His fiercy Wife OS


One SHOT..

a beautiful day and Swara is all set for her job while setting her hair strands she took her clutch and walk downstairs only to be bumb by someone who is hard as Rock as she look to see smiling Laksh..
Laksh – going somewhere Madam?

Swara give deathly look at him and walk past but stopped abruptly when someone grabbed her hand and pulled her beside piller she knew who is he and she just wanted to kick hell out of him as she opened her she snapped “What! ”

He said ”Where are you going! ”
Swara look away -“none of your business! You just go and entertain your girlfriend Kavitha! ”
He held her more tighter than before furiously said – it was you who was being all great like Mahatma Gandhi not me Swara! I remember one week before where you ask Kavitha to be here and said SANSKAR would be don’t mind and now look at your face!! You become so much jealous and irritated of Kavitha that you are running to office at last!
Swara try to push him saying – so what I do stay here and listen that blo*dy b*t*h ” oh Sanskar it’s your favorite kheer or oh Sanskar you look handsome in blue!! “for crying out loud you are my husband!! And I love you!!! You are only mine!!!
Sanskar finally Smirk after all “Laksh -Baba rules of love confess work otherwise he knows where he have to send lucky this bussissnes trip away from Ragini! ”

Sanskar – I don’t mind either if you show your rights! Just be brave when it comes to you and your relationship Swara! And running away is the last thing I want now go and throw Kavitha out before all my mad family started thinking about my second marriage.!!
Kissing her forhead he left with smirk after all he have made his wife again on work!! Which she will love to do and now he can go office with ease and somewhere happy that Swara would not joining because he can’t tolerate anyone else to see his s*xy wife in hot bussissnes outfit!
Swara who was thinking about Sanskar words give sign of relief as now when she gets her husband support she can throw that b*t*h easily!

In evening..
Living area..
Kavitha look at Swara with anger filled eyes – How dare you Swara!! You can’t to me like that!!

It was the first thing Sanskar has listened coming inside his mansion after tiring day in office. And look around to see Ap, Sujata are looking shocked even Ram and Dp are too stunned while Ragini is silently giggling and Laksh is getting too much fun as he was munching PAKORA!! but most importantly his wife Swara is the one who made this expression of everyone!

Kavitha angrily – you b*t*h once more you shout at me I will throw you where you came from!
Swara calmly – I didn’t shout at you Kavitha I just being in your ex boyfriend house is not appropriate so you should leave now!
Kavitha – oh I see! But I think Swara Sanskar is still my boyfriend and he loves me and you are his headache!
Swara shrugged off – then be it! I really get happier wife to be his headache and I don’t mind if he love me or not because he is mine and my husband not any boyfriend!
Kavitha – you don’t deserve him!
Swara – so what! I don’t mind on it. But now he have to only deserve by me in life Kavitha! Now will you take your luggage and go out otherwise I think I have to throw you out of my house! OUT NOW!

Kavitha taken aback and turned to left when she no body is supporting her.
As Sanskar is no mood to get any tantrums of Kavitha or anyone he silently slipped from one side towards his room without any one noticed!
In night..
Swara enter inside their room after dinner drama where everyone was looking at her accusing faces but Ragini and Laksh are beside her and her husband finally said that no one is allowed to interefere in her work! No body then dare to say anything to her.
As she now look at her husband lying well waiting for her she silently freshen up and slipped beside him.
Sanskar you asleep?


Oh! I want to ask you something?

From when you started taking permission Swara!

Is you ever try to close to be with Kavitha before years!


Sanskar sat up on bed with jerk and look at her with blank expression.
Swara smile sheepishly – I mean you and her..

Sanskar – I understand SWARA what are you asking but let me know now why?

Swara said casually – because in our relationship we never taken that step and I thought you were angry!

Sanskar shook his head at her antics and over thinking mind !
Sanskar – you know what let me show how much I angry with you! Saying this it turned out to be most passionate and wild night of Mr and Mrs Maheshwari!!!
WELL I DON’T KNOW WHY but I just write it down just like that!! Crazy idea of my crazy mind!!!

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