FF : This Time Forever (Episode 6)

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Ragini woke up in the morning, earlier than usual. Not only she was early, she was feeling fresh and surprisingly happy, both the things unusual for her, as no morning had been this much happy for her since she started getting those nightmares and hurting herself as she sleep walked.

Sliding off her bed, Ragini walked to the window and opened it wide, letting the cool morning breeze caress her face. She was at peace and felt free. As she still had enough time to dress up and go to office, Ragini decided to enjoy the morning for few more minutes.

Life was good.


The morning however wasn’t as bright and happy for Sanskar as it was for Ragini. He woke up feeling grouchy and unpleasant, all thanks to the mystery girl whose pendant necklace was still lying on the pillow beside his.

Groaning he turned his face, shifting his gaze from the sparkling crystal to the digital alarm clock on the side table. The neon green digits told him that he just missed his daily workout. Cursing he hopped off the bed, dialled a number after putting it on speakerphone and started making his bed. A habit that his mother had instilled in him.

“Good Morning boss.”

Sanskar folded the comforter and placed it on a side, “Wonder how many times I have to tell you to call me by my name Georgie.”

Georgia D’Souza , 50 years old Anglo-Indian. She had been working for the Maheshwari’s since she was 27, first as his father’s P.A. and now his. She’s also one of the few old and very reliable employees who helped him take control of the business after his parents died.

“You are my boss.” she replied as if he wasn’t aware of the fact.

“So what’s the schedule says?” He asked knowing well that there was no use of arguing with Georgia because she’s consistently persistent, so it was better to change the topic.

“We’ll be meeting Mr. Oberoi at 10 for the marketing deal. Lunch with the BOD at 1:30 and a fund raising event at 4 for Asha, the social services centre for special kids.”

“Any message from the investors?” Sanskar asked as he adjusted the bedspread and pillows.

“No, no early morning calls from the investors.”

As he was aligning the pillows in a way he likes them to be, the crystal heart which was lying beside his pillow caught his attention again. He picked the pendant in his hand and caressed it with his thumb. Memories of last night came flooding back in his mind. The dance, that touch, those captivating eyes and the feel of smooth silky skin.

“Georgie, do you still have the guest list from last night’s party?” Sanskar asked, his eyes still on the small piece of jewellery.

“Yes, I still have it.” came Georgia’s prompt reply.

“Mail it to me, will ya?”

“Sure boss. On it.”


Ragini felt energized after a long hot water shower. Dressed in a robe, wet hair wrapped in a towel and feet encased in bunny slippers, Ragini padded over to closed and picked out a pair of ripped jeans, black and white stripes top and sunset orange colored blazer.

She wore her selected outfit and chose pearl beige colored scarpin heels, a wrist watch and for jewellery, she chose to wear a multi color cluster necklace and left her hair open. Happy with her looks, Ragini clicked few selfies before Mishka called.

“Hey girl! Sup?” Ragini answered.

“Am I speaking to Ragini Gadodia?” came Mishka’s perplexed query. Ragini had never sounded this cheery since she started having those weird nightmares.

Ragini chuckled, “Of course silly, it’s me.”

“What’s going on missy? You sound happy.” Mishka asked.

“Don’t know Mishka, I really don’t know what happed but whatever it is, I am feeling really happy today. It’s like…, I think something really good is gonna happen today.” Ragini smiled widely.


Anhaita smiled seeing the detailed interview report in her hand. She then looked at Mishka and Ragini with the same smile and said, “You’re fired.”

Ragini gasped but Mishka with a confused smiled on her face asked, “Did you just say that we are fired?”

Anhaita placed the report on the side if her desk and replied, “Yes of course I said that.”

Now that wasn’t what they had expected. “But we got you the interview!” Ragini exclaimed.

Leaning back on her chair, Anhaita gave Ragini and Mishka the best fake sympathetic look she could, “Sorry honey, not my fault. You didn’t know? Yesterday the boss faxed this.” she showed the paper to Ragini and Mishka. It was the list that had the names of the employees who were fired yesterday.

Ragini and Mishka’s names were there too. Apparently the record that both of them had maintained on coming late, not completing some projects on time got them in this situation.

“Wait a minute..” Mishka narrowed her eyes at Anhaita, “You knew we were fired before you ordered us to get you the “Laksh Maheswari” interview?”

Anhaita just smirked, it just fanned the flame, “And you still passed us the orders to get this damn interview, even when we no longer worked for you!”

“It was a win-win situation darling.”

She tricked them! Damn! The thing Ragini hated the most was cheating or back stabbing and Anhaita aka Cruella De Vil just did that. She saw red.

Ragini spared Mishka a glance before she, taking long strides went around and picked the interview report from the desk. “Hey!” Anhaita yelled.

Ragini tore the report into as many tiny pieces she could. Mishka provided her the lighter that she always carries, her lucky charm she says. Ragini lit the pieces of paper on fire and Anhaita could only yell now.

