Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 12)


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Shree : Preethi pls break the silence….
Preethi : I’m sry to say this…(Aarya turns and weeps the tears)…
Aarya : pls dnt tel anything Preethi. Shree come let’s go.
Shree : Bawa she try to say something…
Aarya : Shree pls let’s go. If u come or…
Shree : Hey Madhu… I never leave u. U hurts my frnd a lot. Sry Preethi bye.
Aarya leaves with broken heart.
Preethi looks him sadly… Aarya goes near to the car, and turns to see her face. Aarya get into the car Shree drives…
Aarya : Bawa pls stop the car…
Shree : y da.
Aarya : pls stop the car da. If u not stops the car I’ll jump from car. (Shree stops the car) I need some privacy u go to the home da. I’ll b back in 1 or 2hrs.
Shree : Aarya I cant go I’ll wait here.
Aarya cries badly….
Aarya : Bawa I cant da. I luvs her a lot but she dnt da. I dnt knw y I luvs her this much. I have a lot of dream abt my future life da. U knw in my dream “me and preethi are lives happily. I was in Office Preethi calls me and said immediately come to home pls, I was rush into home, I ask wat? She takes my hands and put into her stomach, I dnt undrstn then she said junior Aarya is lives here. After the 9 months… I’m in meeting that time she got pain, she called me but u attend the call and we take her into hospital she gives birth to Twins. Nurse comes with babies but I’m gng to see her…” like this I lives with her happily da. But now my dreams are just dream da. I cant…..

Shree : (hugs him) bawa I dnt xpect this from u da. I’m soo happy just wait da. We ll go to Madhu’s office and takes Preethi with us.
Aarya : No da bawa. When she realized my love then she can back. Until then I’ll never meets her.
Shree : Idiot now a days no one can understand the Words how can she understands ur silence. Pls da bawa…
Aarya : Shree its luv da. If u fall in luv with anyone means u can undrstnd this.
Shree : oh thank god, I dnt luv anyone. Pls clam down. I hope mammu sees all this from heaven she ll helps u. Dnt wry bawa Come let’s go to the home.
Aarya nodes and go with him.
Aarya : Bawa look at there Preethi is stands here.
Shree looks and said, “bawa she is not da”.
Aarya : shhhh bawa sry da…

At the home…
Aarya : Bawa at this time she is happily enjy with her frnd but look at me I think abt herself only. That’s y 1ly I feel she is stands her. But I knw its my imagination. She makes me as a mad da bawa…
Shree : Aiyo bawa… Really she is her its not ur imagine.
Aarya : hey wat do u want? Wat r u doing here?
Preethi : This is my home so I came here.
Aarya : wat wat wat its ur home?
Preethi : u luvs me a lot thrn y didn’t express to me?
Aarya : I.. I’m not luvs u… get out of my sight.
Preethi looks Shree… Preethi plays the record which Aarya said to Shree. Aarya looks shree.

Fb shows….
When Aarya leaves the place Preethi cries badly.
Madhu : hey wat hpn?
Preethi : I fall in luv with him. But he married me based on the sympathy only.
Madhu : then u expose ur luv to him.
Preethi : if he refused means I can’t live aftr that…
Madhu looks the visiting card and cals to Shree’s number. Shree try to cut the cal but mistakenly attends the call… Madhu hears their conversation and records that… Preethi hears everything and gets happy.
Madhu : u may go to his home. He luvs u a lot.
Preethi thanks her and said, “pls come and meet me at least weekly once”.
Fb ends…
Shree : I’m sry bawa. Bye I’ll meet u in the morning…
Shree leaves. Aarya enters the home angrily… Preethi follows him…
Preethi : Aarya pls I’m sry pls frgv me…
Aarya looks her angrily and get into his room. Preethi follows him… Preethi enter into his room and looks around…
Preethi : Aarya… Aarya… Aarya wr r u? Pls frgv me pls… (Power gets off…) Aarya pls wr r u? I’m really very scared pls wr r u?
Preethi search for candle and matchbox. Aarya grabs her… Preethi try to shout. Aarya close her mouth.

Aarya : hey its me… (Aarya hugs her…) Preethi I luv u…
Preethi : hmm…
Aarya : hey wats this hw I was xprs my feeling to u. Simply u said hmm.
Preethi smiles and try to free from his hands…
Aarya : I never free u from my hug.
Preethi : pls leave me…
Aarya : ok I’ll leave u but u want to give me a one kiss ok…
Preethi accept to give a kiss to him… she gets near to him and pulls him in the bed and runs from that room.

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