FF : This Time Forever (Episode 3)

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Sanskar spotted the watchman who was sleeping on the chair, he went towards the watchman and tapped the mini table in front of him. The watchman snapped open his eyes and fumbled as he tried to stand straight.
“Ji aap?” the watchman asked.
“What’s your name?” Sanskar asked.
“Ji, Shambhu.”, the watchman replied, Sanskar placed a hand on Shambhu’s shoulder and asked, “Toh Shambhu, can you tell me that, does anybody live here?”
“Excuse me Saheb, why are you asking me this? Why should I tell you?” Shambhu questioned.
Sanskar smiled and took out a 500 rupee note from his wallet and gave it to Shambhu, who eyed the note with greedy eyes. Sanskar handed him the note and asked the same thing again. This time, Shambhu replied.
“No one lives here Saheb. But the owner of this mansion has employed people to keep it clean.”
Sanskar handed him another 500 rupee note, encouraging him to continue, “The owner is very sensitive about this mansion, that’s why even if he doesn’t live here, he makes sure that the mansion looks clean and is well furnished.”

“Is it available for sale?” Sanskar asked.
Shambhu nodded in negative, “Many people were and are interested in buying this mansion but the owner has refused them all. Even the highest of prices doesn’t please our saheb.”
“You must have the keys with you, don’t you?” Sanskar asked. Shambhu hesitated but she Sanskar gave him a 1000 rupee note this time, then only Shambhu agreed and took out the keys of the mansion and said, “Please don’t tell anyone that I gave you these or else I will loose my job.” Shambhu handed Sanskar the keys.
“Don’t worry Shambhu, I will not tell anyone about this.” he assured the watchman and walked inside. In front of the mansion, there was this huge lawn, well mowed and maintained. In the middle there was a huge fountain and at the boundaries, various flowers were grown.
Sanskar opened the main door of the mansion and entered inside. The interiors of the mansion were more magnificent than the exteriors. He was amazed and in wow of it. It felt right being there. Sanskar was now determined to get the mansion.

He walked further inside, the very spacious and had many rooms for different purposes. There was an in built gym and a game room as well whose highlight was the pool table. Sanskar was impressed, he was checking every room, every nook and corner of the mansion when he was hit by a sense of familiarity as he stood at the first step of a wide curved staircase.
With slow steps, Sanskar climbed up the stairs. He checked every room at that floor but it was the room at the left end that was calling out to him. As he stood in front of the room, Sanskar felt home. He opened the door of the room and stepped inside.
The beauty of the room won his heart. The room was decorated in white and red colours. The wall in which the doorframe was set was of white color on which various paintings were hanging on. The huge round shaped bed was placed adjacent to the white wall (the doorframe one) and at the wall at the back of it was of red colour. The bed was placed on a raised platform that had soft padding on it. The sheets were clean and pillows well arranged. In front of the bed was a full on home theatre system.

The fourth wall, opposite to the door was divided into two parts. One fourth of it was made of glass that overlooked the backside of the mansion, and the three fourth if it had this spacious walk in closet which was empty. The whole area at the back of the mansion had a swimming pool, a gazebo, a hanging bed that was surrounded by beautiful flowers at three sides.
Back in the room, there was a small spiral staircase that lead to another floor, within the bedroom. Sanskar climbed up the spiral staircase which lead him to a studio. It was as wide as the bedroom. Down in the bedroom, the glass wall covered only one fourth of the whole wall but upstairs in the studio the whole wall was made of glass.
The other three walls were painted in a story telling way. There were scenes and situations painted on the walls, it looked as if a life story of a couple was painted on the walls. The studio was obviously of an artist, an exceptionally talented painter. There were numerous canvases on the floor, on the counters. Many paintings were complete and some incomplete. There were different types of colours, brushes, pencils and everything else that a painter needs.
Sanskar picked up a canvas, it was a painting of a dancing couple. At the right corner of the painting, a name was painted in black colour in beautiful cursive writing, “Mahi”. So this room belonged to Mahi, after whom the mansion was named.
After spending some more time roaming inside and checking out the mansion, Sanskar came outside, locking the rooms he had unlocked. He handed the keys to Shambhu and asked him as to how could he contact the owner of the mansion.