“Oh God! What have you done!” Anhaita poured the water in the glass over the fire but it did no good and half of the pieces were burnt and the leftover was just a soggy mess.

“You..!” Anhaita pointed a finger at Ragini who stood unperturbed, “I’ll make sure that both of you wont get jobs anywhere! You don’t know me!” Anhaita yelled.

“And you don’t know me!” Ragini countered. She smiled at Anhaita mockingly, “Oh! How would you know who I am, I didn’t tell anyone about it.” Ragini went behind the desk and sat on Anhaita’s chair while Mishka made herself comfortable on the couch, Anhaita was left gaping and seething in anger.

“How dare you!” Anhaita came and stood im front of Ragini.

“You don’t even know how daring I can be. Listen to me and listen carefully. You..you’ll make sure that we don’t get jobs? Darling let me make it clear for you. I don’t need a job, you know why?” Ragini spoke in the same mocking tone that Anhaita had used for them.

Mishka chuckled early, knowing well that what was coming. Fear of unknown was seeping inside Anhaita’s body language.

“You have heard the name of “Shekhar Gadodia”, have you?” Ragini asked.

“What about him? Of course I know him. Shekhar Gadodia is the founder and MD of R&G Pharmaceuticals, second richest man in India.”

Ragini smiled, “Do you know what “R&G” stand for? No?” Anhaita shook her head in negative.

“Aaww….well I will tell you. R&G stands for Ragini & Gauri. You know who they are? They are Shekhar Gadodia’s daughters. Ragini Gadodia, that’s me and Gauri is my sister, my twin.” Ragini leaned back on the chair and smirked at Anhaita’s now pale self.

“This..this is a joke.” Anhaita fumbled.

Mishka spoke from behind, “She’s telling the truth Cruella.” Anhaita’s expression were like a balm on Ragini’s wounds.

“But your name is Ragini Bose!”

“That’s my mom’s maiden name Cruella. You see I am an independent girl, I don’t use my family background and my father’s name for everything I need or want.”

“Now lets get to the point. For the time I have been working here you’ve been nothing but a pain in the ass. We did the work and you took all the credit. You have exploited us enough and we have tolerated you for long. It won’t work that way now. You know Anhaita, I can do so much to you that you’ll be begging after I am done with you. But I am not like you.” Ragini stood up and walked towards the door of the cabin, Mishka followed.

“We don’t need your slave job. Goodbye!” Ragini pushed the door open and as the left, Mishka slammed the door hard, bringing Anhaita out of the shock.


Ragini grabbed the Pizza McPuff and bit hard into it, she was still angry over what Anhaita had done to them. Mishka sat beside her stirring her cold coffee, “Relax Ragini. What’s done is done.”

“She made me feel like a fool!” Ragini took another bite of her McPizza.

“And you made her feel like an idiot. We destroyed Laksh’s interview, revenge taken. Now relax.” Mishka pointed out.

Ragini’s expressions changed into crying one, “I won’t get a job now! Dad’s not gonna let me work.”

“Why are you worried, you don’t need to do any job. Its me who need one.” Mishka replied saddened by the fact that she lost her job.

Ragini placed her hand on Mishka’s and said, “Don’t worry, I will talk to Dad about your job.”

Mishka immediately protested, “No need Ragini, I can..” but Ragini argued back, “Mishka you lost the job because of me. I was the one always delaying things so its kind of my responsibility okay.”

“But that’s not your fault, its all because of your nightmares and the other things.” Mishka pointed at Ragini’s bandaged hand.

Ragini sighed, “Please Mishka, let me do this okay.”

Mishka could hardly protest, “But the job should be according to my qualification, not more than that. Promise?!”

“Promise.” Ragini smiled.


“You’re back.” Sharmishta was surprised, “Everything okay beta?” she asked.

“I lost my job mom. They fired me.” Ragini told as she threw her hand bag on the sofa, kicked her shoes off and sat on the loveseat.

Sharmishta smiled brightly as she folded her hands in a prayer and by looking above at nothing particular she said, “So God finally heard me! You have no job. Great.” Sharmishta was happy that Ragini had lost her job because she was never in favour of her princess working.

“Mom…!”, Ragini groaned. “This is no happy news!”

“For me it is sweetheart.” Sharmishta caressed Ragini’s hair, “Neither me nor your father wanted you to continue working with that magazine. I know, you like to work, you want to create your independent identity and all that but you can do that by working with your father as well.” Sharmishta explained.

“Dad didn’t join Dadu’s company na, he started his own company and look he’s so successful. I want to become like him.” Ragini remarked.

“I know bachhe its enough now. You have worked for enough years, you and this also marks the end of the deal that you made with your father.” Ragini grumbled as she remembered the little deal she had made with her father, that if Ragini gets fired from her workplace without Shekhar’s interference then she would join their own company if she wanted to continue working.

Ragini was cursing her fate and Anhaita when a pair of hands covered her eyes from behind, “Guess who’s here!”

