FF : This Time Forever (Episode 4)

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Laksh’s mouth turned into a perfect “o”, “I am neither stupid, nor I am an idiot, but yeah, I act dumb sometimes.”
Ragini turned suddenly, with a force that lead her purse/bag go flying lightly and it hit Laksh on his face. An “ouch” escaped out of Laksh’s mouth and Ragini’s eyes got widened.
“Oye Miss Gada-dhari Bheem! Ab mujhe kyun mara?” Laksh asked as he rubbed the left side of his face trying to soothe the pain.
Ragini kept staring at Laksh who was now checking his face in the camera of his phone for any injury while Mishka stood rooted with her hand on her forehead.
“Sorry!” Ragini murmured, unsure of Laksh’s reaction.
“Yeah yeah..good for you that my beautiful face is still intact or else..” Laksh mockingly shuddered, making Ragini wanting to do some serious damage to his so called beautiful face.
“Such a drama queen.” Ragini hummed, trying to sound incoherent.
“Kuch kaha?” Laksh asked her playfully, knowing that Ragini will sure have some sarcastic remark under her sleeve.
Ragini placed her hand on her throat in a dramatic way, “I was just thanking God that he didn’t let me destroy that beautiful face of yours.” Ragini controlled herself from retorting, she was already in trouble and she didn’t want any more of it.
Laksh’s excitement regarding a playful reply from Ragini simmered down, “So what good deed have I done that you graced this mansion with your presence?”
Ragini breathed in and started blabbing, “Listen I am really sorry for what I did to you, but…” Laksh was listening to her, with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Mishka had her fingers crossed, silently praying that Ragini doesn’t say something which she should not.
“But you were at fault too..but still..aarrhgghhh!!” Ragini breathed in deeply, her expressions taking a 180 degree turn.
“I am really sorry for what happened today in the morning, but you know I wasn’t wrong as well. We both were right. Right now, I am in dire need of an interview report featuring you or else we, me and my friend, will loose our jobs. I know that you are don’t like giving interviews like that but please..” Ragini said softly. Laksh was a bit surprised seeing this side of hers. His karate girl definitely had shades of her personality.
Laksh felt something for her that he hadn’t felt for any girl/woman he met. Fascination.
Yes, Ragini fascinated him. Being a super rich kid, now a handsome man with billions of money and being a successful n rich businessman, Laksh’s very popular, especially among the females. Women he meet are either after his money, or his looks but it was Ragini who actually didn’t judge him on the basis of superficial things attached to him, she didn’t even recognized him at first place and he loved how she defend herself and the kick in his stomach was the cherry on top.
Laksh wanted to know about her more, “I’ll do that interview thing…”
Ragini and Mishka got very happy that they hugged each other. “but you have to do something for me as well.” Ragini narrowed her eyes at Laksh who just shrugged and continued, “You want the interview so its only fair that you do something for me in return!”
Ragini pointed her index finger at Laksh, “Irade kya hai tumhare? What do you want?” Laksh was perplexed for a minute, but the minute he realized that what Ragini was actually pointing at, his eyes widened and his raised hands in a surrender like manner.
“My intentions aren’t what you are thinking of! Actually my friend and my date for tonight’s party isn’t coming and me as in Laksh Maheshwari, without a beautiful woman by his side..not good. So will you be my date for tonight?” Laksh asked.
Ragini rolled her eyes, “You want me to be your arm candy?”
Laksh laughed, “Its more like you protecting me. See I am the hottest eligible bachelor of the country, women here at the party will try to trap me. So if a beautiful lady like you will be my side that so I will be safe na.” he explained. Ragini “Ohh-ed” in a dramatic way.
“Apne muh miyan mithu.” Ragini whispered to Mishka who chuckled in response. Laksh unaware of what Ragini had said was waiting for her reply. “So?” he asked.
