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OYE THEY AGAIN STARTED IT’ some boy yelled informing everyone in road lanes, all people who were working left their work and started to close their shops panicky
Ayoo they started it again ji ’some lady tell her husband, ‘stop talking and close the shop b4 they damage our shop ‘his husband quickly closed the shop
Oh god cus of these people we can’t even breathe properly, how can be some this much violent’ some guys said while closing his shop
Exactly, even police don’t do much both party r rich na, but y should we suffer cus of them ‘all people started to criticize them while packing their stuff, all people get to side as they heard some men coming, all know who they were, so stand aside giving them way.
Laksh relax, we can talk to them peacefully, abhi shaleen manik plz make him understand ‘another man said trying to calm them

There is nothing to talk dev, now we will talk only to their dead bodies ‘said shaleen angry
Exactly no peace but just war ‘said manik angry,
WHAT DO U WANT FROM HERE’ said sanskar coming out from house, in a blink he was attacked by laksh, shaleen, manik, while abhi just stand there and dev try to stop fighting, sanskar was lonely fighting with them
A boy was running somewhere, he reached some gym area, where few men were working out and yelled ‘they r killing sanskar bhai’ all man stopped and left their work, taking their jackets they all rush to sanskar, they saw sanskar fighting them but was losing as he was out of number, they saw laksh punching sanskar
LAKSH, HOW DARE U TOUCHED MY BROTHER ‘one of them yelled and went to attack him, just as he reached him, he was pulled by abhi
Don’t u dare to touch my brother sidharth ‘abhi threat sid, but sid punched abhi, in a moment a big fight between 2 groups take place, they were punching kicking hitting eo with hockey sticks also destroying the nearby places, abhi was fighting with sid, laksh was with sanskar and manik shaleen with their other brother suraj and kartik, they all were tired, injured were but none of them were ready to give up, laksh took a hockey stich and he was about to hit sanskar on head but stopped when he heard a high sound bullet,
POLICE HAD SURROUND THIS AREA, DROP UR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER YOURSELVES’ said police, all stopped on their tracks and saw the area which was all destroy again cus of them, area people were now use to them as this happened on regular basis , but laksh was still in rage
Oye, infront of police u r threatening poor people ‘said police grabbing laksh, but the same police was grabbed by abhi
Abhi threat him: How many times I have to tell u if u touch any of my family consequence won’t be good
Pol got scared and yell: ah arrest them all, blo*dy dogs ‘both parties were arrested and were locked in 2 different cells
Lak angry: if I got to know who call the police I’m gonna killed that bastard first then sanskar
Abhi: relax laksh, we teach them a good lesson today I don’t think they will do something like that again
Manik: they shouldn’t have done this in 1st place bhai, I don’t get it y r u letting them go, y can’t we just killed them, they don’t even belong here, since the day they came here we lost everything, our parents and now they r after our swara’s happiness ‘his eye got teary
Abhi hugged him; relax I’m there na, u trust me right ‘he nod’ so just leave everything on me, okay ‘he nod
Shaleen irritate: where is dev, y didn’t him bail us out
Pol: he’s already came, ur bail is permitted u can leave ‘they all were leaving when’ Mr. abhi iyer I need to talk to u, plz stop ur fighting, cus of u poor people r suffering, do u know how much property u destroyed and how many people got hurt each time u both group fight, they r in hospital having serious injuries
Abhi sigh sadly: they r not the only one ‘saying this he left with his brothers

What was the need to do that sanskar, y u take this panga now see what happened ‘said sid angry
San hurt; it was very much need sid, and I will continue do that again, every time, nothing will stop me
Suraj: Han u don’t stop and fight like this and this will keep on happening, sanskar I was with u every time but this has to stop now
Kartik: exactly twins are coming tomorrow, what will be impact on them, what will they think about us, have u ever thought about that ‘sanskar sigh as he think about his twins, his brothers were right, his twins look up to his brothers, he close his eyes tightly as it got teary and nod finally accepting his defeat, all feel bad for him, and hugged him, when police came and release them, all walk out scarily knowing what coming
Hello Mr. Sidharth gadodia ‘said a girl smile too sweetly
Sid smile meekly: roshni, sorry u have to come here, … again
Ro smile: y r u saying sorry Sid, it’s like Ur 2nd home na, so y will I mind coming here
