Fight btw two Hearts (Episode 1)


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Preethi @ Praneetha, she is 23 yrs old girl. She lives in Chennai. She dropped her Management degree coz of her family. Her mother was died when she was 3 yrs old. Ram Preethi’s Father. Vidhya Ram’s 2nd wife. Pranav Preethi’s step brother. Maya Preethi’s step sister. Vidhya hates preethi, she always taunts her, but she acts sweet in front of the relations. Ram never speak against Vidhya’s word. Pranav likes Preethi but Maya join her hand with Vidhya. Maya did everything against Preethi. Madhu Preethi’s best friend. Madhu know everything about Preethi. She cares for her. Madhu works in MNC.

Aarya 25 yrs old boy. He looks very cute. He is an M.D of A.R Enterprises in Bangalore. He is an successful business man. He only listen what his mind says. He never listen his heart says. Coz he think, Heart depends on emotions, so its take wrong decision. But mind dnt depends on the emotions. Shree @ Shree Ram Aarya’s left hand, well Wisher, friend, brother and everything to him. Shree works in Aarya’s company.

Maya hates her middle class life. She said her mother about this. Vidhya and Maya plan to use Preethi for their dream becomes true. So they decided to sell Preethi to the Rowdy or some prostitution area….

Vidhya : oh my sweet heart! ur plan was awesome. But we can’t execute this plan immediately. We want to made some other plans also. Already I was talk about this matter with one lady. She ready to gives 15 lacks.

Maya : wow superb mom… Now wat we want to do mom?
Vidhya : that lady comes to our home with fake marriage proposal. We want to act like sweet with Preethi. First she wants to believe us. Then we marry her to that lady’s brother. Then only they give money to us. So we’ll start our drama at today itself ok.
Maya : oh mom chance less. Ok mom. Where is she?
Vidhya : That Madhu came for holiday. So she went to meet her.
Maya : oh ok ok mom.

Preethi returns her home with Madhu. Vidhya and Maya starts their drama
Vidhya : Madhu….. How are you…? How was ur work? How many days leave for u? (Madhu & Preethi looks each others.)
Madhu : What happen to you aunty r u ok?
Maya : Dnt kidding Madhu. Mom really care for u that’s y only she ask.
Madhu : Oh god really its happen or I was in dream. (Preethi Shakea her) sry aunty I’m just kidding. Yeah I’m good aunty. My work is little hard but I’m happy with my job. Tomorrow I want to return to Bangalore aunty.
Maya : oh nice Madhu. (Madhu and Preethi leave to their room).
Madhu : Preethi….. wat happen to them. They treat us very sweetly.
Preethi : I dnt knw Madhu. I also think abt them.

Madhu : anyway they start to treat u as good. I’m so happy. I have some work so bye Preethi.
Three months They continue their drama and they acts sweet with Preethi. Pranav had doubt abt their behaviour. He starts to watch them. One day somebody come to Vidhya’s home to meet her. Vidhya gets soo happy to see them. Vidhya comes to Preethi room and said one good family come with our home for ur marriage proposal so pls get ready. If ur mom is alive she get very happy to this proposal. Preethi looks her and think. She went to get ready, she cals Madhu’s mobile phone. But she cuts the cal coz she is the meeting. Preethi send msg abt her proposal and gets ready comeout from the room. She provides coffee and snacks to them. They signs and said, within a 3 days this marriage will happen. Y coz means my brother want to return to Dubai. Dnt wry abt the arrangements, we’ll take care of that. Vidhya going to send off them. Pranav watch Vidhya from the window, he sees Vidhya get money from that lady. Pranav gets shocked. Vidhya safe that amount. Pranav follows her and find where she hide the amount. At night Pranav comes to see Preethi but Maya fills mehandi on her hand. Pranav leaves. Preethi think abt Madhu, she call to her mbl but she dnt response to her cal.
Next day morning Preethi and Maya went to the Shopping. Pranav feels bad. Pranav take some amount from that place. He go to the ticket booking office he books one ticket for bangalore in the name of Preethi. Pranav buy one bag he return to the back side of the home. He packs Preethi’s dresses into that bag and leaves the home in back side. He hides the bag into his friend’s home. At night Pranav comes to Preethi’s room…..

Pranav : Preethi listen to me carefully….. I dnt knw wat going to happen but I knw something went wrong to u. Mom and Maya are acts like a sweet. Dnt believe them.
Preethi : (Shockley cries) wat do u say Pranav? Really? Y this all are happen to me only…..
Pranav : Stop crying idiot. I never let this happen to u. I’ll saves u from all. Ok u must leaves this house first.
Preethi : But Pranav, where am I go?
Pranav : oh Preethi. U may go to bangalore. Madhu is there she ll takes care of u.
Preethi : I called her lot of times but she dnt pick my cal. I knw only her company name. Wat to do now.
Pranav : That’s enough Preethi. If she dnt pick ur cal means u go to her office ok.
Preethi : But Pranav how can I go there a lonely? Pls u also come with me pls…..
Pranav : that’s not possible Preethi. Y coz means, I want to stay here. Then only I can help u. Pls get ready no time for us.
Preethi : May I speak with dad abt this?
Pranav : (angrily looks her) r u really in ur sense? Dad never helps u. He always in mom side. Pls get ready.

Preethi gets ready. They leave at backside of the home. Pranav cals his friend and said, hey take that bag and comes to the omni bus stand. Pranav and Preethi reach the bus stand. Pranav’s friends come to the bus stand and gives the bag to her. Pranav get into the bus and checkout the seat. Pranav gets Preethi into the bus. Pranav friends bring water bottle and biscuits for Preethi. Preethi thanks them. Preethi gets emotional and hugs Pranav, cries badly. Pranav console her. Bus gets move. Pranav said, dnt cal to my num. Cal to my friend num. Take care I’m going to miss u badly….. Preethi cries badly. Preethi opens her bag and shocked to see the amt in her bag. Pranav cals her and said, Rs. 2 lacks in ur bag. That’s ur amt. Be careful, ur ticket in ur purse. If u reached bangalore means just informed to me. Pranav cuts the cal and cries…….

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