“Fine..come lets go.” Ragini was about to drag Laksh inside but Laksh stopped her by holding her hand and pulled her back, “Hold your horses, my dear Bheem. You cant go in like this.” he said pointing at Ragini.
Ragini scowled at being called “Bheem”, “My name’s Ragini.” she removed her hand from Laksh’s hold and said, “What? Why? What’s wrong with what I am wearing?”
Laksh smiled, “Its a masquerade party dear. There are VIP’s and VVIP’s in there, dressed up in elegant clothes. You will look like a clown among them, dressed in this jeans and out dated top.” Ragini wanted to actually strangulate Laksh to death but then again, she was reminded of the threat at her job. So for now she brushed off the idea to kill Laksh.
“So what should I wear Mr. Fashion expert?”
Laksh took out his cell phone, “I have just the dress for you.” he made some calls and took Mishka and Ragini inside through the back door.
Two hours later
The party was on full swing. While in the hall Sanskar was happily showing off his new mansion to the guests who were admiring the exceptional beauty, other side Laksh was standing outside the room, inside which Mishka was helping Ragini dress up.
Laksh was about to knock the door, he had been patiently waiting for long but couldn’t wait any longer. He raised his hand to knock the door but it remained suspended in the air as the door opened and a all decked up Ragini stood there in front of him.
“Gorgeous.” was the one and only word that Laksh could utter.
(Imagine Ragini wearing the gown in the pic along those heels and accessories)

He definitely knew how to make an entrance, thought Ragini who stood at the top step of the staircase with Laksh by her side. Her arm was hooked with his and the spotlight followed them till they reached down at the party hall.
The hall was huge, and huge mirrors covered the walls. The whole thing was actually worthy of praise.
She could hears murmurs of appreciation as she walked with Laksh. Dressed in a gown of soft colour, the shade of light pink with a tint of peach she was looking ethereal. The gown was obviously one of Laksh’s creations and Ragini had to admit that he indeed was an amazing designer. The gown was a formal one, simple in design but elegant looking.
Small floral designs, made of thin silver colored thread and silver sequins were embroidered around the waist in a belt like manner. The gown was backless making Ragini’s entire back visible to everyone’s eyes. Her hair were styled in a messy bun. Mishka had chosen a neutral look for her, so her makeup looked pretty much natural. Along the gown, Laksh had brought accessories for her. Well he didn’t actually brought them, he just dialled a number and everything was there within half an hour.
Instead of dangling earrings, she chose to wear simple studs, a round shaped light pink gem surrounded by a circle of small diamonds. She still was wearing her heart shaped pendant but just adjusted the chain, so that it wasn’t hanging long but settled just below her collarbone.
She was absolutely in love with the wrist watch that Laksh had chosen for her to match with the gown she wore. It was a bracelet style watch, round dial, with glittering diamonds round its border, instead of usual leather straps, the watch had two strands of light pink pearls, joined with diamonds in the middle. And her laser cut mask was of silver colour with pink highlights and small feathers on a side.
Ragini moved close to Laksh and held his arm tightly because of nervousness. Laksh let her do so, he didn’t mind the closeness that they now shared. In fact he was enjoying it all. She just walked with Laksh.
It was easy for Laksh to spot his elder brother even out of the numerous masked men walking around. He went towards Laksh to greet him, with Ragini walking by his side. The more closer they got to Sanskar, the more Ragini felt nervous.
And the feeling was back again, he was feeling warm and fuzzy all over again. Sanskar stood alone with a champagne flute in his hand. He lightly twirled the glass, thinking about what he was feeling and why. He could hear the murmurs from the crowd around him, appreciative ones, regarding someone who entered the party just then. He didn’t bother to turn around and look as to what exactly was so much murmuring about, he was too busy contemplating.
He closed his eyes momentarily as he felt something overwhelming enclose his heart. He had never felt so good, so restless, complete and incomplete at the same time. He just wanted to walk away from the party and close himself in a room.
“Hey bro!” Sanskar heard the voice of his younger brother, just when he was about to walk away.
