Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 9)


Aarya back to home.
Aarya : Preethi… Preethi… wr r u my dr sweet heart…
Aarya enter into Preethi’s room. He sees Preethi sleep on the bed. He get close to her. She suffered by fever. Preethi slowly opens her eyes…
Aarya : hey r u suffered by fever. Y do u not inform to me.
Preethi : y I want to inform to u? I’ll take care of myself.
Aarya : (angrily) ??? I’m ur husband. How can u take care of urself idiot. Dnt get down from the bed. (Preethi try to speak.) Just keep quiet.
Aarya calls doctor. Doc come to home and checks her.
Doc : ntng to wry Mr.Aarya. its just nrml fever. Give this tablets to her, she will be alright.
Aarya : thanq doc.
Aarya prepare food for Preethi. Aarya gets cal from Shree…
Aarya : He… Hello
Shree : hi bawa. Hw r u? Wr r u? Hw was sister?
Aarya : yeah fine da. I’m in home. She is ok da. I want to say one thing to u da.
Shree : hmm tel me da bawa.
Aarya : conference….
Shree : yeah tdy conference was over da. Tmrw I’ll return back da.
Aarya : hmm
Shree : hmm evrythng alright?
Aarya : yea.. yeah everything alright.
Shree : ok give the phone to Preethi.
Aarya gets shocked.
Aarya : y.. y.. y da wat hpn?
Shree : ntng da. Now I’m going to shopping da. I want to buy anything for her so…
Aarya : if u ask her means she refused so u buy which u like.
Shree : yeah its also the good idea bawa. Ok da I’ll call u later ok.

Aarya feels guilty. He takes food for her..
Aarya : Preethi…
Preethi looks him.
Preethi : wat
Aarya : food
Preethi : no need.
Aarya : u want to take tablet so eat some food.
Preethi : I wont.
Aarya : dnt behave like a child. Y do u too adamant?
Preethi : y do u take care myself.
Aarya : really r u in ur sense? u r my wife. Who can care for u non other than me.
Aarya makes her to sit. Handover the food plat to her. Preethi’s hand was shivers so the plat is shaking. Aarya looks that he takes plat from her. He feeds food to her. Preethi looks him and think, “he was married me coz of neighbours but he really cares for me. So he is luv with me? Idiot Preethi its all are he done by the sympathy not a love”.
Aarya : Oy..! Wat r u thinking deeply?
Preethi : No… Nothing.
Aarya gives water and tablet to her. Aarya gets plat and leave…
Preethi : u…
Aarya : yeah am I?
Preethi : u dnt eat?
Aarya : I was drunk 3 more coffees. So only.
Preethi : hmm. Ok gud nit.
Aarya : gud nit?
Preethi : ahan u r going sleep now na?
Aarya : yeah of course.
Aarya close the door…
Preethi : y r u closing the door…
Aarya : ? (smiles) ahan… tdy our wedding day. This ni8 is our first ni8 na. So I’m gng to sleep with u…???
Preethi : ??? no… no way. That never happen to us.
Aarya : that means what my dr sweet heart.
Preethi : wat sweet heart ah?
Aarya : yeah u r my sweet heart.
Preethi : u… u…
Aarya : yeah me… me… me…
Preethi : I nvr accept this.
Aarya : I accept I’m rude but I’m not womaniser. I respect u. Really I’m sry. I’m going to sleep here not in the bed on the sofa ok. Gud nit.
Preethi gets impressed.

At morning….
Preethi wakes up and get into the bathroom. Then she cleans the home, light the diya in front of god. She went to the kitchen and prepares coffee for them. She gets coffee and go to the room.
Preethi : Aar.. Aarya
(Aarya wakes up but acts like sleep). Aarya…
She puts the coffee cup on the table and leave the room. Aarya gets her hand…
Aarya : oh hello gud mrng. What’s this? U bring coffee for me, wakes up me but I’m not. Then u leave the room.
Preethi : then wat I want to do.
Aarya : u sit in near to me, give a kiss on my forehead and calls me and give a coffee to me.
Preethi : hereafter I never give a tea or coffee to u.
Angrily leaves the room. Aarya smiles and drinks the coffee. Preethi prepares a breakfast she was in deep thinking. Aarya comes to kitchen, looks her and hugs behind from her. Preethi gets shock and shouts…
Aarya : hey this is me Aarya….
Preethi : how dare u…?
Aarya looks her eyes.
Aarya : u looking so beautiful.
Preethi and Aarya get eye lock.
Someone rang the calling bell their eye lock was break. Preethi try to look somewhere but ahe can’t. Aarya smiles and went to open the door. Shree standa there. Aarya looks tensed…
Shree : hey wat hpn to u da. Y sweating like this? (Shree enters into the home)…
Preethi hears his voice and comes out from the kitchen.
Aarya : Bawa I want to say one thing.
Shree : u tell the same thing from yesterday itself. But u dnt tel wats that.
Aarya : pls frgv me da.
Shree : y da. Y I want to exucus u?
Aarya : I got married.
Shree : wat did u say?
Aarya : s da forceful I was married her. Against her wish.
Shree looks Preethi. Preethi cries. Shree slaps Aarya…

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