Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 7)

Hi frnds thanq u for ur continues supports….

Shree hugs her and console her.
Preethi : Annaya… g.maa…..
Shree : dnt wry Preethi…. she ll b alright…. we can meet her now?
Preethi : No brother they dnt allow us…
Aarya sits and cries…
Shree hugs him….
Shree : Aarya wat is this da. Y do cry like a child. Be strong da. Ntng happen to her…(but shree also cries)…
Doctor comes there….
Aarya : Doc… Doctor hw was my G.Maa? Everything ok na?
Doc : plz control urself sir. We try our level best. She get conscious now u can meet her now…
Aarya get into the ward. He looks g.maa and cries…. G.maa looks him and signs to come….
G.maa : dnt wry ntng hpn to me. (Aarya holds her and cries….) wer is Shree….
Aarya : he stands in outside.
G.maa : call him.
Aarya cals him…
Shree : Mammu maa… (he controls his fellings)
G.maa : shree if anything hpn to me means, pls take care of Aarya ok…
Shree : Mammu maa ntng hpn to u pls dnt talk like this pls Mammu maa…
G.maa : I knw Shree. Deatg is near to me. Pls take care of him and said to him to marry a gud girl.
Shree : Mammu maa he luvs Preethi. U should come and make them marriage. I knw u cant leave us as much as easily…..
G.Maa : (emotionally) Hey shree really….. I’m so hap……
Aarya : Maa…. Maa… maa….look at me maa…. doctor…. doctor…..
Preethi : get into the room. G.maa……. wat hpn to her. Shree tel me wat hpn to her.
Doctor comes….
Doc : will pls leave the room.
They leave doc checks and try to make her breath…. Doc comes out…
Doc : I’m sry Sir.
Shree : No doctor. U said wrongly. Pls pls pls again checks her….
Aarya go to the room and hugs her….
Aarya : No…… Maa….. hw can u leave me maa…. hw can I live without u ma… maa pls look at me maa.
Preethi gets freeze.
After the one hour…, They get G.maa’s dead body and get into home. Funeral was completed….. Shree Aarya and Preethi are get broken. 3⃣ days after…..
Shree : Preethi… Preethi….
Preethi : Mm tel me brother. I’m here.
Shree : prepare breakfast.
Preethi : Shree Aarya…
Shree : dnt wry I’ll take him.
Preethi nodes and go to the kitchen…. Shree go to Aarya’s room.
Shree : Bawa… hey Aarya…. rey bawa….
Aarya : mm tel me Shree.
Shree : Get ready. Manager cals me da. Tdy u have a meeting with that France company.
Aarya : I can’t attend the meeting.
Shree : u need not want present anything. I’ll take care of that. U just come and sit there thats enough for me.
Aarya : mm… Aarya gets ready and comes down.
Preethi : Brkfst….
Aarya sits in the table.
Aarya : maa ate… (bite his tongue) I’m not hungry. Bye I’ll meet u evening.
Preethi : pls eat and go. Pls…
Shree : hey just eat little bit.
Aarya : No da. Sry pls dnt compel me.
Aarya and Shree leaves. They attend the meeting.
Aarya : excuse me gentle mans. Sry I cant able to take a trip into France. My frnd hereafter he is my business partner also. Mr. Shree Ram will atn that conference. Put ur hands to gather for Mr. Shree Ram.
Shree gets shock…. All are Claps…. and leaves the meeting hall.

Shree : R u mad… y do u did like this da. How can I do this…
Aarya : Shree pls… I want some time da. Try to undstnd me bawa. U can thats y I refer u for this conference. U have 2 days time to prepare urself. I’ll help u. Pls go and attend this conference for me.
Shree nodes. They reached the home…..
Preethi gives tea to them.
Shree : Sis day aftr tmrw I’m gng to France for conference…
Aarya : Preethi can u help him for packing.
Preethi nodes. Shree and Aarya discuss abt that conference….
Aarya : Preethi I’m gng to send off him at Airport. Can u come with us…
Preethi : N… No. U may go. Shree have a happy journey.
Shree : ??? mm thanks sis. Take care of u and him also.
They leave the home. She stands near to the home. Someone talks abt herself. she hears that…
Unknwn 1 : this girl is characterless girl. She lives with two boys. Wat a cheap character chi….
Unknwn 2 : Really….!
Preethi gets hurts, close the door and come inside. She cries badly… Aarya returns to home and gets confused. Aarya opens the door…
Aarya : Preethi…. Preethi… wr r u? Y u dnt switch on the lights? (He switch on the lights. He go to her room). Hey wat hpn to u. Y r u crying?
Preethi : ntng… I’m ok.
Aarya : y do I packs ur bag…?
Preethi : I decided to leave the home.
Aarya gets stun…

Credit to: Aadhi


  1. manha

    Everyone thinks in the same way. People plz hav some common sense yaar. Aarya plz do something, stop her.

  2. rishi

    Hey i assume that you are a tamil and it feels odd when u use brother sister.use either anna or bro sis that would sound better.just a suggestion

  3. Kirti

    Please dont let her go… people are like this only they wont leave a single moment to comment and taunt…

  4. Roma

    Ahhh, poor preethi…emotional epi, people don’t leave any chance of commenting without knowing the reason.’s really cheap. ..aadhi, don’t let her leave aarya, plz make him propose her…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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