Sid: really that’s so sweet baby, muah love u
Ro smile drop; seriously sid I can’t believe u, ur brother and sister r coming tomorrow and here u guys r, look at u ‘all look at eo, all were hurt and bleeding’ u guys r looking like some zombie invasion, surely they both will run away back by looking at u guys,
Sur: come on bhabi, shub shub bolo [talk auspicious], they both r coming after so long, and we have to surprise them, also we have to see preparations
Ro smirk: u will see the preparations, ‘they nod’ in this injured condition
Kar: come on bhabi mard KO kabi Dard nai hota [men don’t get pain] ‘roshni smile nod and pinch him to which he yelled’ ah bhabi what r u doing ‘they all laugh at him and leave, roshni dressed their wound and prepare the surprise party with the help of their sisters
Rad: Di, who will receive them from airport ‘
Ro; don’t know radhika, all guys r injured seriously they need to rest, so I think I should go
Me: so I’m gonna come with u
Nai: han meera, she used to be ur bestfriend na
Me: not used to be naira, she is my best friend, we still talk on fb and call eo
Sid: No need, we will go to receive them, u girls will stay here with kartik looking at preparations
Kar: y me I also want to come
Sid: yes I know but we can’t leave the girls alone can we ‘he nod finally accepting, finishing their they left to sleep, all were happy as they will meet their siblings after 7 years, they were both young at that time, so were sent away by sid for their safety, all were happy but at the same time sad for the sanskar
U CALLED THE POLICE BUT Y?’ yell laksh desperately at swara ‘I was this close to kill that sanskar
Sw cry: that’s y I called the police, what u guys want, I already lost my parents, don’t want to lose my brothers too
Lak anger; but
Abhi: laksh enough, just leave this issue right her right now, now I don’t want to listen anything about this one more time, did u all got me ‘they all nod, cus abhi is the one who make all rules and they blindly trust their brother as he was one who took care of them when they got orphan, abhi never let their any of sibling to feel they were parentless he fulfill each wish of them giving them all liberty just like sidharth to his siblings, they all leave to their room, all were upset as this was supposed to be their days to enjoy, swara was beautiful educated tradition southern girl but never got proper matched cus of her brother popularities. Still She never hate her brothers but wanted them to make peace. She know how much her brothers r willing to give up anything for her, they even swear on god that they will not married until she get married, laksh also get angry like normal person but when it comes to swara he get too overly protective of her. After a lot of struggles their cousin dev bring a good proposal for swara of sahil, all got happy when their family like her, but cus of family rivalries they r loosing small happiness’s of their life.

Sid, sur, sans were waiting for their siblings holding welcome cardboard when
BHAI ‘some girl scream happily running towards them, all smile but sid scream in pain when the girl jump on him causing sur-san to laugh
Sid; ragini,
Ragu worried: bhai what’s wrong y ru crying
Sid: kuch nai bacha, after so long I’m seeing u that’s y, see how big u have become ‘all got emotional
San-sur: we missed u too ‘all hugged her
Did someone missed me ‘some guy came about ragu age
Sid-sur-san: krish we have missed u buddy ‘they all hugged him
San; wow man tune ne tu humse bi zyada body bana li hai, koi ladki patali hai kya [u have become more muscular than us, to impress girls right] ‘all laugh, he blush
Rag: hey BTW where is kartik bhai, y didn’t he came and where is roshni bhabi
San: relax girl they all r waiting for u also, let’s go
Rag: but first I want to meet mom dad ‘all got shock’ what, I’m not speaking any Arabic here, I want to meet mom n dad
Krish close his eyes frustrated: and I don’t, I want to go home and rest I’m really tired
Sur: ragu let’s just go home first, we will meet mom dad tomorrow
Rag nod: okay so u guys won’t take me there alright then I will go there by myself
San anger: can’t believe this ur still that stubborn child
Rag: take me or leave me ‘all were getting pissed by her attitude
San sigh: fine I will take u there, u guys leave with krish he need rest, me and ragu will meet u later, let’s go
Rag jump in happy hug him: yes thanku bro ‘sid-sur took rags stuff and krish with them and sanskar took rag
San: who do u want to meet 1st
Rag sad smile: dad ‘he nod and take her
San: we r here, I already talk to them, don’t take too much time
Rag: u won’t come in ‘he kept quiet she got his signal so she went in without him’ inspector uncle where is my dad shekhar gadodia ‘he look at her and nod and then took her to cellar
