towards them and picked raksh who was sitting on the pram..amd started playing with him..
Preeti was also playing where as Swasan were also admiring there bond..

Ragini thought..

My Filmy Love Story…our love story..was the best thing that ever happened to me..

Pov ends..

Ragini -Arrey laksh i also want to play with him and she also goes towards them..


SO ten shots ended…it had been a very    interesting journey guys..ur comment always motivated me..and made me write more nd more..hope u all liked it..I would like u all to write the reviews abt the story…and mark it out of 10th..along wid my mistakes so tat i dnt repeat them again in future❤❤Pls..i would be waiting to read ur comments and i will surely reply to all…

Authors note:-..
1)Nikky-Dear I am so sorry to end it..but i have exams the next month..and i knw Raglak ff's are by day..but i promise on 18th of Feb..i will surely post either a ff..ten shots..or an os abt Raglak pukka promise?..

2)Friends who are waiting for my RagSan and Swalak FF  (SwaRagini The Secret reopens..)..I will upload 4 episodes together oneither Fri or sat (26-30)..and that will mark the end of d season 1..and will continue the 2nd season from 18th of Feb..pukka..

Hope u all had nice time reading my story..

Do share ur reviews?…

Thank You everyone..the silent readers and the one who read and comments..❤..

Take Care

Byee for the last time❤❤?..

Loads of love..

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    Superb part Meethi…loved it…?

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    Amazing update
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    Fabulous update. I loved RagLak’s filmy love journey. All their moments created the adorable pair that they are now and that makes them all so special. Thank you for writing this story ❤️.
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