Sanskar turned around. The first thing he noticed was his brother, dressed up in an asymmetric suit. Sanskar smiled and hugged his brother, congratulating him on his success. It was the moment they brothers broke the hug, that Sanskar noticed the woman by his brother’s side. Obviously his date.
She looked beautiful, incredibly beautiful. Sanskar’s gaze travelled from down to up. She had a nice figure, he thought. It was the moment, his eyes met hers and the world actually stopped.
Ragini’s breath hitched as she looked into those dark chocolate eyes. She had heard people say that at some moments, it feels like the whole world around them goes into slow motion, all that breezy stuff but she never believed in that. But right now, while staring into the eyes of Sanskar Maheshwari, Ragini actually felt all that happening.
On the other hand, Sanskar was in no better state. Those coal black eyes that sparkled were saying something to him, telling him a story. He felt everybody around him disappear, there were only two of them standing, staring into each others’ eyes. Deeply, intensely, continuously. Sanskar had never met someone with eyes that called out to him. He just wanted to drown in those eyes.
Laksh looked at his brother and then at his new friend/karate girl/Bheem. They seemed to be competing in some staring match. Both Sanskar and Ragini continued to stare each other without batting an eyelash. Laksh was about to interfere but someone called out for him. Laksh glanced at Sanskar and Ragini again, a sweet smile forming on his lips, “Is this the start of something new?” he thought before walking away, leaving the two to stare into each others eyes.
“Oh! I am sorry!” the woman said apologizing. She was checking her cell phone when she bumped into Ragini who due to lack of attention towards her surroundings, fumbled on her steps and was about to slip but Sanskar, acting on reflex, wrapped his arm around Ragini’s waist, breaking her fall.
Ragini balanced herself by clutching onto the arm wrapped around her waist and placing her other hand on Sanskar’s shoulder. She straightened up steadily. “You okay?” asked Sanskar, Ragini just nodded in positive.
The woman apologized to Ragini again, she was genuinely sorry for whatever had happened. “It’s okay, I am okay.” Ragini assured the woman.
The woman left the two, they were alone once again. Sanskar looked here and there, feeling nervous, he had never felt this nervous while trying to initiate a conversation. Agreed his experience in case of women was as bad as it could get but he never lost his charm…..or had he?
Ragini tried to read the masked face of Sanskar Maheshwari, whose eyes attracted her to him and seemed familiar. The way he behaving it did look like that he was nervous, but the question was why?!
“Hi! I am Sanskar Maheshwari.” he tried to start it the usual way, introduction haan.
Ragini smiled, “I know.”
Eh, “Usually when one person introduces himself, the other one must do the same.” said Sanskar, smiling as well.
“Trying to ask my name, are you?” Ragini asked, taking a glass of red wine.
“Can you blame the guy for that? I am sure every man present here is interested in knowing you, your name for starters.” Ragini laughed softly at Sanskar’s statement.
“Is it the sound of flirting that I hear?” Ragini couldn’t help but say that. Her earlier nervousness seemed to have flown out of the window, the moment she started talking with Sanskar. She felt comfortable with him.
“I am just appreciating your beauty.” Sanskar felt amazed at what he was saying. Didn’t knew that there is a woman he could comfortably talk with. He then noticed the bandage in her hand, “What happened?” he pointed at her injury.
Ragini twirled her wine glass, taking in the aroma of the drink before sipping it, “Just a cut, nothing bad.” she didn’t want to talk about it.
“So by what name should I call you?” Sanskar asked.
“I like being called beautiful.” Ragini said making Sanskar laugh. “Moreover, I think its too early to reveal my name. We have just met.”
Sanskar moved close, “I am looking forward to our future meetings then.”
Ragini looked into Sanskar’s eyes, “Think before you wish Mr. Maheshwari. If we keep on meeting, it might lead to something.”