Pol: u have 15 mins ‘she went in and he left locking the door, she saw the room which was barely having any light, her eyes got teary, she saw a person looking out from small window hoping that sunrays will on him
Rag stutter: dad ‘almost like a whisper but he heard it, he turns his face to look at her confusingly’ it’s me ragu, ur ragu, ur angel
Shekhar nod and again look outside: just some more time then I will be back, I will be back outside promise, plz wait for me
Rag lost it: won’t u hug me ‘he nod no’ plz hug me, plz dad
Shek nod no; light I need light, plz give me some rays ‘rag tears started to flow, she couldn’t hold it anymore so she ran from there, sanskar saw her and hugged her tightly
Rag; bhai, dad ‘san was consoling her ‘shhhh’, she stopped crying
San: now should we go back or u still want to meet mom
Rag wiping her tears; let’s go to mom
San sigh: ragu y r u doing this, y r u pushing urself to limits, u know we don’t have to be strong every time, let’s just go back forget everything and move forward
Rag quietly sit in car: let’s go meet mother ‘sanskar sigh but he took her there he know rag is still the stubborn child, they reached there, ragu buys some flowers’ r u coming
San frustrate; u know my answer
Rag smile: I know just testing u ‘she went inside and smile’ Hey mom, u tu remember me na, ‘she sigh’ ur also upset with me, dad too ‘she scrunched nose’ I went to meet him, he had become so old, ‘she laugh’ he had big moustache and beard, u remember u hate it if dad don’t shave and now it’s been years he haven’t, and u didn’t even said anything to him, atleast say something to me, TALK TO ME’ she yelled finally crying out loud she fall on her mother grave, she place the flowers and a card near the mother tomb ‘Mom, your memories are my life’s only solace. I miss you’ she went outside and quietly sat in car, all journey was quiet till they reach house
SURPRISE ‘ragini was startle as soon she enter the house she was happy to see her old friends there, and 1st time actually meeting her bhabi in real, hugging kartik
Rosh: so did u like the surprise
Rag nod; it’s wonderful, thanku and u look more pretty than in ur pics
Ro: awe thankx ragini, well krish already ate the lunch and is now resting u tell what u want to do
Rag: I already took rest, I will fresh first and then have food
Ro: okay, meera will serve, I have to leave for work
Rag: ya, ahn bhabi if u don’t mind can I work with u girls ‘roshni roll her eyes, she 1st saw sid he nod to her’ actually krish will be working with bhais’ in their club, I don’t want to be home alone
Ro nod: okay but not today from tomorrow, today u just chill hmm ‘saying they all went to their work, ragini and meera stay home

At library
Swara was seeing some books, when someone tap her shoulder, she turn and get shock cus it was no other than sanskar, he smile
San: hey I heard ur marriage got cancel ‘she got scared, and about to leave but sanskar hold her hand and took her behind the shelf’s
Sw scare: what r u doing ‘trying to get of his hold’ some1 will look, just let me go
San irritate: y can’t u understand my feeling for u
Sw; there r no feeling, look only relation we had is family rivalry, just let me go laksh and manik r waiting outside for me, if they find u here they will kill u
San smirk: u really think I’m scared of them, call them, call anyone I’m scared of any1 nor I’m scared of dead
Sw yell in low voice: that’s what I’m exactly scared of, u r not scare of being dead or alive, u people just know how to take life without mercy and what were u actually thinking breaking my alliance, u said u loved me that’s how u showed it, breaking my alliance humiliating my family infront of society, if u have love me truly u would …
San mimic: if u have love me truly u would have let me go, like in the hell it’s going to happened, I’m some majnu to let u go, I won’t sacrificed my love, look swara just tell one time I’m promise I will take u away from here from everyone, nobody is going to know about us, just tell once plz ‘he plead looking deep in her eyes, her breath got uneven when he slips his hand on her belly’ u too love me swara otherwise u wouldn’t be scared of ur brother for me ‘he kissed her forehead she closed her eyes’ just say it once swara u don’t know how many times I died hearing about ur marriage, it kills me it rips my heart ‘his eyes got teary, swara don’t y she wasn’t pushing him away she want to push him and y not he’s from family rival and he break his marriage he humiliates his brothers infront of society then y is she not pushing him away, her eyes got wide shock when sanskar came forward to kiss her
Swara stooped him: no plz
San hold her hand and tied it behind her: shhhh ‘he kissed her and started to massage her belly, swara was shock she was freeze to her place she wasn’t kissing him back but she wasn’t stopping him too, she closed her eyes feeling the love he was showering it was pure she didn’t felt wrong, her first kiss with the guy who she never ever imagine
