Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 3)


Hi frnds……. thanq u soooooooooooo much for ur kind support. If u feel this story gets boring plz just post ur comments. I’ll try to make more interesting. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Doctor checks her…., Shree went pharmacy…..

Doc : Excuse me Mr…. wat’s her name. Who she is to u?
Aarya : Doc… doc…. sry wat did u ask?
Doc : What is her name? She is whom to u?
Aarya : She….. she is…. she is my….
Doc : I finish dressing. Within half in hour she get conscious. Today evening u make take her to home. Take care of her…..
Shree enter into the room. Aarya looks him…
Shree : Hey bawa (buddy) wat hpn?
Aarya : Doc ask abt her bawa. How can we knw abt her? She has that wallet only….. (suddenly) hey wer is her wallet.
Shree : That’s in car da but…. (Aarya runs) he….. hey Aarya wait da….
Aarya opens the car and open her wallet. Shree calls him and said, hey she gets conscious come da. Aarya come to that room. Preethi looks them and her body gets shivered….. Shree notice that,

Shree : just calm down. I’m Shree and She is my frnd Aarya. May I knw ur name pls… wer r u from?
Preethi : I… I….. I’m Pree… Preethi @ Praneetha fr… from Tamilnadu. I came to meet my frnd Madhu.
Shree : Where is ur frnd works?
Preethi : Maa….. Madhu (cries badly). She works at M.N.C company. I dnt knw wer is staying. I lost my bag and mbl.
Shree : ok u may leave this city. U go to Chennai. We ll sends u.
Preethi : I can’t return to my home….. coz my stepmother…… (she explained what ever happen till now).

Shree and Aarya gets stun……
Aarya : Wat a the…. ppl do this too for money nah? Unbelievable. Do u have ur friends photo?
Preethi : No….. 🙁 ;-(
Aarya : No prblm. We’ll helps u. Tmrw we go to ur frnd’s office and gets ur frnd address.
Shree : (pulls Aarya& silently) hey r u mad? Now time is 12:30. How can we get her into home?
Aarya : dnt wry da I’ll take care of her. Her stage is soo sad now. (Preethi gets confused) dnt wry Ms. Preethi trust me. Come lets go. Preethi follows him. Aarya drops Shree into his flat. Then they reached home

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