Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 10)


Shree slaps him….
Shree : r u mad? Idiot she is a girl. She has a feelings emotions at all… y do u did like madly?
Aarya : Shree u knw everythng abt me. First of all u want knw wat hpn on that day. Our neighbours are bad mouth abt her. Her character has been spoiled coz of us. So only I did this.
Preethi thinks, “he dnt have any feelings on myself. He cleared this to me now.” Tears are roll out from her eyes.

Shree : I accept ur side da but she….(Shree looks preethi) look at her she is crying. In case if her family comes to knw this means they make this as a big issue.
Preethi get into the room and close the door.
Aarya : coz I love her Shree. U knw that G.maa also knw this. (Shree stands silently) sry Shree. She repeatedly said, “I leave this home”. I dnt knw when I’m starts to love her… but felt when she cares for maa. I get scared coz she leaves the home means I cant get her back she went away from me. I cant think my life without her. Pls undrstnd Shree….
Shree : I’m sry bawa. I knw u luvs her but I dnt imagine u luvs her this much. I’m really sry bawa pls frgv me.

Aarya : idiot u always think abt myself then how can I think u mistakenly. Stil I dnt knw hw to express my feeling to her.
Shree : I’m so happy coz u. dnt wry bawa. I’m with u I give a dozens of idea to u. Ok u stay here I’m gng to meet my sister ok.
Aarya : hey pls give a recommendation for me also da. She always looks me angrily.
Shree : first she want to talk with me then only I can recommend for u ok…
Aarya : ?? mm k k. Quickly talk with her and convince her for the first ni8. ????
Shree : mm I’ll tell her to kill urself also ok na…
Aarya : oy… I’m ur best frnd da. I’m just kidding. U may go and talk with ur sister. I’ll wait.
Shree and Aarya smiles. Shree knock the door. Preethi opens the door.
Shree : sister I want to talk with u.

Preethi : sry brother I cant now. I need some time. So pls… just wait for 30 mins I’ll prepare breakfast.
Shree nodes. Preethi went to the kitchen.
Aarya : wat hpn da?
Shree : ?????? she is too angry…
Aarya : yeah yeah she is angry with u. Y coz mean we are spend some romantic time u distributed us. Then how can she talk with u.
Shree : mm how can u speak like shamelessly? In case I cant came here means she ll kills u but unfortunately I saves u mind that ok…
They discussed abt their business. Aftr the one hour Preethi calls them for eat. They comes. Preethi serves food to them.
Shree : sister u also sit and eat… force her to eat
Preethi sits and eat. Aarya locks her leg with his leg. Preethi try to frees her. Shree looks her confusingly.
Shree : Preethi r u ok…

Preethi : (shockingly). Yeah I… I’m ok shree.
Shree looks Aarya. Aarya shakes his shoulder like I dnt knw. Preethi pull down the spoon in Shree side. Shree benda to take the spoon. Suddenly Aarya frees her leg. Preethi looks him.
Aarya : wat a eyes… she kills me through her eyes wat shape eyes….
Shree : wat… wat did u say.
Aarya : wat… I’m not say anything. Eat fast we want to go to the office.
Shree acts like eat fastly. Aarya smiles. Shree : I’m so tired bawa. U drop me in my flat. Tmrw onwards I’ll come to the office.
Aarya : hmmm ok da.
Shree : just a sec… Preethi…. sis preethi.
Preethi : (comes out from the kitchen) ah tell me brother.
He handover one gift to her. Preethi looks that gift and ask “wat is this brother”. Shree said, “its a small gift for one sweet sister from one lovable brother”. Preethi looks him and hugs him. Aarya : huh can u stop ur sentimental scenes.
Shree : y do u get jealous bawa..
Preethi : thanq so much. Can u do one favour for me.
Shree : its my pleasure. Tell me wat I want to do…
Preethi : can u stay here?
Shree : yeah I can. but…. ok tdy I’m going to stay here ok. I’ll be back in 15 mins… Shree get into one room. Aarya goes to near of preethi. Preethi gets steps back Aarya follows her. She attached in the wall. Aarya make a gates in his hand…
Aarya : wherever u go I’ll follow u.
Preethi : y do u follow me?
Aarya : coz I love u.
Preethi : dnt lie
Shree calls Aarya, he moves from there. Aarya does not listen her.
Preethi : y do u lie to me Aarya. U dnt luvs me. U just have a sympathy. I knw that. I can leave the home as soon as possible…

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  1. God again missunderstanding… plzzzz reveal it to preethi plzzzz

    1. Thanq hayathi. Thanq sooooooooooo much for ur continues support 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Aadhi awesome yr…i like shree-arya frndship..nd i love arya

    1. Lahari thanq dr thanq so much for ur support my dr

  3. Nice episode.

    1. Hari thanx for ur comment. Keep reading ya

  4. Loved it soo much .pls update next one if possible

    1. Hi Devi… I’ll upload the nex part as soon as possible dr. Thanq so much for ur kind support my dr.

  5. Aarya really became mad i think. He is too much. But shree n aarya together will convince her. I just loved it. I am totally amazed by aarya tdy.

    1. Manha thanq so much my dr.

  6. arya is really very caring,
    Preethi when will u understand him???l really luv shree nd arya’s bonding…their conv. was so funny 😀 :-D..take care

    1. Anu dr thanq soo much 🙂

  7. Adhi ur story was awesome I love ur story nd ur creativity semaya iruku intha story eluthuna unaku oru umma kudukalam un story Enaku avlo pudikum.
    I am from Dindigul nee Enna pdikura

    1. Hi Susmi thanq soo much dr. I’m soo happy to most of the readers from TN also. I’m frm Trichy my dr. I was complete my Master degree in Computer application dr.

  8. Please let aadhi know that he really loves her…

    1. Kirti dr thanq soo much… dnt wry dr within a few episodes Preethi ll realise Aarya’s love my dr. Be happy….

  9. I’m sooo happy to see all r u comments guys…. thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq sooooooo much to u all. I dnt xpect this much of supports from readers. This all words from bottom of my heart my drs… one big hug to u all. I dnt knw how to xprs my feelings. Thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq thanq sooooooooooooooo much drs tears only falls from my eyes thanx a lot :'( :'( :'(.

    1. Hey Aadhi, We should give u so many Thnx for presenting such an exquisite ff to us..really this is great.ur narration is you a tight hug back… love u loads.take care.may God bless u always & keep u safe.

    2. and yeah don’t cry just keep smiling always 😀 😀 😀

      1. Anu dr thanq so much. God ll be always with us….. thanq so much dr

    3. Actually we have to say thanks to u dr… because apne itni achi story tho introduce kiya dr…. thank u so much dr

      1. Hayathi u r such a wonderful person. Y coz means I was notice all the ff. Mostly u r the first person to post the comments. Keep supporting dr thanq u soo much dr

  10. Awesome episode dear, loved it very much, thank God shree didn’t misunderstood aarya, I loved their convo n aaryas teasing preethi…loving this story very much. ..I hope both friends convince her soon…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug back to you my sweeeeeet friend. …

    1. Thanq sooo much Roma. Thanq sooooooo soooo much for ur comment my dr…. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♥♥♡♡

  11. Aadi its fab yaar loved it n plzz continue im eagerly waiting 4 d nxt episode

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