Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 8)


Aarya stuns…
Aarya : ok u may leave not now. This is not correct time. U may go and sleep. Tmrw mrng u may leaves the home.
Preethi nodes and go to her room.
At mrng…
Preethi waits for Aarya. Aarya comes down, looks Preethi.
Aarya : Preethi just listen to me….. we knw who we are? Then y do u bothered others word. I want to confess one thing to u….
Preethi : y do u talk like this? Nit u told me now… ok they speak abt my character. I’m can’t take this..
Aarya : now wr u go?
Preethi : to my frnd Madhu’s room.
Aarya : she is not in bangalore… (Preethi suddenly looks him) yes, she went to chennai. I knw this….
Preethi : y do u hide this from me?
Aarya : coz maa was dead on that day.
Preethi cries…. Preethi pls dnt cry….
Preethi : oh god..! Y do u hurts me a lot. Pls get my soul….
Aarya close her mouth.
Aarya : Preethi pls dnt talk like this. I’m with u…
Preethi : who u to me? Thanks for ur kind supports. time to leave this home… sry I hurts u a lot.
Aarya : How can u leave me a lonely? I love u. I want to marry u.
Preethi refused his proposal. Aarya holds her angrily. Preethi cries in the pain.
Aarya : I want to marry u. I need u. I need ur affection. I want to spend my whole life with u.
Preethi : sry I can’t. Leave me pls….
Aarya : I can’t leave u. U r mine.

Aarya forces her to fall in love with him. Preethi rejects him. Aarya gets angry. He lock lips with her… she try to free from him, slap on his face. He hold her hands. Tears fall from her eyes…. Aarya frees her. Preethi sits on the floor. He forcefully take her into the car. The car stops in front of the temple. Aarya drags her from the car. He wears the mangalsutra to her. Preethi looks him angrily.
Aarya : hereafter u cant go anywhere. U r mine and u r my wife.
Preethi : I cant accept this marriage.
Aarya : I dnt ask ur permission.
Preethi : I never come with u…
Aarya : (smiles) huh dnt joke with me. Surely u’ll come with me just a min…
Aarya go somewhere… and comes with one old lady…
Old lady : u got a gud husband. Dnt fght with him. Go with him ma.
Preethi : he is not my husband.
Old lady : u wear the mangalsutra. Its shows ur a married. He is not ur husband mean who is ur husband. Small misunderstanding btw husband and wife is usual ma. Dnt make that big issue ok…
Preethi looks Aarya, He smiles. That old lady leaves.
Aarya : still u refused to come with me means I’ll call everyone then they advised to u.
Preethi walks towards to the car. Aarya follows her. In the car Preethi turns her face into the window side. Car reached the home. Preethi opens the door and runs into her room. Aarya follows her. She try to close the room door but Aarya pulls the door.
Preethi : wat do u want?
Aarya : if I tel wat I want means can u give that for me?
Preethi : I knw wat do u going to ask.
Aarya : thank god. No need to explain to her wat I want.
Preethi : ??? I nvr give that to u.
Aarya : then I’ll die coz of hungry. (Preethi gets confused). Can u pls prepare food for me?
Preethi leaves to kitchen. She prepare food for him. She thinks wat’s going on her life. Wr is her life is…? She hears some sound, comes to present stage. She looks Aarya comes. Preethi serves food to him and leaves to the room
Aarya : wr r u going? Come and sit.
Preethi : for wat
Aarya : eat something.
Preethi : no need I’m not hungry.
Aarya go and lift her…
Preethi : leave me… wat r u dng… leave me pls….
Aarya : u must want eat.
Preethi : I’m not hungry. Pls leave me.
Aarya make her sit into his lap and holds her tightly. He feeds food to her. She refuse to open her mouth.
Aarya : if u not open ur mouth then I never frees u.
Preethi opens her mouth and eat. Tears are fall from her eyes… Aarya frees her. She runs to her room.
Aarya : u must take rest. I have some work. I’ll back in 2 hrs…
Preethi cries badly…. she was slept. Aarya return to home.

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