Ffs by sargam (promos)

Hi guys i know u all r missing my stories but this phase of my studies is really important,my board exams so preparing for that but got a littlr time so thought to upload bpromos ofy current works and upcoming also.here u go:

Jee le zara
Lady:hi ,u r ragini right,welcome
Ragini smiles and goes.
Scene 2
Ahhh,a girls screaming voice is heard,ragini rushes inside and later is teary eyed holding a little life in her hand.
Scene 3
Kavita:i m going to meet sanky
Scene 4
Ragini dropped the fone and rushes with a 2 yr old kanav and cries woefully.
Scene 5
Kanav:papa and hr hugs sanky while all smile.suji luks at ragini and thinks something.
Suji:marry my son….
Scene 6
Dadi:but shekhar i wont tell her this,she doesnt need to know
Shekhar:but wat if she gets to knoe it sum day that she isnt ragini…..
Ragini heras it.

I m not sure about last scene but if u want i may include it.so tell me….

Pyar toh hona ho tha
Laksh:wat r u doing on my bed?
Ragini looks at h angrily and pulls the duvet to sleep.laksh huffs and sleeps on sofa.

Sanky:go sleep on bed
Swara:no i wont
Sanky lifts her and drops her on bed.

Scene 2
Swaraagini r looking at their husbands faces .sanlak eat the sweet dishes and rushes to rooms.
Ragini:i m sorry,laksh….
Laksh glares her and vomits.

Swara:have this water
Sanky:i wont
Swara forcefully makes him drink water.
Both couple share eyelock.
Scene 3
Swarag:our husbands r so lazy, they don’t work
Sanlak:we will go to office.
Swarag smirk.

Scene 4
Laksh:ragini ….where is she?
Ragini is shown in a club dancing madly.

Sanky:swara where r u?
Swara is shown in a waiter’s dress #pying on someone.

My upcoming os on raglak_kyonki itna pyar tumse karte hain hum….
Ragini :i will see the new professor.
Laksh:i m ur new teacher.
Scene 2
Ragini i love u laksh
Laksh:i love sum1 else.
Scene 3
Ragini runs to her nanu.
Nanu:dont keep expectations in love.
Ragini:i under stand…
Ragini:hi i m ragini and u r avni right…dont worry i will treay u…
Avni is expression less.
Scene 5
Ragini:go ur love is here…
Avni runs and hugs laksh…
Ragini hides and luks on.
Scene 6
A boy:mumma to avni
Ragi?mi looks on b\w lak and her.and goes from there

My ff bandhan dilo ke which i didnt wrote…
Ragini is playimg witj mud and theud is smeared all over her face.laado,janki calls.ragini turns around with a cute smile.
Swara shows a punch to sum1 and says dont mess with me or u will see hell.
Laksh helps an old lady to cross road.and smiles.
Sanky is angry on his employees and grits his teeth.
Pair will b raglal and swasan.

Pyar humko bhi hai,new ff on swaragini track with raglak.
Laksh:i hate u ragini
Ragini smiled
Scene 2
Ragini: somebody help me amd she holds a person in her embrace.
Scene 3
Rag:y u came here?
Laksh:u r my wife…
Scene 4
Rag:i m leaving
Laksh lookd at her painfully
Scene 5
A man looks at laksh hopelessly and runs.the man removes his turban and is revealed to b ragini .evry1 luks on shocked and a boy placed his arm aroumd her shoulder.

My other new ff tum mere kaun ho woith ragsan and swalak
Man:ur new bosses r strict.
Swalaksan and avni look on.
Scene 2
Ragini and kabir come out of airport with attitude in their formal attired.
San:lets c who gets defeated 1st
Laksh:we won’t leave them.
Swara:wen its about ritual of our grp. Then how cud we break it
And they smirk.
Avni looks on scared.
Ragini:we don’t have time toake relations with employees.
Kabir:they shud b treated strictly.
And they smile at eo slightly.

And pne more,der hui lekin,a ragini ff with shakti oppo. Her. Wen laksh betrayed her on marriage.
Ashutosh(shakti): she’s not my wife
Doc:then assume her
Scene 2
Ashu.:u r ridhima
Ragini:and u r my husband?
Scene 3
Ragini reads ridhima’s diary and smiled.
Ragini:now u r my aash and i m ur riri
Scene 4
Riri and aash enter badi while ragini is in complete bengali avatar.
Scene 5
Riri:so u r laksh and sanskar maheshwari
Aash:lets sign d deal.
Scene 6
Aash:riri b careful
Rag;i m sorry

I know u all r confused by this madh up but guys i jst cudnt hold my excitement now,so o had to write it or i wud have done something.mere haath taras rahe the keyboard chune ko so i yook help of mobile to write it.the doubts will get clear wen i write ffs but it’s not possible in near future but i will surely comeback soon to take ur precpius tym….till then remembere….sorru for mistaked and i still have so many ideas in my mind but i could not write yhem so hopefully bo come back soon.ptay for me

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  1. Asra

    superbbb promo dear….jee le zara last scene i didn’t understand dear….what shekher say…she’s not ragini means….
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    All the best for ur board exam….tkcr dear….

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    Omg omg sargammmm….hahahhaha mai khud tere ffs parne ko taras gai thi yaar….hashh!!!thnk god tune ye promo deya…..
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    *Jee le zara-amznggg superbbbb bt lill confusing….bt as u said all confusion wl get clear after readng ur update…so waitng eagerly for it…???
    *pyaar to hona hi tha-hehhehehehe superb promo yaar…swaragini rocks????
    *Raglak-kuki itna pyaar tumse karte hai hum_its lookng kinda emotional one dr…m feelng bad for rags…it is clearly seen dat she litterely love laksh a lot…???waitng for it!!!
    *Bandhan dilo ke_awww;!!!!it’s soooo superbbb….amazng amamaznggg amazngggg!!!!lovely story ..lookng forward to it?
    *Pyaar hmko bhi hai_awww!!!!I loved dis concept …it’s fabulousss…..already in love wid it….!!
    *Tum mere kon ho-omggg!!!!it’s a fantastic promo dr…….simply superbbb one…
    *Der hui lekin-ahh!!!it’s a fresh new concept dr….Riri n aash!!awww!!!cho chuweeet names….wl b waitng for it ???
    Ahhh!!!!dr such mindblowng concept…omgg!!!my super talented grl..love u cho muchh!!kaha se late hoo itne unique unique ideas…hatts off yaar. Bs jaldi jaldi xamz deke sare ffs strt krdo….??????waitng impatiently for u sweety????keeep rockng n stay blesssed. ..N once again all d very bst for ur xamz…..lotz of love. Umaaah????????

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