FF : This Time Forever (Introduction)

Some love stories never end, and when the love is eternal….even God bends his rules.
Such stories are rare and mostly are left untold. But there is this one story that broke the boundaries of time, crossed a lifetime, went through many hardships but still their love came out to be stronger than ever.
He was her life and she the very reason he lived for. He was her heartbeat and she his soul. Together they had dreamed of a wonderful life, filled with some joys, a few moments of sorrows but the dreams got shattered way before. Things fell apart and they were separated. Some vows were left incomplete, some promises remained unfulfilled, until they came back to complete their story.

She was standing in the balcony, watching the full moon. Dressed in a powder blue colored night gown, she looked ethereal as the moonlight falling on her face made her glow. She looked happy, the smile on her pink lips was serene.
He came close to her and hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. Her hand went up to caress his hair and tilted her head in a way so that she could kiss his cheek.
“So what’s my Shona thinking about?” He asked her, still hugging her.
She smiled, “Just thinking about the one I am starting to fall in love with.” Her reply made him hug her tighter but he never lost his smile. Sweetly laying his claim on her.
“Anyone that I know?” he asked, nuzzling her cheek, “Not exactly but..” she turned in his arms, now facing him.
He pecked her lips, “But?”
She smiled widely in response, held his hand and placed it on her belly, “But you will also fall in love with him…or her, sooner than you know.”
He looked at her, confusion evident in his eyes but there was hope sparkling in them, “Are you…” he needed confirmation.

She grinned widely and wished him, “Happy birthday Mr. Father-to-be!”
His happiness knew no bounds, he was ecstatic! He hugged her close and tight, pulling her off her feet and spun her round. She squealed and laughed along him. They were going to be parents and the joy of parenthood was just out of this world.
“Relax!! I am getting dizzy!” She laughed out.
He immediately stopped spinning her round and set her back on her feet. Dizzy with all that excitement and spinning, she was about to fall.

Sanskar woke up, sweating profusely and panting for breath. Running a hand through his hair, he glanced at the wall clock and noticed that it was the same time at which he normally wakes up after his previous dreams/nightmares. It was 3 in the morning.
Feeling too restless to sleep, Sanskar pushed the blanket off him, hopped out of the bed and walked towards the balcony attached to his room. It felt similar to his current dream, the only exception being the woman from his dream. His wife!?
“Is the door locked?” Sharmishta asked her husband Shekar.
Shekar just nodded in response, his mood pensive. “And the windows?” he heard his wife asking him. He gave her a nod again. Sensing his thoughts, Sharmishta placed her hand on his shoulder.

Shekhar took her hand from his shoulder and held it in his, “I don’t like keeping her locked like this…” he exclaimed, looking through at his sleeping daughter through the glass of the door of her room.
A tear slipped out of Sharmishta’s eye, “What else we can do Shekhar, it isn’t that we hadn’t tried to find a cure for her problem. All those doctors, vaidya’s, couldn’t cure her sleepwalking disorder. We have to do this, keep her locked or else…the last time, she was about to jump from the terrace.” She shuddered remembering that incident.
Shekhar closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He checked the locks again, they didn’t want their Ragini to sleepwalk and get in some serious trouble, like she had in past.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I am telling you all now that its gonna be another RagSan FF of mine. Though their will be SwaLak but RagSan are the main couple in this FF.

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  1. Wow another ragsan ff please post the next part

    1. Even I am excited about this story. I had planned it long before and am posting it now. 🙂
      Will update the next part soon. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Nice excitted to knew your story

    1. Glad to hear that Sindhu rm. 🙂
      Will update the first episode soon. Thanks for the comment.

  3. awsm…superbbb..plzz update asap

    1. Will update asap rakhi. But have to update Rishtey and I am planning a new one as well but it will focus majorly on SwaLak but that’s a future project.
      Thanks for commenting btw, glad that you liked the introduction.

  4. hey thanx 4 ragsan…..

