Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 4)


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They reached the home. He parks the car in portico. One old lady opens the door. Aarya hugs her…

Aarya : Ms.Peethi this is my grandmother but I cal her as maa. Maa this is Preethi. She is our guest.

G.Maa : I’m so happy to see u Preethi. Come in. I’m also grandmaa for u also. First u get refresh then we can talk ok….!

Preethi : (smiles) Thanks maa.
(Aarya gets her into Room.
) how do u knw tamil? Grandma also speak in tamil?

Aarya : Actually my grandma from tamilnadu. My grandpa from karnataka. When they meet in one clg function then fall in love. Then they marriage against their parents wish.
Preethi : Oh….. where is ur parents?
Aarya gets sad, grandma comes there. Oh huh its time to lunch. Come to the dinning hall. Grandma leaves with Aarya. Preethi refreshed and went to the dinning hall. Grandma servers food for all. They finished the lunch. Preethi sits in the garden and think about her life. Aarya looks her from the balcony, grandma come to him room and called him Aarya suddenly turns…..

G.maa : wat r u doing here? How many times I called u?

Aarya : Maa wat hpn? Y do u strain urself?
G.Maa : who’s that girl da? She is ur girlfriend? I like her soo much da. May I fix ur marriage date at next month?
Aarya : Maa pls…. u knw everything abt me then how can u speak like childishly? I meet her in small accident, she had some prblm in her family. So she came here to meet his frnd. But she dnt knw her frnd address she lost her bag.
G.maa : thinks deeply….
Flash back…. Grandpa and grandma fix marriage for Aarya’s father (Arunkumar) with business man’s Daughter(Radhika). Arun is very dedicated business man. Arun Radhika’s marriage was happened grandly. Years are rolls. 2yrs latter Radhika gets pregnant. Radhika gives birth to Aarya. But she dnt cares abt Aarya. One day Arun dies in the flight accident. When Aarya is 1yr old. Radhika left Aarya and get married with some one…. fb ends. Grandma gets sad…..

Aarya : Maa pls dnt get sad ma. Pls…..(Aarya hears the car sound)
G.maa : That idiot shree was came.
Aarya looks down from the balcony and said hi to him. Shree looks him and smiles. Aarya and Grandma comes down.
Shree : Mammu y u r looking sad? Wat hap? This rascal did anything ah?
G.maa : Shree I get sad for only one thing. That’s his marriage. Ok leave that wat do u have to drink?
Shree : one filter coffee Mammu. (Grandma leaves.) Aarya, i went to that madhu’s office and got her address. But….
Aarya : But wat da? Prblms are over. Grandma thinks I love this girl. We can sends her right now ok?
Shree : Aarya just listen to me. That madhu….. sry bawa that madhu was not in that address.
Aarya : Orey what did u said raa? Where’s she?
Shree : I dnt knw bawa. We will produce this preethi into the police station. We have no choice.
Aarya : Mhm no bawa, we wont. We’ll wait for madhu ok.
Grandma calls them. They explain the situation to her…

G.maa : she looks and attitude are shows how is she. U do one thing, u said to her, that madhu went to foreign for her project work. No other option for this u must lied to her. On other hand u search and gather the details abt Madhu ok.

Aarya and Shree are nodes. Grandma take coffee for her. Aarya said the same thing to Preethi.
G.maa : dnt wry ma… u may stay here until ur frnd returns.
preethi : nodes….
G.maa : Shree u and Aarya going out ah? Gets her with u for shopping. Coz she must want at least 5 dresses so get her.
Preethi : No maa. I can wear this dress ma.
G.maa : how can that possible? U must bought some dress its my order.
Aarya and Shree smiles….

Shree : No more objection for my mammu words. (Kiddingly) Obey her words :-). Come let’s go….
she nodes and go with them

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