Shambhu gave him a phone number. Thanking him, Sanskar walked towards his car and dialled the number. Leaning back on his car, Sanskar waited for his call to be answered.
“Hello, am I speaking to Mr. Singh, owner of MahiSagar Mansion?” asked Sanskar the moment his call was answered.
“Yes, its me. And you are?” came the reply.
“Mr. Singh, I am Sanskar Maheshwari..”
“Ah Mr. Maheshwari, the richest man of the country. I wonder why did you contact me directly.” Mr. Singh said.
“Actually Mr. Singh, I am interested in buying MahiSagar Mansion…” Mr. Singh interrupted him again, “Didn’t the watchman tell you that I am not interested in selling it?”
Sanskar smirked, “The price I am willing to pay for it might interest you.”
“Really? So how much can you pay for it?”
“More than its original price.”
“It worth’s 400 crores.”
“I’ll give you 800 crores.” Sanskar offered.
There was a 5 minutes long pause before Sanskar heard Mr.Singh say, “My manager will send the ownership papers to you in 2 hours.”
“And the payment?” Sanskar asked, he was feeling abnormal amount of happiness, hearing that Mr. Singh was selling him the mansion.

“Hand it over to my manager only.” Both of them discussed few other things, before Sanskar ended the call. He then called few other people, wanting to confirm that this mansion indeed belonged to Mr. Singh and that he wasn’t being cheated on. Sanskar asked for a complete report regarding the mansion.
A detailed report of each every bit of information regarding the MahiSagar mansion was on his desk within one and a half hour. Sanskar, now in his cabin, carefully read the details of MahiSagar Mansion.
The mansion was built in the year 1960, Mr. Raghuvendra Pratap Singh was its owner and the mansion was commonly known as Badi Haveli during those days. Raghuvendra Pratap Singh lived there with his family, that consisted of his parents, his wife, a younger brother and his wife.
After 5 years of marriage, Raghuvendra and his wife were blessed with a son in the year 1963. They named him Sagar, Sagar Pratap Singh.
Sanskar stopped reading the file. He realized that this is were the second part of the name of the mansion came from. So in “MahiSagar”, Sagar was the son of the first owner of the mansion. Then who was Mahi, he thought.
What he read next, gave him the answer to his unsaid questions.
A tragic accident took away the lives of members if Singh family, leaving Sagar and his cousin Salil, alone in the care of his grandparents. In 1987, Sagar got married to a girl named Mahi, the second daughter of Purushottam Rajvanshi.

It was after their marriage that Badi Haveli got an actual name, “MahiSagar Mansion”. The couple was found dead in the year 1989, and the whole property was transferred to Salil Pratap Singh and after him to his son, Vikram Pratap Singh, who is also the current owner of MahiSagar Mansion.
Soon enough, Mr. Singh’s manager came there, exactly on time. He handed Sanskar the ownership papers, duly signed by Mr. Singh. With all the details Sanskar was quite satisfied but he still got the ownership papers checked by his lawyer before signing them. He handed the cheque to Mr. Singh’s manager, Kunal Verma and shook hands with him.
Kunal thanked him, wished Sanskar good luck with the mansion and left.once outside Sanskar’s office building, Kunal called Mr. Singh.
“The job is done. I have the cheque with me, what to do next?” Kunal asked as he sat inside his car.
Vikram Pratap Singh leaned back on his throne like sofa chair and smirked, “Get it cashed after an hour, I will tell you what to do with the money then.”
“Okay with me.” Kunal replied before ending the call.
Vikram looked at the display board in front of him. It was full of photographs, sticky notes, maps and other things. His lips curved in a cryptic smile as he looked at Sanskar’s photograph, “You think you bought the mansion Mr. Maheshwari? If yes, then you are very naive Mr. Maheshwari. You got the mansion because I wanted to not because of the price you paid for it.”
Vikram stood up and walked close to the display board, “This is just the way to enter in your life Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, now you see what I will do!”
Vikram smirked wickedly, “The game has now begun!”
Sanskar was already planning to throw a party in his new mansion. He decided to not change its name, the mansion got its name due to the couple’s love and devotion towards each other. Sanskar didn’t had it in him to rename the mansion. It was and will remain “MahiSagar Mansion”.
His happiness got doubled when Laksh informed him about his new deal that he signed. So in order to celebrate the addition of MahiSagar mansion to his properties and Laksh’s deal, Sanskar decided to throw a party. He called the decorators and caterers, sent invitation to his and Laksh’s important business associates, their friends and selected media persons to cover the event.
Plan of a masquerade ball was put into action.
Ragini and Mishka were lying on Ragini’s bed in her bedroom and thinking about their future, when Ragini’s cell phone rang.
“Hello?” Ragini greeted, not interested in anything at this point of time.
“Hello Ragini Ji, its me, Bhuvan.” Ragini sat up straight and listened carefully to what Bhivan had to say. Bhuvan Brijvasi was her reliable informer, who gave her information regarding her stories and reports for the magazine.

