My Filmy Love Story: Raglak OS.. (shot 1)


Hey..Guys…Merry Christmas *Belated* every1..Meethi is once again here with Raglak Os..i hope u all like it…AND YES..ITS GONNA BE PRETTY LONG ?So I decided to break it in shots..?..

The Scene starts on a Woman…sitting on a couch…
Women-(Thinking)Its been 3 years!..since we married..oh did I even spend these years with this psycho..but ya i did..and i happily did..this psyhco..treats me a 28 years old lady as small child..he pampers me..cares for me..and most importantly loves me!..and ok ok..I love him too..He is d only man who can handle me!from my late night hunger…to my emotional break down everything i mean literally Everything..But sometimes i can some one ever fall in love with this phsyco..who is ooops i meant was 24/7 involved in his work..was angry young man and hated me..frm our first meeting..I too hated him..but wen this hatred turned into so passionate love between us..was actually a big question..U know I myself wonder..what did i actually do to get him in my life…

Her thoughts were broken by a voice…
"Ragu..Ragu…where r u yaar."…?
/Yes that woman is noneother than Ragini…\\
Ragini-I m here laksh.!..

//And d man is none other than Laksh//
Laksh-Ragu..u toh na forgot me only right..he makes a cute pout face..u knw na..i want 2 spend the entire day with u..n want 2 celebrate our anniversary 2 d fulllest..but u told Priya to fix my meeting and now i have 2 go leaving u..
Ragini-Mr Pati dev..u knw na Mr Dayal is a very imp client..and i did not want u to suffer a koss because of me..
Laksh-??..So that means i have to go! He makes a cute innocent face..
Ragini-Yes..jst like a teacher tells her student..
Laksh-Ragu..why dont u accompany me..I mean if we see logically u are my P.A..?who took a long long leave!..why don't u join d office again then toh we will be together the whole day..saying this he winks at her..
Ragu-Offfo!Noting can happen of urs..go fast..orelse u will get late..
Laksh-But ragu..
Laksh- Murmurs..khadoos..
Ragini-one eyebrow up!..what did u say ??
Laksh-Nthng Jaan..bye take care and love u..
Ragini-Now go..
Laksh leaves..whereas Ragini smiles at his antics..
She again goes and sits on d couch..
Huff!? This laksh na!..He always makes me fall in love with him all over again and again..Our First meeting was not less than a film..or i shd say our hate cum love story was also totaly i always desired…ya ya i knw i m filmy..but thats wat a girls dream is to jave Mr.Perfect in her life..who dances with her..sings for her..loves her..and also fights wid her..and we knowingly or unknowingly did each and everythng ??..I still laugh at my own story..i obviously mean LOVE STORY!..

Which started….{frm now d real story will all past!that is its a flashback }..

On one fine day…

A girl wearing a jeans and a kurti..with her hair open and obviously looking damn pretty is entering a huge office..with her files in her hand..she is so nervous that she is continuously chanting hanuman chalisa..and is looking down..n wlking..
Girl-Ragu!…what will happen today..its ur frst day..and u still havent met ur boss..though i got selected for the job..but i wanted to meet Mr Laksh Maheshwari how will he be!..

When Ragini collided with a person who was talking in phone…and dhooom! she fell on d ground..and the person was staring at her angrily as if because of Ragini his time got wasted..
Ragini (Angrily)..-You!Mr Smthng…how dare.. can u not see and  walk properly amd why r u staring at me huh! was ur fault..Dont u knw how to walk!
Now that person got full on angry!..
Person-U!Dont u knw to walk..and who r u to give advice!To Mr Laksh Maheshwari!..
Ragini (in mind)Oh teri..i spoke so rudely to my new boss amd tat 2 on d frst day..but must say..He is a big pyscho…
Laksh leaves frm there without hearing her ans..!..
Ragini-Now I have 2 handle him all alone..

Suddenly…A man comes 2 ragini and introduces himself as Mr  Raj Kapoor..
Raj-If i have not mistaken u r Ragini Gadodia..

The only daughter of Mr late Shekhar Gadodia!..
Ragini becomes sad hearing this and says..Yes..and u are Laksh Sir's Manager cum Friend cum advisor right..?..
Raj-Yes..and now u leave..he must be waiting 4  u..and inform u..he doesnt like waiting for anyone..I repeat 4 anyone!
Ragini-Haina!Mujhe laga hi! He is khadoos and also a psycho..i mean u stares a girl so do u handle him!..vaise i knw i shd not ask do u manage him !I he
Ragini? ya..
Raj-Nope he is not infact he is a sweeeeet heart he is a very caring and loving person..and wait a sec..u r getting late..we will discuss abt it later okay! go or else..he will blast like a volcano!..

Th scene changes 2 laksh's cabin..
Laksh is shown working on his laptop!..wen..knock knock he hears on d door.."Come in"..
Ragini enters..
Laksh raises his head is shocked 2 see..ragini..
Laksh-U!Here…why r u here..
Ragini-Actually sir..i m ur new p.a…
Laksh-Oh god..raj had 2 select her only 4 the job!..hufff..chuck it..tell me bt urself..
Ragini-Confidently..I m Ragini Gadodia..I have a degree of Engineering…a software its d start of my career i wanted to be an intern in one of the best company as my training ground..
Laksh-Okay go bring a coffee for me..
Ragini-Excuse me!..
Laksh-With one eyebrow up..i said bring me a cup of u have hearing problems too besides a weak eyesight..
Ragini sighs and goes out of the cabin!..
Ragini-Kadhooos! A total Psycho
Laksh-Now see how i m gonna trouble u…now u will knw whats d price for taking panga wid me..!he smirks!..

The scene ends..

So how was the start?..Hope u all liked it!…
I will continue this os..for some 2 to 3 my plot requires..
Do tell me abt ur views?!?..
And do u find it interesting or shd i stop it?…

Loads of love,

And sorry 4 the mistakes❤

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  5. Fats

    Great start. I loved RagLak’s first meeting. It will be exciting to read how their tashan develops to their present love. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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    1. Meethi

      Awww…Thank u dear!yup i will continue 4 sure

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