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Hii guys. I am here after too long. Actually I had way too many ideas in my mind. So thought of writing a few ffs. I’ll be able to post them after my boards i.e. after 26th March. But guys none of these ffs are going to be raglak or ragsan as I’m already writing a detective story partly about raglak and soon I’m going to update a ff which I have I my mind for raglak. So here it goes


Swaragini was about 2 step sisters Swara and Ragini who became each other’s strength. Bandhan is the second season of Swaragini and it’s about Swaragini’s daughters. One is a graceful dancer while the other is a beautiful singer. One is traditional and other is out and out modern. One is sincere and calm while other is carefree and bubbly. One loves Varun Dhawan and other is a die hard fan of Sidharth Malhotra. Both are complete opposite of each other still they stick to each other is every situation. One is the other one’s advisor and saviour while the other is one’s protector or let’s say bodyguard. Join the Maheshwari girls in their journey together. (Guys keep guessing who is RagLak’s daughter and who is SwaSan’s.)


She is fearless but she was afraid of him….
She never hated anyone but she hated him….
She is not the type of girl who can be forced for anything but she was forced by him….
She was kind.. He was rude
She was softspoken… He was ruthless..
She wanted him away from her… He wanted her closer…
She can do anything to stay away from him..
He…. Let’s just say he can also do anything but to make her stay… Stay closer to him ….
Let’s join our hero Arjun Mehra and our heroine Ragini Gadodia on their journey of love and hate… Who will win? His love? Her hate? Or their fate? ….


Vivaan and Ragini have known each other from childhood but they hate each other so much that they can’t even talk to each other properly..they have a horrifying past responsible for this mess
but here a twist in the tale…their mothers are best friends
Vivaan’s mother has cancer and she wishes to see her son married before she dies..and the girl she chooses is non other than Ragini. And icing on the cake, even Ragini’s mother willing to get them married..
But will Vivaan and Ragini give their marriage a chance??

Guys plzz plzz plzz do tell which u want. ??

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  1. Aadya114

    A:N- guys u have to choose any of these FFS
    Please do that

  2. Berdilla

    Superb dear i want bandhan ff

  3. If couple is going to be raglak then I choose his love her hate because I never read aby story of raglak where (apart from serial tracj) lakshya lavos ragu while ragu hates him.

  4. I am ok with ragini and arjun mehra too as I like him.

  5. Second one ragini and arjun

  6. dats really bad wanna read all the three…but ya if u want me to choose i go vd his love and her hate..n ya if u could also post arange marriage

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