“Haan Bhuvan?” questioned Ragini. Hearing Bhuvan’s name, Mishka was also alerted. She sat up close to Radhika, trying to hear their conversation.
“Woh, you wanted to meet Laksh Maheshwari na?! I just found out that both the Maheshwari brothers are organizing a party at this new mansion they just bought. In case you want to..” Ragini interrupted him, “We are coming.”
Ragini was about to cut the call but Mishka hit on her head, “Stupid, address toh pooch le!”
“Oh yeah..” Ragini smiled sheepishly and asked Bhuvan about the venue of the said party.
MahiSagar Mansion….
The party had just started, MahiSagar mansion was decorated in an elegant way. Dressed in black trousers, a white shirt, a black blazer over it and a bow tie, Sanskar was looking very handsome and the black laser cut mask was making him look mysterious as well. He was greeting the guests, when out of nowhere, an unfamiliar feeling tugged at his heart. He felt calm and restless at the same time. He felt as if someone close was nearby.
A taxi stopped in front of MahiSagar mansion and Ragini and Mishka came out of it. While Mishka paid the driver, Ragini stood there, eyeing the mansion in front of her. She felt the tiredness leave her body, as the soft breeze soothed her senses and relaxed her nerves. Ragini felt good, refreshed.
She walked towards the main gate and caressed the shining nameplate that read “MahiSagar Mansion”. She was overwhelmed seeing the enormous mansion in front of her, despite of its huge structure, the mansion felt quite homely. It had this warm and cosy feeling to it.
“Chalein?” Mishka came and stood beside Ragini. Ragini reluctantly removed her gaze from the mansion to Mishka.

Ragini nodded in positive and the walked towards the main door but they were stopped a burly man stopped them. “Invitation card please.” he asked.
Mishka and Ragini looked at each other, they weren’t invited so how’ll they have an invitation card. “We are from The New Era media group, here to cover the event.” They tried to play the media card.
“Without invitation I cannot let you go in.” The man said in a firm tone.
Then Mishka and Ragini tried some buttering, they even used a woman’s trump card, tears but he did not let them pass and called security guards to remove them away from the entrance.
Laksh had just arrived, looking handsome in his asymmetric suit. He had just been informed that his date for tonight, Ziya who’s also his friend and favourite model will not be coming as she tripped on her dress and suffered a minor head injury and a sprain in her foot. He messaged his P.A. to send a bouquet of flowers and a get well soon card to Ziya.
The mansion in front of him was glittering due to the moonlight and the light coming from the fairy lights. He sighed in awe of the beauty in front of him. His brother did have an exceptional taste. Laksh was admiring the architectural beauty in front of him when he heard a familiar voice in a different tone.

His gaze travelled to the entrance door that lead guests inside the mansion. There was standing his “karate girl”. Laksh’s lips curved into an adorable and amused smile as he recalled the restaurant incident.
He remembered how she had ranted about her day being spoiled, then in the parking lot, she actually beat those 3 goons all alone and left them wincing and writhing in pain. Laksh was impressed but was unable to stop himself from making that particular remark which was not a good thing to do as the result of it gave him nothing but pain. That kick hurt like hell!
Laksh moved close to them in order to hear them talking. He came and stood behind his karate girl and her friend, the security officer saw Laksh standing like that with a huge smile on his face. The security officer was about to point about it but Laksh indicated him to keep quiet.
Ragini and Mishka continued pleading the stone faced security officer who was not letting them go in. There job was being threatened so both the girls were quite desperate to go inside.
“Aarrggghh!! I will kill that stupid, idiot and dumb Maheshwari! What was the need to act like an egoistic male and pass that remark?!” Ragini whined stomping her feet.
Laksh’s mouth turned into a perfect “o”, “I am neither stupid, nor I am an idiot, but yeah, I act dumb sometimes.”

Precap : Sanskar-Ragini-Laksh in the party. So close yet so far.

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  18. your ff is really interesting megha that i couldn’t ressist myself from appreciating u n also to say thank u for creating such a lovely creation. dont be late its my request.

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