FF-True Love Never Dies (Swasan-Raglak) Part 2

FF-True love never dies

Hello guyz lets begin.

A girl is standing in the way. She is waiting for someone. After sometime its shown that the girl is Swara. She is wearing a white skirt and black top. With open curly hairs and black heels. With light makeup. Suddenly a car stop in front of her. She smile looking at the person. And went inside the car. And left the place.

Other side.
A girl i s roaming here and there with tensed face. She is wearing blue top with black jeans and black cap with open hairs and white converse shoes. She had only a pink liptick on her lips nothing else. Suddenly someone pat her shoulder she took a turn and said: Sanskar.
Yes the girl was ragini and the boy was sanskar. He’s look was casual. With his cute smile.
S. What happened why are you tensed.
R. I am not done with my project that why i am worried.
S. Oh i knew that why i finished that for you.
R. Oh sanky i love u yaar.
S. I know. My pleasure.
She hug him and pull his cheek. Both smile.
R. Ok i will leave now.
S. What u mean by leave. Oh… Wait…. Are you going to bunk.
R. Oh my nice boy. You guess right. Give my project to sir. I will leave.
S. No i will not give to him. If you go with me then i can think about that.
R. Sanky why are you being mean.
S. Oh madam. I am saving your future.
R. Arghhhh. I hate you.
S. Ok. Come lets go.
Both went inside the class.
Suddenly a girl came inside where everyone was shocked.

The girl smile and went toward the board to see who she was sitting with and went toward table five. Suddenly ragini and sanskar enter. Sanskar went toward the board and see the place he goes back to ragini.
S. You are sitting on table 4. I am back your table so be careful i am watching you.
R. Ha ha. You aare so not funny.
S. Ok go and sit.
R. Yes i am going.
Both sit on there places.
When a boy enter the classroom. Yes it was laksh. Wearing casual as always.With attiuide. Every girl was watching at him.
Girl1: He is so hot na.
Swara smile.
Sanskar look at him.
Girl2. Yes yaar i want him.
Ragini. He is not that much hot. Stupid girls.
Laksh look at her.
Ragini. What are you looking at. I am telling truth. Truth is bitter.
Sanskar. Ragini stop na yaar. What i said.
Ragini take a turn.
Ragini. My nice cute baby. Don’t you have shame when too elders are talking. Childrens should stay away.
Sanskar. I am a child no right. You always behave like a kid. Idiot.
Ragini make faces. And swara smile.
Ragini. You why are you smiling ha.
Swara get tensed.
Sanskar. She don’t understand your jokes so plz don’t say this to her.
Swara was looking down. And laksh was about to say something when ragini said something.
R. Hello. Miss whats your name.
S. Swara.
R. Hmmm. Nice name. Well my name is ragini. I was just kidding. Chill.
Swara let a smile out.
Swara. Hmmm. You have also a nice name.
Swaragini ( in version ): Swara+Ragini=Swaragini.
Both smile and give hi five to eachother.

Laksh also went to see the board and sit with ragini. Both were sitting and then sir came. He was teaching sudents when ragini make a paper ball and throw at him.
Sir. Who throw it.
Everyone was laughing.
Sir. Answer me who throwed it.
Sanskar. Sir i have a question what is the meaning of rxd.
Sir. Oh sanskar let me tell you.
Sir start to tell him. Where sanskar give death look to ragini.
After class everyone went to give project to sir. So swalak was new so they did’t gived. Everyone leaved.

Ragini was sitting where sanskar was busy in giving her lecture. Ragini was making faces. Suddenly swalak also come to them.
Sanskar. Look Ragini. I am really worried yaar. You will definitly get in trouble. Stop being childlish.
Ragini. Sanky yaar stop your lecture.
Sanskar. No. Listen i am warning you.
Ragini. Okei my nice boy.
Sanskar. Come lets go and tell sir that it was you who throwed paper on him.
Ragini. Are you mad. Do u want me to die. Swara tell him na.
Swara. I think sanskar is right.
Laksh. Don’t worry i am with you ragini.
Ragini. Finally someone is like me. Thanks god.
Laksh look at her and smile.
Sanskar. Ragini then don’t repeat it again.
She nod.
Swara. Lets go and have lunch.
All noded and leave for canteen.

In canteen.
Raglak and Swasan were sitting on bench. Sanskar was watching swara and swara smile looking at him. Both smile looking at eachother.
Laksh. Swaru give me water.
No respons.
Laksh. Swaru?????.
Swara. Yes.
Laksh. Give me water yaar.
Swara. Hmmmm. Here.
All have their lunch. And have talk. After school they all went to their houses.

Thanks guyzz for comment. I will try to post it as soon as possible. And when i am free. So plz dont get angry on me. Do comment. As i said if u guyzz are confused then do tell me.

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