Sanskar took the glass from Ragini, and placed both their glass away. Coming back in front of her, he extended in hand out, “Can I have this dance with you?” Just then a soft tone started playing. Ragini tried to guess the song as she slowly placed her hand in his.
Sanskar placed her injured hand on his shoulder and took the other one in his own, clutching it tightly. Ragini’s eyes widened momentarily, feeling the sparks that Sanskar’s touch was creating. “Could it be? Was he the same man from the hospital?” she thought. Wanting to know if Sanskar was feeling the same, that if Sanskar could also feel the sparks, the shiver that ran through her system, Ragini raised her head slightly to look at Sanskar. The look in Sanskar’s eyes, said everything.
Sanskar felt an electric shiver the moment Ragini’s hand touched his, though he blamed it all on static electricity but he couldn’t help notice that Ragini’s hand in his did feel right. He clutched her hand tighter, and could feel the desire of pulling Ragini close in his arms building inside him.
Ragini felt shy under Sanskar’s smouldering gaze. She blushed as Sanskar pulled her close and both of them started dancing on a song that definitely reflected their feelings.
(Song – Apna Mujhe Tu Laga from Movie 1920 – The Evil Returns)
(I am bad at dancing and worse at describing some dance moves, so just listen to the song and imagine RagSan dancing, as close as they can 😉 )
As the song ended, both Ragini and Sanskar were breathing heavily. Ragini had her arms wrapped around his neck as Sanskar hugged her from her waist tightly. Laksh was amazed seeing his brother, after what had happened a year back, Laksh didn’t thought that Sanskar would get interested in a girl this fast. No one dances so sensually close after they had just met. Laksh wished for his brothers’ happiness.
Sanskar was reluctant to leave Ragini, so he did not. He hugged her tightly, feeling her hot breath on his neck. There bodies were moulded in perfection. Sanskar placed light kisses on her neck as he moved his hands on her bare back.
Ragini felt emotions overwhelm her, she felt bothered by what she was feeling. This was not right. Sanskar evoked and provoked things inside her that she had never experienced. She wanted to stay forever in his arms but she wanted to run far away as well. She wanted to reciprocate those kisses but she wanted to push him away as well. She felt contradicted and perplexed.
Sanskar’s gaze turned to the mirror wall in front of him and was left shocked with what he saw. There, in the middle of Ragini’s back, right above where his hand was, there was this mark, the symbol of infinity, just like….
Ragini felt Sanskar’s fingers trace her birth mark. Her breathing stopped, she could feel herself melt as Sanskar touched her. Not wanting to face him, her feelings and whatever it was between them, Ragini pushed Sanskar and ran away, as fast as she could. She cried as she ran, Laksh chose to follow her, wanting to make sure that everything was okay.
And Sanskar was left alone, even the people around his couldn’t fill the loneliness that Ragini’s sudden departure had created inside him. He was still recovering from the shock that was caused by the sight of the infinity symbol on her back. Was this just a coincidence or was something being implied?
A sparkle brought Sanskar out of his thoughts. It was the sparkle of the heart shaped pendant.

A crystal heart wrapped in diamond strings. He recognized the pendant, it was Ragini’s. He untangled the necklace from his brooch and left the party hall as well in search of his “Beautiful Girl”.
Ragini came back to the room where she had gotten ready. Mishka was watching T. V. Ragini wiped her tears as she entered the room. Mishka was a little surprised seeing Ragini come back this soon. She had left only 35 minutes before. Had something happened.
Mishka was about to ask Ragini about it but Laksh came barging, “Gini?” he said. Laksh had forgot what her name exactly was, well she told him just one time and the conversation was rushed so he didn’t remember. But he did remember that it was something that ended with “gini” so he just called Ragini by that.
The three stood in the room, with Ragini and Laksh staring at each other as Mishka looked at both of them trying to guess as to what could have happened in these 35 minutes. And on the other hand, Sanskar was out there searching for his “Beautiful Girl”.

Credit to: Megha

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