Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 5)


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In the shopping complex…..
Preethi select dress for her.

Shree : Aarya… y do u show lot of soft corner to her…..!
Aarya : I dnt knw da. But…. (Preethi comes….) Preethi r u took dress? How many dress u took?
Preethi : hmm I took 3 dress. Thats enough.
Shree : Do u remember what mammu told to us? U must bring more dress for u.
Aarya : Yeah Shree is correct.
Preethi fels uncomfortable but Aarya and Shree are force her. She again went to the textiles shop.
Shree : Aarya….. ok ok….
Aarya : wat da idiot.
Shree : I see the love in ir eyes but u hide that from me?
Aarya : chi shut up idiot. Not like that.
Shree : oh really? Come on promise to me….
Aarya : ??? Preethi is coming just keep quite.
Shree : Mmm
Aarya : wat da?

Shree : Mmm mhmm mhmmm mmmmmm?
Aarya : hey wat da. U want slaps? Tel me clearly idiot.
Shree : Hey u told me ah just keep quiet then how can speak without open my mouth?
Aarya : Shree u r the most intelligent fellow in this world da.
Shree : pls Aarya dnt appreciate myself in the public da. I’m get shy u knw.
Aarya smiles shree also join with him….. Preethi comes and ask y u r laughing?
Shree : Preethi Aarya….
(Aarya hits Shree’s leg.) Aaa Aarya…
Aarya : Ntng just joking. Can we leave?
Preethi nodes and follow them.
Shree : Preethi may I cal u as Sister?
Preethi : yeah sure. I luv my brother a lot. I miss him badly.
Shree : ok I got one beautiful sister, so we can celebrate this moment. Do u like ice cream?
Aarya : I luv Ice cream u knw that da.

Shree : oh huh I dnt ask to u. I ask to my sis.
Preethi : (Smiles) mm sure. Y do u always kidding Aarya sir?
Aarya : hello I’m not sir. Just cal me as Aarya.
Shree : or otherwise cal him as brother.
Aarya : hey no… no just cal me as Aarya or anything. But dnt cal me brother.
Shree : y da bawa…. if she cal u as brother means u also got a beautiful sister da.
Aarya blinks his eyes… Preethi gives ice cream to him Aarya applies that ice cream in Shree’s face. Preethi looks them and laugh….????? she can’t control her laugh. Aarya looks her…. Shree : Aarya I never leaves u…
They fight like a kids…

Preethi : guys pls stop it. I cant to laugh. Pls enough. Let’s go pls.
Shree : ok. I leave him for u… u waits her, we’ll back in 15 mins… Shree and Aarya go to the washroom. They return back. They reached the home.
G.maa : r u finished the shopping?
Preethi : yes maa.
G.maa : wat do u all are bought for me?
Aarya and Shree looks each other.
Preethi : I bought this Lord ideal for u maa.
G.maa : wow I luv Lord Krishna. Thanq u ma. G.maa angrily looks Aarya and Shree.
Shree : Mammu I gave the amt for that ideal. Ask to Preethi.
G.maa looks Preethi. Preethi : we all are bought this for u maa.
G.maa : oh ok Preethi. Come and take dinner.
They all are finished dinner. Aarya gives medicine to G.maa.
G.maa : ok guys I’m gng to sleep. Shree tdy u stay here. Coz its too late.
Preethi also go to sleep.
Shree : sure mammu. Gud nit. Gud nit Preethi.
Preethi : Have a deep sleep. U too Aarya.

In Aarya room…

Shree : hey prms to me. Really do u dnt have any feelings abt her?
Aarya : Shree pls this feeling is not like that. I’m so tired so gud nit.
Shree : ok have a evil dreams.
Aarya : ha ha ha y do u say evil dreams. Just say have a Shree dreams…
Shree punch him…. They was slept.

At early morning…..
Kowsalya supraja rama poorva santhiya…… the suprabatham song plays…. Aarya hears that wakes up. Shree also waked up.
Shree : mammu….
Aarya : maa…. pls reduce the volume….
Shree comes out the room. He sees preethi enter into the kitchen. Aarya reduced the volume. Preethi brings coffee for them.
Preethi : r u brushed ur teeth?
Shree : s sister. I’m brushed but Aarya is not.
Preethi : this is for u. But no coffee for u. Go and brush first.
Aarya : u r brother lied to u. He also not brushed.
Preethi : huh ??? Shree….
Shree : u r coffee is super like u. Thank u sis. ☺☺☺ ok I’ll meet u in the office bawa. Tata sister.

Aarya takes coffee from her. Smiles and leaves.
Preethi prepares breakfast. G.maa comes…
G.maa : Gud mrng Preethi.
Preethi : Happy Mrng ma…. This is for u maa.
G.maa : but I have sugar so I need sugar free coffee….
Preethi : I knw ma. Its sugar free coffee…
G.maa : smiles. Y do u did this all? I did this work ah?
Preethi : its ok ma. Its all not new to me. I did this wrk in chennai now here. I prepared chapatti ma.
G.maa : thanq preethi. U helped me alot. Call aarya to eat.
Preethi : its ok ma. Dnt say thanx to me. U and aarya did a lot to me. Ok ma I’ll.
Preethi goes to Aarya’s room. She knocks the door…
Aarya : yeah come in.
Preethi get into the room. She steps in the water she fall, Aarya try to hold her but unfortunately she fall in the bed Aarya fall on her…. They get eye lock…….

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  1. Aarya chupa rustam nikla. Why don’t want her to call u brother? Kuch to kichdi pak rahi hi. Shree is so sweet. I love them all. Super story.

  2. Oh god such an wonderfull update dr

  3. Nice stry ya..i lvd d name” arya”

  4. Nice?…w8ng for next.☺️

  5. Shree is so sweet a perfect friend …..

    So cute they fall on bed…lets c chupa rustam kb btayega that he loves her

  6. Wat does ‘bawa’ means?

    1. Hi liya bawa means brother in law…. in telugu close friends ek doosare ko bawa kehkar boolathe hein….

    2. Liya dr its like ‘macha’ in our language

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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