Swara’ she open her eyes shocking
Sh: shit laksh bhaiya ‘she pushed sanskar and ran outside, sanskar stood there smiling dreamily and y not, he just got confirmed that his lady love loved him back, but again got confused he made promise to his brother and moreover twins safety, if any of swara brother know about this they can hurt rag too, he was in dilemma he just can’t control his feeling for swara, he can’t let any other guy to get close to her, she was his and she will be only his he sigh keeping his thoughts aside he left from there, swara ran to laksh and manik
Lak: where were u, and where r the books u came for only that right
Sw scare: wo I didn’t get ones
Man: what this is number one library all over south u didn’t get here, what exactly u read
Lak: oh-ho bhai leave na she’s saying na she didn’t get it, y r u bothering, shona let’s go we will drop u to temple 1st then leave to club okay ‘they nod and left

Gadodia place
Me: so how is Mumbai, did u miss s or tamil nadu
Rag: mumbai is great but I missed u guys so much, even u too meera
M: thanks, so u ate the food now what, should we watch some movie or u want to rest
Rag: y not u gave me tour, I want to see what changes
M: ahn I don’t think it will good idea rags, sid anna told us not to outside alone
R frown: y
M: it’s not safe for a woman to hang outside alone
R nod: okay, I thought u were brave but no ur just a scared kitten, well u want to stay here suit urself I will go outside alone ‘meera was shock, as rag went outside despite of warning, she got scared don’t know what to do so she ran after her,
M: rag plz let’s go back home, plz ‘rags started to enjoying the views ignoring meera, she saw how green this place was it was nothing like mumbai, it was quiet place to relax, to calm ur thoughts, she smile
R: meera u remember, this is our school right, ‘she nod’ oh god how much it developed ‘meera smile looking at rags, rags started to run meera ran after her’ and this was the park we used to swing here right
M laugh: han we sit on swing and made sid anna and suraj giving us pushes as our legs don’t reach ground ‘both laugh remembering the memories, rags again ran, meera following her both were enjoying in her own world that they didn’t realizes the blunder they did, both were laughing and playing when they heard some music voice
R: what voice is that
M shock as realization hit upon her as she saw the area they land in: shit, ragu we have to go back asap
R confuse: y
M panic: plz ragu let’s go
R saw her impatience she smirk devilish: NO ‘she laugh and ran towards the voice, it lead her to temple, there were some music she’s not familiar with, it look like some south traditional event to her, she got more close and a saw a very beautiful dancing in Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance form of Tamil Nadu, rag got mesmerize by her moves, she was killing everyone with her performance, the way she was dancing so energetic while so classic, her performance got finished, everyone claps praising her dance, rag also claps excitedly
M: ragu u saw the dance na come let’s leave ‘ragu ran to dance again ignoring meera
R: hi my name is ragini, I saw ur dance, superb u r ‘she startle her but she then smile looking at her innocence
Thanku’ said dancer
R: what is ur name
Swara ‘said sw
R: oh nice name, u must sing too right ‘she nod confusingly’ god how much talented ur u dance so smooth and I know u will sing like koel
Sw laugh: thanku, I never saw u here b4 ‘meera got panic how does she tell rags that after she left whole area was divided by 2 gangs, in which one group belongs to her brother and right now they r in rival group, she was getting panic if anyone know about her identities they can hurt them
R: ya actually I just land today from mumbai with my twin brother
Sw shock: OMG mumbai wow amazing, I also wanted to go there, where r u staying
Swara ‘some1 call from back, that was her brother shaleen
Sw: anna u came
Sh: han ur finished right ‘she nod’ so let’s go ‘she nod
Sw: okay ragini I will leave hope we met again
Rag nod happily: hey swara y don’t we exchange number, I want to meet u again, will love to learn some dance from u, u will teach me na ‘she pout cutely, swara laugh at her cuteness, meera was just cursing her fate looking shaleen their
Sw nod: yes, yes I will teach u, ur so sweet
Rag jump like child: yippee ‘they exchange numbers, rag hugged swara shocking her hugged rag back’ okay we will surely meet soon bye ‘she wave them swara leave with shaleen
Sh: who was that crazy girl, I never saw her b4 here
Sw: eh-hmm she’s new here, and she’s not crazy she just like to do fun things, she just like to express her true feelings that’s it, I like people like her
