Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 6)


Hi frnds thanq so much for ur kind supports….

Shree come to home with tension….

Shree : G.maa where is Aarya.
G.maa : he is in his room. Y da wat hpn?
Shree : one prblm. Ok I’ll meet him.
Shree comes to Aarya room and gets shocked to see them.
Shree knocks the door their eye lock was break. Aarya try to stand but his legs was again slips. Shree helps him.
Aarya : I.. I…
Preethi : I… I… I’m so… so…sry. get ready and come down for brkfst. Preethi runs.
Aarya : wen u came bawa…
Shree : mmm its all are my fate… bawa one important matter da. That madhu was back to chennai da….
Aarya : wat…? ???
Shree : can we inform this to Preethi?
Aarya : how can u knw this?
Shree : I get cal from her office da. Aarya I knw da bawa u luvs her. But we dnt knw wat she fells… so we…

Aarya : mm ok we will inform her abt this… wait I’ll come in 5 mins.
They come to the dinning hall. Preethi serve food for them.
Shree : wer is mammu?
Preethi : she ate break fast so she went to her room bro.
Aarya : Preethi….
Preethi : hum Aarya. Preethi looks his face…
Aarya : ur… ur…
Preethi : wat hpn…. my…?
Shree : ntng sis…. ur cooking is awesome. We like ur recipe. Can bring ghee for me.
Preethi : yeah sure bro, wait a min. Preethi went to kitchen.
Aarya : y da? Y do u lie to her.
Shree : we will inform in the evng da. She come just keep quiet.
They ate and leave to office. Aarya get too upset. Preethi think abt Aarya, and she scolds herself, “Preethi wat do u think? He just have sympathy. Dnt get confuse btw sympathy and love”.
Shree : bawa u do one thing….
Aarya : wat da.

Shree : evng u go and propose to her.
Aarya : r u mad how can I? I can’t da.
Shree : ok then forgot her.
Aarya : hey wat da? I dnt knw how to propose?
Shree : hmm yes da u dnt knw. But I did P.hd in love. Idiot just see her eyes and said wat do u think in ur mind ok.
Aarya : (nervously) mm ok da.

At home…..
G.maa show the photo albums to Preethi. G.maa said each story for each photos. They laugh a lot. Suddenly g.maa get coughing. Preethi bring water for her but g.maa gets unconscious. Preethi calls Aarya and Shree but they dnt atn the call. She call the ambulance and take G.maa in hospital. Aarya finish his meeting and comes out, he checks his phone.
Aarya : shree I got 15 miss cal from home num.
Shree : me also got 12 miss cal from home.
Aarya : anything happen to Preethi or g.maa?
Shree : be positive da. Come let’s go to home.
Aarya and shree reached the home. Watchman informs them abt g.maa. They on the way to hsptl. Aarya cries badly. Shree think abt G.maa and pray to the god for G.maa. They reached hsptl. Aarya runs into the hsptl.
Aarya : in which ward Mrs. Savithri Krishna?
Receptionist : yeah Sir, she was admit in the ICU

Aarya : Wat ICU? Y wat hpn to her?
Receptionist : yes sir. Coz of heart attack. ICU in first floor go straight and left side 4th room.
Shree and Aarya runs….. Preethi sits there and cries. She looks Aarya and Shree… she runs towards to Aarya and cries…
Shree : Preethi wat hpn to mammu?
She cries a lot….
Aarya : preethi pls tel to us wat hpn to her?
She cries badly shree hugs her and console her….

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  1. Awwwe preethi dr so sweet and innocent

  2. Very nice episode, preethi is so innocent and sweet girl, aarya should propose her soon…keep it up. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. shifa(shakira)

    wow nice episode

  4. Preethi is so innocent

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