Ragini’s smile was instant and wide as she pulled away those hands from her eyes and turned around squealing, “OMG!! Shippu!!”

Ragini stood up and hugged her best friend tightly. Shippu as in Shilpa Mehra (check episode 2), she’s a famous film actress and Ragini’s best friend.

“When did you came back from Switzerland? How did the shoot went?” Ragini questioned.

“Ragu beta, let Shilpa sit before you start shooting your questions at her.” Sharmshita then turned to Shilpa, she placed her hand on Shilpa’s head in a blessing like manner and kissed her forehead, “How are you beta?”

Shilpa sat next to Ragini, “I am fine Aunty. How are you doing and how’s Uncle? Are Dadi Ji and Gauri back? And where is Arjun?”

“Beta, we all are fine. Gauri and Maa Ji will be back in a week or two and about Arjun, he’s gone out for a walk.” Sharmishta told. She then ordered the servants to bring snacks and beverages.

“Actually Aunty, I am here to tell you something important.” Shilpa said. She picked the glass of chilled water and drank it in a go.

“Tell us beta? Is there something wrong? Do you need something?” Sharmishta got worried. Shilpa was like a daughter to her.

“Aunty…Ragu..actually…” Shilpa fumbled.

“Oh my God!!” Ragini clasped Shilpa’s hands in hers, she noticed the engagement ring in Shilpa’s finger and shrieked in happiness “Karan proposed!!! Wowww. You guys getting married!!?!!” Shilpa nodded in yes.

Ragini squealed and hugged Shilpa tight while Sharmishta’s face glowed with happiness. She ordered the servants to bring something sweet but then herself went to the kitchen to grab some.

“How did he proposed? Mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya? When is the wedding? OMG you really are getting married!” Ragini was laughing in happiness. She brought Shilpa’s left hand in front of her face and stared at the princess cut engagement ring. In the middle there was this gorgeous emerald green colored diamond surrounded by tiny transparent diamonds.

“The color….its the color of your eyes.” Ragini pointed.

Shilpa smiled fondly, “That’s why he bought this one. He said the same thing.”

“Aawww…how romantic!” Ragini cooed.

Shilpa started telling Ragini about Karan’s proposal and Ragini gushed at how romantic it was. Ragini had met Karan 5 years back when he and Shilpa had started shooting for their first movie. The friendship between Karan and Ragini wasn’t instant, it progressed slowly and gradually they became best friends.

As the two friends talked, Sharmishta came back, a servant following her. He had a tray in his hand that was full if different types of sweets. Sharmishta fed Shilpa a piece of chocolate and caramel apple and asked, “So when’s the wedding?”

“Just in 15 days aunty. It happened so fast, apparently Karan had it planned.”

“He’s a good boy. I like him, good choice.” Sharmishta praised.

“That’s not the only reason I came. Aunty I am here to pick Ragini. I want her by my side, 24/7.” Shilpa hooked her arm with Ragini’s.

“Arre but the wedding is after 15 days, and the functions will start 4-5 days before so…” Shilpa interrupted Ragini in between, “No way! There is so much to do before the functions. Dresses, jewellery, shopping, we haven’t finalised the card design even! You are coming with me, and that’s final!”

“But beta, you know about Ragini’s condition..” Sharmishta was tensed.

“Aunty..” Shilpa placed her hand on her shoulder, “Ragini will be staying with me, in my room. I will be with her all the time. Do not worry. Please!!” Shilpa pleaded.

Ragini looked at Sharmishta, she too wanted to go. “Fine.” Ragini and Shilpa grinned at Sharmishta’s reply but..”But only if Shekhar gives you the permission.” Now both the girls were pouting.
“Don’t use that pouty face on me.” Sharmishta said waving her finger at Ragini and Shilpa. “I will try my best to convince Shekhar to let you go.” she added.

At this the girls squealed in happiness and jumped over to hug Sharmishta tightly who laughingly accepted the show of affection.


Dressed in his usual 3 piece suit, Sanskar was checking the email he had just received from Georgia. He opened the email and downloaded the attached word file, the guest list.

He checked each and every name in the list, he knew all of them by face. Thinking that he might have missed a name or two, Sanskar checked the list again, this time ticking off the mens’ names but the result was same as before.

Frustrated with the fact that finding the mystery girl was getting difficult, Sanskar threw his cell phone on the bed. Who was that girl exactly? Cinderella who just vanished without a clue. The Prince was lucky, that no other girl’s shoe size matched that of Cinderella’s, and being a prince he could do what he did to find his girl but Sanskar could do nothing. This was no fairytale after all and the heart shaped crystal pendant was hardly a clue.

Sanskar fished out the said piece of jewellery from his pocket and looked at it intently as if the pendant will show him the way to his mystery girl. He was so lost looking at the pendant that he didn’t notice someone coming inside his room.

“To which beautiful lady does this heart belongs?”

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