Sh: u seem to be fond of her
Sw smile mischief: actually I was thinking something else
Sh roll his eyes: hold ur thought shona, I know what ur thinking, not going to be happened did u saw her, she was jumping like some 10 year old kid

Sw laugh: so what’s wrong in that, u will get some sweet spice in ur boring life
Sh: haha not happening, let’s just go I only came to drop u home, I have to leave for club, let’s go ‘shaleen drop swara home and left, she was walking when she got shock seeing someone unexpectedly
Sw teary eyes; sahil ji, y r u here now what u want from me now
Sah: swara trust me I dint know when my family broke this alliance, trust me swara I was unaware of it, they kept me in dark, I just found out and immediately came here running ‘he hold her from shoulder’ swara trust me I only said yes to this alliance cus I fall in love with u on very 1st sight ‘she got shock’ swara I love u, just gave me one chance I will prove it, I will talk to my family and will ask forgiveness from ur brothers too, plz swara answer me something plz ‘she was freeze, she remember sanskar saying he will not let her became someone else, and here a guy whose her family choose, she was in dilemma now, her eyes got teary, she closed her eyes to control her crying both boys love her, she is confuse what does she ever do to fall in this, she never tried then how’ swara plz don’t cry plz I can’t see tears in ur eyes ‘he cups her face wiping tears he kissed her forehead passionately’ plz say something I can’t do anything without ur permission
Sw teary eyes: just talk to my brothers, I will do whatever they say
Sahil frown: swara I want to hear it from u, what is ur decision, u were marrying me but u never told me whether u like me or not
Sw: my decision start with my brother and end with my brothers, I have nothing else to say ‘she quickly went inside her house and ran to her room, and bust out at tears’ y it is happening to me, plz god plz make everything alright plz ‘she pray to god and dozed of there
Other side meera was forcedly dragging ragini
Rag: meera now tu u will be familiar to my personality, I will do each and every thing which u people don’t want me to do ‘she smirk evilly, and start walking, meera sigh, but an idea stuck in her mind
M:ragu u do as u wish to do, but let me show u our store, where u will work
R smirk: now we r talking, I know u want me away from this place god know reason y, but I like the idea, lead the way lady ‘meera sigh in relief and finally took her away from their’ so this is ur store
M smile; our store, u will find everything here, all type of food, local cloths, groceries, and makeup too
R smile: nice, so u 3 manage only this
M nod: ya, sid anna had present this to roshni akka as a wedding gift, she had few more workers, me naira n radhika work as a part time while roshni di manage all other work
R: hmm good, so what will I do here ‘meera was about to answer, when they heard the breaking voice of window, all got scared even meera and rag too, rag saw a football coming through window, she thought it to be some spoiled child, so she barge outside with football
M scare: ragu wait don’t go outside ‘rag ignored him, she saw some boys running away, she smirk and kick the football with high intensity and smoothly that it directly hit the boys head, and he fall
R happy jump: yes, I never missed it
M scare: y did u do that
R smirk: told u na, I will do everything which u guys won’t want me to do ‘she barge towards the boy she hit, another boy was helping him, with high attitude she gave him lecture’ awe baby got hurt, ‘she smirk’ from next time if u do something like that again, trust me mister it won’t ball which will hit ur head ‘the boys turns towards her with rage, hocking meera to death it was laksh who got hit and manik was helping him
L angry: U didn’t did right thing missy, ur going to pay for this
R teasing: awe, is that so, array y u have to give threat for that, I will pay u now, here take this ‘rag forward 10 rp’ take it take it, ‘lak-man both got angry’ array u said na I’m going to pay for this, so here I’m paying what u don’t it okay ur wish
Manik snapping his finger: u girl u don’t know who ur messing up with, u miss fatty ‘he point to meera’ make her understand tell her who we r ‘rag got angry as they insult meera
R snapping her finger: y, don’t u know who u r, what u said to her fatso right, have u ever saw ur faces completely beggar u r not just by faces but also by heart blo*dy looser, get lost from here b4 I call cops here ‘it was enough for lak-man they barge towards her, laksh hold her from shoulder pulling her ragini got bit scare but she pretended to be strong but heard siren, they both get alert
Man: laksh leave her, we will see her later come let’s go ‘they both give her glare and ran from their
