Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 11)


Preethi misundrstns him. Shree gives the project details and conference details with agreement to him. Aarya leave the home. Preethi cuts the vegetables. Shree comes and sit with her and helps to her…
Preethi : oh brother u knw this work too?
Shree : sis wat do u think about myself. I knw cooking very well. U stay here tdy I’ll prepare lunch for us ok.
Preethi : wow…! But no thanks brother. I’ll
Shree : no I’ll. Its my order. Sit here…
Shree starts to cook. After the 1hr he completes the cooking.
Shree : wat’s time now sis?
Preethi : 12:50 brother.
Shree : oh great. Within a hour Aarya ll b back so we’ll eat with him.
Preethi and Shree waits for him…
Preethi : Shree … may I ask one thing to u.
Shree : hey come on Preethi I’m ur brother.
Preethi : I want to meet Madhu. I want to talk with my Pranav. can u help me?
Shree : huh its very simple. But I’m not sure ur frnd may be in Bangalore.
Preethi : we go to her office and check out her present r not.
Shree : ok evng we ll go ok.
Preethi : thanq so much shree. But Aarya
Shree : hey I’m ur brother no more formalities ok. I’ll take care of him. U dnt wry.
Preethi nodes. After the 30 mins Aarya comes to home.
Shree : hi da…
Aarya : hey hi da. Y r u sits here? R u waiting for me?
Shree : no da I’m waiting for Actress Aishwarya Rai. How can ask like a idiotic question da. Go fast and refresh da. I’m soo hungry… come fast da.
Aarya : hey just chill da.
Aarya backs in 10 mins.
Preethi Shree & Aarya eat…
Aarya : Preethi r u alright….
Preethi : yeah I’m alright. Y?
Aarya : then y do u cook like this?
Shree : hey tdy my cooking.
Aarya : oh god pls saves me from his? Aarya act like feared. Shree try to hit him… Preerthi laughs…
Shree : Bawa tdy evng we want to go to Madhu’s office.
Aarya : mm ok
Shree : y r u so dull da.
Aarya : ntng da I’m ok.

At evng…
Preethi Aarya and shree are go to Madhu’s office. Shree enquiries abt Madhu.
Recip : u may wait here sir I’ll check and inform to u.
They are waits in the reception… After the 5 mins…
Preethi stands shockingly…. Madhu comes Preethi runs towards her and hugs her….
Madhu : Preethi r u alright? Why u dnt meet me til the date? Wr r u frm? When I was in important meeting now u was called me, I was in out of the city on the day I’m sry preethi. U knw one thing Pranav called me daily and ask abt u.
Preethi : yeah I’m alright. How was Pranav? I want to talk with him…
Madhu notice her neck amd gets shocked…
Madhu : Hey Preethi wat’s this? Wen its happen & hw its happen?
Preethi cries shree comes there and introduce abt himself and Aarya. Shree explains everything how was the marriage was done at all… Madhu gets freeze…
Aarya : I’m sry Miss Madhu.
Madhu : how can I forgives Mr. Aarya? Forcibly u was married my frnd?
Shree : Excuse me, here I’m not supporting him. I just want to say the truth. Yes he married her forcibly but he luvs her so much. That’s y only he did this.
Preethi shocked to hear all this…
Madhu : hw can I say this to Pranav. Ur frnd loves Preethi. But preethi? Do u knw Preethi luvs him? She is a girl. She has a feelings how can she accept this marriage?
Shree : oh… if u dnt mind may I ask 1 thing? In case its was an arrange marriage Preethi dnt knw likes him but her parents forcibly done this marriage with him means. Preethi wat do to next? She try to understand him and accept him as her husband. May I right? Y do u think this like that?
Aarya : Shree pls shut up. Sry Ms.Madhu. I did a big mistake. U may ask to ur frnd if she accept this marriage means I’ll get back her to home or othrws u’ll take care of her. I’ll give a divorce to her.
Shree : Bawa wat is this da. Y do u take this decision? Sister sister pls pls listen to me…
Aarya holds Shree’s hand and signs to no…
Madhu : Preethi will u accept this marriage?
(Preethi keeps silence) Preethi this is not a perfect time to the silence just speak out…

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  1. What is this yaar suspense here but plzzzz dont try to seperate them i want preethi said ok for this marriage

  2. Nice yaar

  3. Nice,now preethi knows the truth.

  4. Aadhi awesome yaar y were u late 2 update this ff …
    I hope preethi accepts aaryaa.
    I love d trio now sree aarya n preethi

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  7. Nice..Preethi plz accept arya

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  9. Awesome episode, it’s superb, finally madhu found…I feel something fishy between madhu n shree (future lovers??? maybe..)…preethi dear plzzzz don’t leave aarya…he is so adorable. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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