Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 2)


I heartily thank everyone who all are readout and post ur comments for my first episode. Thank u soooooo much for ur kind supports my dr frnds.

Pranav cuts the call and cries. Preethi calls Madhu’s mobile. But she dnt attend her call. Preethi scared too much. Coz still now she dnt comes out from the circle. First she travel to another place without any guidance. She opens her purse and sees her mother’s photo cries silently.
At Preethi’s Home….
Maya and Vidhya taunts Preethi. Pranav enter into the home. Vidhya runs towards to him, hugs him and cries….

Pranav : Mom wat hpn? Y u r do like this?
Vidhya : Pranav, how can I tell this to u? That bl***dy beggar Preethi elope with someone. She was cheated us Pranav. She thefts the jewels and money from our home. We can’t file case coz our family status and respect are spoiled. Then no one marry our Maya. Wat to do?
Pranav : (control his angry) wat did u say ma? How can u say she elope with someone?
Vidhya : Ayyo Pranav…… u still behave like a kid. She left the home at backdoor. Y she used the back door? That dog cheats us Pranav. Ho god, tmrw that bride families are came to our home? How can I face them? What can I say to them?

Vidhya creates a big scene. The whole colonies are gathered in front of Preethi’s home. And all are starts talk the bad things about Preethi. Vidhya gets inside and close the door. She packs all things and plan to vacate the home. Pranav calls the goods packers and they leaves chennai and went to their relative home at Thiruvanadhapuram, Kerala. Pranav forgot to inform his friends.
At the morning…, Preethi Reached Bangalore. She calls Madhu’s mobile still she dnt response her call. She comes to the bus stand’s wash room and refresh herself. She went to the coffee shop. She drunk one coffee. She ask abt the local bus details, she gets typical to understand that Telugu language. She reach the local bus stop, she struggle to the bus root. She got the bus and said to the conductor, I dnt knw that stop so pls help me. Conductor nodes but he forgot to instruct her. She get down from the bus and cals auto. She reached Madhu’s office at 1:30 pm. She enter into the office, ask abt Madhu in the reception.

Receptionist enquiries her and said Madhu take leave for 15 days. Preethi ask abt her hostel/flat address, receptionist gives one visiting card to her and said u go to this address and u can meet her. Preethi thanks her and leaves the office. She gets hungry, she look at the watch it shows 2:47pm. She went to the hotel. She orders food, she ate. She walk towards to the bus stop. She felt someone followed her. She look back but no one in the road. She change the cash to Wallet from the bag. She reach the bus stand one thief theft her bag from his hand. She shouts and runs on…. but he runs fastly.

She thinks thank god I have changed the amt to my wallet or otherwise….. oh no I cant imagine that. She looks her wallet, the wallet was full of money. But she dnt have that visiting card and her phone. She think wat to do now. Then she got one idea, she again go to that office. She calls auto. She went into the office, in the reception another receptionist was replaced. She try to explain abt herself but that receptionist dnt hear what she say. She leave from the office sadly. She thinks abt wat to do next and walk on the road, Suddenly she hears the temple bell sound then only she realise her present stage. She go to the Sai baba temple and cries badly. She gets so tired.

Someone come and said its time to close the temple so can u pls leave madam. She leaves the temple. She try to remember Madhu’s num but she cant. Then she decided to go to the office tmrw mrng, she gets auto and ask the driver to drop her in one ladies hostel. That auto driver nodes. He pick up some more boys to the auto. They all are start to misbehave with her. She shouts for help…… Unfortunately she kick out the auto driver, the auto clash with one car. Shree & Aarya gets down from the car and scolds that auto driver. Preethi bite one boys hand who closes her mouth. She shouts for help again. Aarya looks that driver, driver runs away from that place. Shree rushes in near to the auto that boys are try to beat them. One boy pushed Preethi into the stone. Preethi gets injury. Aarya and Shree takes her into the hospital………

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  1. Oh god preethi so sad dr…… if i am in that sitation na i will not handle the situaation….

  2. super dear I’m also Tamil in chennai I liked u r story very much plz update fast and u r in which place u r story samma in Tamil”super o super” bye have a good night

  3. O god . . . Hope she dnt gt any major injury. 🙁

  4. Oh god so sad for preethi…hope everything gets fine soon..pls update next part early…

  5. So sad situation fr preethi she has so patience

  6. Ohhh,very nicely written episode…loving this story very much. . keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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