R smirk: blo*dy losers, han ran away hearing police siren ‘she turn to face angry roshni naira meera and radhika, she got confuse what she did that they r watching her like this

L angry: shona serve quickly, ahhh ‘manik was ice packing his head’ manik leave that I’m hungry right now, shona where is food
Sw: I’m coming ‘she serve food and laksh attack it like animal shocking everyone
Ma shake in disbelief: y r taking ur anger on poor food, just forget about her, we will surely teach her lesson in right time
L angry; u will only say this na, cus it was me who hit, blo*dy witch how can a girl hit it like that hard
Abhi teasing: maybe she’s learn it from Ronaldo ‘all laugh at laksh
L: han laugh on me, ur brother got hit by rival girl, who is not even half of me and u guys r laughing bravo, believe me bro if that police wouldn’t have come I would killed her right their
Dev sarcastic: well thanku u didn’t do that, all my time get waste on bailing u guys and BTW how do u know she belong from rival group, it was commoner superstore na, then
M: aray she was with that, what was her name the fat one
Dev: meera
M: han she was with her, but we didn’t saw her b4 anywhere
Sw sigh; manik will u plz stop body shaming girls, girls r very sensitive about this topic u can’t just go and calling them names
Shal: oh-ho look at her, MS feminist is give her speech ‘all boys laugh at her she pout’ talk shona today is ur day, she got her first crazy fan
All: fan,
Shal: ya today 1 girl got too excited looking at swara dance, they even exchange number, and she’s also new here
Ma: omg our swara is famous, now we have to take appointed to meet her ‘all teased her
Sw: u guys r too bad, go katti to all, I’m going to my room ‘she left to her room, dev saw she went in
D talk slowly: so what u thought abhi
Ab sigh: what else they r demanding
D: for now, they want just fight club and 1 petrol station ‘abhi nod’ anna think once again, I did mistake by bringing their proposal I though he was my friend but now they r showing their true colors
Ma: I don’t get it, is just 1 club and I petrol station what’s the big deal
L: big deal is they r demanding it for just now, we don’t know what else they will demand in future, anna the guy who will marry our swara will be the world luckiest boy, I will find the groom for my sister, we will give him everything we don’t need this proposal
Abhi closed his eyes reminding swara tears every time she got reject cus of their brothers and the true smile showing care and love for his brothers, he smile: say yes to them, we will give him everything but it should be settle in one go after that they won’t get anything, ask them their prices we will give ‘all got shock
Lak: anna but everything u mean
Abhi smile: everything mean everything laksh even if they want my live I will give that happily ‘he got from their and left leaving all shock
WHAT’ yell ragini at roshni meera and radhika ‘r u shitting meera, u were with me all day, but u didn’t tell me anything like that’
M; array I was saying na lets go from their but no ragini has to rebellious han,
R angry: array but u could told me the actual reason na
M: if u listen then na
R: acha I was not listening, I wasn’t listening cus all day u were just acting like scare kitten, pu**y cat kahin ki
M roll her eyes: u
Ro yell: stop it both of u, and listen whatever happened today, ur brothers can’t find out about it
Find out about what ‘ask krish scaring every1
Rad : han wo ragu di broke the window of store, we told her not to play football in their but she won’t listen to us, plz don’t tell this to sid anna ‘all nod
Krish laugh; what han ragu, u started doing ur crazy things here too, Dumbo, don’t worry I won’t tell bhai, but be careful next time ‘saying this he left
Swara was breathing heavily in her sleep, she moan feeling some sensation, she open her eyes slowly and saw down, got shock, ‘sanskar’ he hold her face kissed her hard, he cups her br*ast squeezing them, swara got panic she started struggling under sanskar her eyes got teary ‘NO’ she scream when she felt sanskar finger inside her and waking up from her dream, she start panting heavily ‘ayyo rama what was that’ swara was shock, she see her pant which actually bit wet

Ragini was giggling, someone was tickling her, she giggles again, she open her eyes slowly and saw down, got shock ‘laksh’ he closed her mouth with his hand tight she struggle under him, he smirk showing her a pocket knife, her eyes shock when he point the knife in her chest, he start to cut the shirt from up exposing her br*ast, ragini got panic, she started struggling under laksh her eyes got teary ‘NO’ she scream when she felt laksh face inside her cleavage and waking up from her dream, she start panting heavily ‘OMG what was that’ ragini was shock, she see she was sweating even in ac






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