    1. No need to thank me Ahsin, I love RagSan/SanGini way tooooooo much that’s why I am writing about them 😉

  5. Wowww ragsan ff nice but swasan already narried what about that dream and all

    1. Hayathi SawSan aren’t married and the dream well that is a different story all together which will be revealed in future episodes.
      Btw thanks for commenting, glad that you liked it.

  6. thx for ragsan ..

    1. No need! 😀
      I love RagSan a lot, and I love to write and read about them.
      Hope that you liked the introduction

  7. Megha ur literature is outstanding but is it Swasan/Ragsan

    1. Thanks for appreciating my literature skills Nandana. 😀
      And as I have mentioned at the end of the introduction, this is a RagSan FF with SwaLak story as well. But main focus is on RagSan.

  8. Wow ur way if narrating the stories is awesome I love both ur ff..ty for one more sangini ff…pls update next part soon

    1. Hey Lily, thanks for being so appreciative. I am glad that you loved the intro of this FF as well as my other FF. Thanks for commenting.
      Will update the first episode asap.

  9. Thx for Ragsan ff i just love their pair.. keep it up…

    1. Me too love ❤ RagSan. They are perfect together.
      Glad that you liked the introduction part of the FF.
      Will update soon.

  10. Thanx so much for ragsan but why is sanky dreaming about swara????

    1. Sanskar didn’t dream about Swara. The “Shona” from Sanskar’s dream is someone else. It is purely RagSan FF with no romantic angle between Swara and Sanskar.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  11. But shona and sanskar are married na??

    1. No shabrin Swara and Sanskar aren’t married. “Shona” isn’t Swara, no, the “Shona” mentioned in the story is someone else.

  12. yuppp awesome
    ragsan yup

    1. Thanks fr commenting Kavya, glad that you liked the start of the FF.

  13. Wow…bt who’s this shona swara or ragini????

    1. “Shona” is neither Swara nor Ragini. Like I have mentioned in a comment before, Sanskar’s dream will tell a different story.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  14. Wow your story is beautiful I love ragsan & now I love you too for giving me a ff on ragsan

    1. Thanks for appreciating my story this much Piyashree. Glad that you enjoyed reading the start of it.
      Will update soon. 🙂

  15. Nice megha……

    1. Thanks Joya!!! Glad that you liked the start of this FF.
      will update asap.
      Thanks for commenting

  16. I think in dream sanskar ragini ko Shona kehkar to nahi bula raha hai……….

    1. Not exactly 😉
      Shona and Sanskar’s dreams are the mystery part of the story while Ragini’s sleepwalking is the suspense factor 😛
      Just wait, watch and read.

  17. Intro para,perfect,excellent narration and language..really nice,enjoyed reading.

    1. Glad that you liked it Vini and enjoyed reading the update!
      Thanks for appreciating the introductory part and my writing skills as well.

  18. Interesting.. Uhh described brilliantly… Eagerly waiting. Ragini sleep walking.. Sanky dream…with shona…quite amusing. Loved it dear

    1. Thanks for commenting Aashi 🙂
      Glad that you liked the start of the story, thank you soooo much for commenting 🙂

  19. Its different concept n nice stry…
    did u know something even mine name is megha … Not exactly mine is meghana….

    1. I am glad that you liked the concept and the start of the story. Thanks for commenting.
      And Megha is actually my pen name 🙂 but we have the same surname, my readers and online friends call me Meghs 😉

  20. New nd different concept thanx for ragsan

    1. All these wonderful comments make me really happy! I am glad that you liked the start of the FF Aarti. Thanks a lit for commenting.
      Will update soon. 🙂

  21. Fantastic thanx dear

    1. Thanks a lot for commenting Zoyafathima, I’m glad that you liked the start of the FF.

  22. Happy to know that there is one more ragsan ff for us to enjoy.
    Do update soon

  23. Thanks megha for replying to my comment coz till date no one replied to it but you gave importance to me its a lot for me moreover your story touches my heart.All the ffs are very good buy your one is special

  24. First I thought it would be ragini and sanskar that’s why I have stopped watching it

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